Laura and the Enema Evangelist

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The Reverend Wallace often walked the neighborhood of his parish in the evenings after dark.  That’s when you see your flock at their best or their worst. 

A few weeks ago it was a nice warm evening and many houses had their windows open.  He had been particularly worried about a young woman in the congregation named Laura Geyer.  She is a single woman that works at the paper mill.  She recently moved out of her parent’s house and he knew that can be a big temptation to sin. 

As he walked up to her window he saw what he had feared.  On the table in front of the sofa were all the tools of the devil.  An ashtray.  A pack of cigarettes.  And worse of all, a bottle of liquor and a glass half empty.

He stood there for a moment because he didn’t see Laura.  But it wasn’t long before he did.  She walked into the room wearing a robe and smoking a cigarette.  She sat on the sofa and took a drink from the glass.  A small sip.  She puffed on the last of the cigarette and put it out in the ashtray. 

He was so disappointed in her.  He knew her parents well and there is no way they would put up with this kind of behavior.  He debated whether to leave and have a talk with them, but decided to wait.  He watched a bit longer.  Then she stood up and took her robe off.  She was wearing nothing but panties.  Laura stretched out on the sofa on her back, closed her eyes and then moved her hand into her panties and started masturbating. 

Before long she lowered her panties, removed them and then spread her legs wide apart.  Through the window he could see everything.  She started masturbating again.  Not only did she rub her clitoris but her fingers went deep into her vagina. 

After awhile she turned over.  Her bare bottom faced The Reverend.  Her legs were apart a big and her hand was underneath her, massaging her clitoris again.  She squirmed.  He was going to let her finish.  He debated about interrupting her but he knew what he had to do and wanted the sexual need to be.

Finally she arched her back and he recognized the orgasm.  She was finished.  She sat up, took a drink and then The Reverend walked to the door.  He knocked on the door and after a moment she answered it.  She had put on her robe and was very surprised to see me.

“Laura,” he said, “I am very disappointed in you.”

“Reverend Sanders.  I.., what do you mean?”

“God is watching you, Laura.  I am his eyes.  I am watching his flock for him.  I need to some in.”

Laura stood aside, nervous and frightened.  She knew she had been doing wrong.  He walked in the door and closed it.  He also closed the blinds on her windows.

Laura didn’t want to let The Reverend in.  She didn’t know how much he had seen through the window.  She didn’t know if he could see the ashtray and the bottle of vodka on the table.  But she knew she had to obey him.

It was a small Baptist town and he had a lot of power over his congregation.  He often sermonized about the evils of smoking, drinking, and self abuse.  He was very pro family and very much in favor of the husband and father being the head of the house.  He taught obedience and respect towards parents no matter the child’s age. 

He also felt a special place in his heart for women of his congregation who weren’t married.  He felt that they were incomplete and more prone towards sin.  To those single women who had children, he devoted a lot of time, including setting up support groups in the church to help them. 

She was conscious of the fact that beneath her robe she was nude but for her panties that she had managed to put back on quickly.

She noticed that he carried a small bag with him.  It was similar to a bag a doctor would carry to make house calls. 

Once in the living room he looked at the table and then back at Laura who stood with her hands folded against her chest, hands on her shoulders.  “Is this the way you spend your evenings?”

“I’m sorry, Reverend.  I know that drinking and smoking are terrible sins.  I…, what all did you see?”

“I saw a young woman through an open window drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and abusing herself.”

Laura blushed with humiliation that he had seen her nude.  It was so stupid on her part that she hadn’t drawn the curtains, but her house was on the end of a long street with no traffic.  Her neighbor’s eyes were shielded by tall hedges.  It was a hot night and she wanted the breeze.  Perhaps having the window open attracted his attention.  The sounds she was making on the sofa.

“Do you think this is the best use of your time?  Drinking. Smoking.  Masturbating?”

She was terrified that he used that word.  It was so…, revealing.

“No, Reverend.  I’m so sorry.  I know what I was doing was wrong.  I was lonely tonight and I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

“I understand, Laura.  But you know this can lead to worse things.  It can lead to addiction, it can lead to drugs, and it can lead to the need for illicit sex.  Sex outside the marriage.  Unwanted pregnancy.  Disease.  These can all happen to a young woman who is undisciplined.

“I know, Reverend,” stammered Laura.

“You know, yet you have sinned.  Sinners have to be punished Laura.  You have to have consequences for your actions.  The consequences for your behavior now are alcoholism, addictions, and disease.  There has to be a consequence now that will prevent you from sinning again.”

He waited.  She didn’t know what to say.  Often in church he spoke of the benefits of corporal punishment.  He said that the best way to influence a child’s behavior was by way of their bottoms.  He was in favor of the belt.  He said hands were for holding and hugging.  He even said one time that children shouldn’t get their mouth washed out with soap as it can be harmful.  He said a much better and effective way was to administer the soap into their bottoms.  A soapy enema.  He said it would cure a child of bad language and it was healthy also.

Reverend Wallace told her to pour the vodka down the drain.  She picked up the bottom and did as she was told.  It was hard to do because it had cost her money.  Next she had to break each cigarette in half and put it in the toilet. Finally the whole pack was in there and she had to flush it down.  It was her last pack.

“Laura, you need to be punished for what you’ve done.  Even though you are 25, you are still very much like a child.  You are living along, away from your parents.  You lack direction.  How long has it been since you were spanked?”

Laura was mortified that he would ask her that.  It was so embarrassing to have to say that she was spanked by her father until she was almost 19. 

“About 6 years.”

“Its been too long hasn’t it?”

“Please…,” stammered Laura.

 “How did your father spank you?” asked Reverend Wallace.

“He did it with his belt,” she confessed.

The Reverend opened his bag and within it she saw a leather strap and what was obviously an enema bag.  He took out the strap and said, “You are going to have to be punished for your behavior.  I don’t want you to turn out to be a sinner.”

“Yes sir,” she responded.  She knew she could refuse.  She knew she could tell him to leave, but he was too powerful in the community and in her heart, she knew he was right.  She had no business smoking.  She had no reason to drink from a bottle.  And she knew that fantasizing about her boss would only lead to trouble.

“I want you to bend over the arm of the sofa, Laura.”

She felt as she did the last time she got the belt from her father.  She had talked back to her mother and he’d heard it.  He sent her to her room and it wasn’t long before he came in and gave her the spanking.  It hurt terrible but it was even more embarrassing because she had to get it on the bare bottom.

The Reverend hadn’t said anything to her about that.  Just to bend over the arm of the sofa.  She did as she was told, grateful that her robe covered everything.  Grateful that she had been able to put her panties back on.  Over her shoulder she watched as he took the leather strap from the bag.  She knew it would hurt.  He said, “You’re to count the strokes.  You’re going to get 25.  One per year of your age.”

“Yes sir.”  Twenty five was going to be awful. 

He reached down and lifted the back of her robe up over her bottom to her back, exposing her panties.  She gasped and said, “Please…!”

He inserted his fingers into the waistband of her panties and she felt her bottom being bared and the garment being lowered to her knees.

She buried her head in her arms in shame.  He took the strap and brought it down across her bare bottom.  It landed with a loud cracking noise sending a sting through her body.  She remembered she had to count and she said, “One!”

Twenty four more times she counted until all 25 head been given.  She was amazed that she didn’t cry.  It was so painful and even worse, it was so embarrassing.  The Reverend was seeing the most personal part of her body of course, but it was more that she had given him cause to punish her.

After he finished she hoped her ordeal would be over, but it wasn’t to be.  He told her to stand up and take off her robe and stand in the corner.  Her panties had fallen about her ankles and for all purposes she was nude.  She felt humiliated standing in the corner. 

From his bag he removed the enema bag, a douche bulb with a wide curved nozzle, a bar of ivory soap and two enema nozzles.  One was a douche nozzle and the other an inflatable nozzle.  He went to her kitchen and found a large glass bowl that he filled with warm water and dropped in the bar of soap.  He swished it around until the water was a milky white.  He found a dish towel and returned to the living room with it.  The Reverend put the bowl of warm soapy water on the coffee table where the tools of her sin had been.  He took the douche bulb and a tube of KY lubricant and placed it on the table.  After positioning the chair he sat down and told her to come to him again.  She did, trying to cover her front and breasts from his view. 

“Get down on the floor on your knees and elbows, please, so that we can begin the process of purging your sin.”

Laura reluctantly did as she was told feeling embarrassed at what she was showing.  But he made it worse when he said, “You need to bring your knees apart.”

She was very conscious of her red bottom, but more so the exposure of her most personal anatomy.  She didn’t see him apply the lubricant to his finger but she felt it touch her anus.  He said, “Hold still while I lubricate you for the nozzle.”

Laura felt his finger go all the way in.  She had never had anything up there that she remembered.  She had never had an enema and she dreaded the thought of it.  She looked back as he put the nozzle into the bowl of water and sucked some of it out.  She felt it being inserted into her rectum and then the strange feeling of water being sprayed into her that made her feel full.

He removed it and repeated the process until the bowl was almost empty.  Each time she felt more water go into her she didn’t think she could take more.  She begged for him to stop, but he knew how much he could give her without any harm.  He told her with each plunge of the bulb into her bottom that it was for her own good and that it would help her to remember to not drink and not smoke.

After the bowl was empty she thought she would be able to go but he made her remain in position with her bottom up for five long minutes.  Only then was she told she could get up and go to the bathroom.  She literally ran the short distance, closed the door and sat on the toilet.  She expelled the soapy solution, feeling a burning sensation as the water left her.

After five or ten minutes she cleaned herself up, flushed the toilet and went back to her living room.  He had filled the enema bag in her absence.  She didn’t know what was in it besides warm water but he confirmed that.  He told her that she would have to get another enema with more water to be held longer, but the soap had done its work and this one would be just water.  He held up the nozzle.  It was a bardex nozzle.  He told her how it works, and showing her the results of squeezing the inflator.  She stood there, covering herself as best as possible and said, “Its too big.  I don’t think there is any way it will fit.”

“It’s uncomfortable but it will allow you to retain the enema for ten minutes.  It will allow the water to cleanse you.”

“Please.  I’ve learned my lesson.  I don’t need another one.”

He gestured for her to get back down on the floor, head down, bottom up.  She knew she deserved this.  She was feeling guilty about what she had done when she was doing it but she knew that his punishment was erasing that guilt.  She got in position and waited for the inevitable finger to be inserted into her bottom.  When it did, it was deeper and longer than previously.  He turned it every direction, lubricating her for the big nozzle. 

Over her shoulders she watched as he put KY on the nozzle.  She saw him move the nozzle with the dangling inflator towards her opening.  He said, “You need to take in a deep breath and bear down like you’re having a bowel movement.”

She did and she felt the nozzle being shoved past her anus.  It took him several long seconds to get it inserted, but he succeeded.  It felt large and it was uncomfortable.  But then she heard the sound of the inflator being squeezed and felt it expand in her rectum.  Again he squeezed it and finally a third time.  She didn’t have any water in her yet but her rectum was stretched and it made her feel like she had to use the toilet again. 

He released the clamp on the hose and the water flowed from the bag to her colon.  It was different than the bulb.  With the bulb it was smaller amounts over a longer period of time.  With the bag there was the sudden release of water pressurized by the two quarts in the bag.  Soon she got cramps and asked him to stop.

He did of course.  He wasn’t interested in hurting her.  The longer it took her to take the bag, the longer the water would be able to do its job. 

The bag was hung from the back of the chair he had been sitting on.  He watched her as the swollen bag decreased in size.  He knew that as much as the bag shrunk, her colon was distending.  She moaned and whimpered as the water entered her, asking him from time to time to stop the flow.  He did until the cramps relieved.  She was pretty well cleaned out from the first enema so it didn’t take that long for the bag to empty. 

He told her that ten minutes would have to pass before he would allow her to go to the bathroom.  It wasn’t all that bad for her being in that position.  The pressure of the water wasn’t in her rectum.  She had gotten somewhat used to having the nozzle in there. 

Ten minutes is a long time but it finally came to pass and Reverend Wallace said, “I’m going to walk you to the bathroom.”

She got up and he walked behind her, holding the bag, the nozzle still in her.  Her belly was distended now. 

When they got to the bathroom he told her to bend over with her feet apart.  He released the air from the nozzle and then spread her bottom apart.  He slowly pulled the nozzle from her rectum and it came out quickly after the largest part passed her anal ring.

She quickly sat down on the toilet and the water squirted from her bottom.  She was very self conscious of that, hoping that he wouldn’t linger in the bathroom.  Instead he filled the bag in the sink with more warm water.  But he removed the inflatable nozzle and hung it from the shower rod. 

She tried to hold back as much as she could, hoping that he would leave.  She said, “Please…, I don’t need another enema.”

“Come to the living room when you have finished.”

She hoped her ordeal was over.  It took longer for all the water to leave her body, but finally she felt empty.  Empty wasn’t the work for it.  She felt light.  She had heard that enemas were healthy and somehow she felt healthier.  Her bottom was still very sore and it was hard to sit on the toilet but in her mind it reminded her that he cared.

She cleaned up and went back to her living room.  He was sitting, reading a magazine she had left on the table.  It was Cosmo or something like that.  She couldn’t remember.  She felt trivial.  He would never understand articles written about pleasing your man, what makeup to wear, or the latest fashion.

He put the magazine down and said, “You’ve been well cleaned out inside.  It’s time to cleanse you outside.”

He took her back to the bathroom and told her to get in the tub.  He ran the water until it was warm enough and then took a wash cloth, wet it and applied soap to it.  He told her to put her hands over her head with her feet apart.  From her torso to her legs he washed her.  He paid particular attention to between her legs.  He had her turn with her back to him and he washed her back and between her bottom cheeks. 

Reverend Wallace rinsed her off and then told her to put one leg up on the side of the tub.  He attached a douche nozzle to the enema hose and said, “I’m going to finish by cleaning your vagina.  You have defiled yourself here.”

He sat on the toilet and inserted the nozzle into her vagina.  It was a personal thing that before today she would never have let anyone watch her do, to say nothing of having someone do it to her.  She closed her eyes and felt the water inside her.  It felt good.  But she opened her eyes and saw that it was her reverend that was doing it.  Looking at the most personal part of her body.  But he had seen her everywhere and had put his finger in places that no man had ever been. 

Finally he finished and told her to dry off and come to the living room.

She did as she was told and then went to the living room.  He handed her the robe and she gratefully put it on. 

“I hope you have learned something tonight.  You are an important part of my flock and it is your job to serve the community and not become a burden to it.  I’m going to be watching you.  I expect to see you in church.  I also expect you to come to me if you feel the urge to sin again.  You know I will punish you for it if you do.”

“I understand,” she replied.

He put his things in his bag and then put his arms around her and hugged her.  He picked up his bag and went out the door.

It was like a dream.  She had no idea what to think.  But somehow she felt better.  She was so embarrassed in the beginning of the ordeal.  When he hugged her she knew that he was doing it because he cared about her.  For the first time that night she cried.  She sat on the sofa with a Kleenex and dried her eyes.

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