Jennifer's Annual Exam

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

It's time for Jennifer's annual physical exam so she goes to the Public Health Department wearing her best Jessica Simpson outfit and is shown into the exam room where she waits for the nurse practitioner. 

Jennifer is a confident girl who has been examined before, but after giving the nurse her medical history she is surprised to learn that she is going to be given two enemas so that her rectal exam will be will be more thorough.  Jennifer has never had an enema and she is anxious about it.  In fact, we learn when she gives her medical history that she has never had anything in her rectum before!

After completing her history, the nurse listens to her heard, looks into her eyes, ears, and mouth and then takes her blood pressure.  As Jennifer learns, the most accurate way to get a body temperature is by way of the rectum and she is instructed to lower her shorts and panties and lay face down on the exam table.  The nurse parts her bottom and inserts the glass thermometer into her rectum.  Its obvious that she finds the sensation very strange.

After her temperature is taken, she is instructed to undress completely and put on the backless hospital gown with the opening in the back.  When she is properly gowned, she sits on the table while the nurse explains to her what an enema is.  After filling the bag with about 1500 cc of water she has Jennifer lay in the sims position on the exam table and uncovers her bottom.  The insertion of the nozzle and flow of the water are feelings that are as foreign to Jennifer as the nozzle is in her bottom  but she takes the entire bag with no difficulty.

As strange as the enema was going in, its even more strange coming out! 

The nurse prepares another enema for Jennifer and this time she puts in some castile soap.  Jennifer gets up on her knees and down on her elbows for this one and gallantly takes another bag of warm soapy water. 

After she is cleaned out, Jennifer is told to lay on her back on the exam table and the nurse does a breast exam and explains the importance of doing one at home every month.

Finally its time for Jennifer to get her pelvic exam and she slides down to the end of the exam table and puts her feet in the stirrups.  The nurse does a thorough external examination of her labia and then tries to insert a vaginal speculum.  Jennifer's vagina is small so the nurse has to use a smaller speculum which works fine.  A swab is taken of her cervix and then the speculum is removed.  Now the nurse does a bimanual exam and concludes with a rectovaginal exam.

Finally Jennifer is required to give a urine sample.

45 minutes later her exam is completely and she is allowed to dress.  A woman's first visit to the Public Health Department is always a surprise if she has never had an enema, but Jennifer handled it well.

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