Dr. Drake, Medicine Resident

This product was produced in 2006 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Stephanie and Rebecca have appointments at the Public Health Department for their routine annual exams and both of them are dreading it!  What could be worse than getting a complete physical exam from Dr. Fish?  Well the girls are about to find out.  Nurse Sabrina goes to the waiting room and asks which one wants to go first.  Stephanie just wants to get it over with so she volunteers.

Nurse Sabrina has Stephanie sit on the exam table and asks her the perfunctory questions about her health and then looks into her ears, eyes, and mouth before asking her to step behind the screen and undress.  After putting on the backless gown, she gets back on the table and is introduced to Dr. Drake.  Nurse Sabrina explains that Dr. Fish has 'retired' and Dr. Drake is a resident that will be observing her exam today.

Being mostly naked in front of Nurse Sabrina is bad enough, but being told to lay face down on the exam table so that her rectal temp can be taken is very humiliating in front of Dr. Drake.

Having a rectal thermometer in her bottom is bad enough, but next Stephanie has to undergo a pelvic and rectal exam.  With her legs spread wide apart she is exposed to the nurse and the doctor.  Nurse Sabrina does a complete digital pelvic and rectal exam, including having Stephanie bend over the edge of the exam table.

Next, Stephanie has to spread her legs apart again for the speculum exam.

It that wasn't bad enough, Stephanie now has to endure two humiliating enemas to clean her out prior to her proctoscope exam.  She had hoped that since Dr. Fish wasn't there, she would be spared this indignity, but no.  Now its going to be done in front of young Dr. Drake!

One is never enough and the second one is done with the fat inflatable nozzle.  Stephanie has to assume the position:


After using the toilet, she is now properly prepared for the proctoscope exam.

Finally Stephanie is finished and she gladly dresses.  Before leaving she stops in the waiting room and lets Rebecca know that Dr. Fish isn't there that day.  Little does she know that it will be Dr. Drake examining her.

Rebecca is given a pelvic and breast exam.

Just like Stephanie before her, she has to bring her legs back for a rectal exam and then bend over the table.

Rebecca has to get back on the table again with her legs far apart for the cold speculum exam.

Unfortunately its now time for Rebecca to lay on her left side with her right leg up so that Dr. Drake can give her the first of two enemas.

After expelling the enema, Rebecca returns from the bathroom (yes you get to see her sitting on the toilet) and has to get up on her knees and elbows for the smaller inflatable nozzle.

After a noisy time on the toilet, Rebecca returns to the exam room for the proctoscope.

With her ordeal over, she is allowed to dress.  Thankfully she won't have to come back for at least another year!

Dr. Drake, Medicine Resident is about 55 minutes long!

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