Back to School 4: College Prep Coeds

Lesley and Regina's Physical Exams

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Lesley and Regina are just starting their first year of college prep school after graduating from their respective high schools.  Both are definitely good students but have an attitude brought on by too much of their daddy's money.  But their father's are completely aware of how spoiled their daughters are which is why they have been enrolled in a school that is both academically excellent and strict.

After arriving almost 45 minutes late for their appointment at the health clinic, staffed today by Dr. Albert Fish, an impatient nurse shows Lesley into the exam room while Regina is made to wait her turn in the waiting room.  The nurse takes her medical history and vital signs including a rectal temp which Lesley protests vehementally about!  That's only the beginning of her torment and she is told to undress and put on the gown while an enema bag is filled to the brim in preparation for a rectal exam. 

Under protest, Lesley removes her clothes and gets in position for the enema which is given through an inflatable barium enema nozzle.  Its a large enema given to a thin girl and its not long before Lesley is telling the nurse that she really needs to use the toilet.  After walking to the bathroom with the nozzle tightly inflated in her bottom, Lesley is told to bend over while its deflated and removed.

Dr. Fish gives Lesley a complete pelvic exam followed by a rectal speculum spreading her anus apart.  After Lesley is thoroughly examined Dr. Fish lets her know that her innoculations aren't up to date and the nurse will be in to take care of that.  The nurse prepares the injection and gives it to her in her bare bottom.

Thinking her ordeal is over, Lesley happily dresses only to find Dr. Fish return with a razor strap.  The headmaster has asked him to administer five strokes of the strap to their bare bottoms for being late and Dr. Fish is only too happy to comply.  As spoiled as the girls are, they know the routine and lower their panties and raise their skirts for five painful swats. 

As Lesley leaves the building, she is rubbing her sore bottom and can't even tell her friend Regina what she's just been through.  When the nurse comes to the waiting room to get her, she knows that she is about to find out!

From Leslie's Physical Exam:

Regina's Physical Exam

College Prep Coeds is one hour and 30 minutes long.

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