Adrienne's Bottom

This product was produced in 2010 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Adrienne is lying around the house drinking her coffee thinking about her boyfriend who had to go out of town on a business trip.  They hadn't been together very long, just long enough for her to really miss him when he wasn't there.  They had been making love for a few weeks and after he had mentioned how much he loved her ass, he said he wanted to make love to her there.  As Adrienne was drinking her coffee she started thinking about him and rubbing herself through her panties after raising up her dress.  She went to her bedroom and remove her panties and laid on her back on her bed.  With her dress up and her legs apart, she started to get serious about her fantasy.  It wasn't long before she reached into her drawer and took out her vibrator.  And went to work on her clitoris.  As she got wetter and wetter, she inserted in deeply into her vagina. 

Somehow she remembered what her boyfriend had asked her.  Her curiosity got the best of her and she wondered what it might feel like.  She went to her bathroom and found something that would work as lubricant and returned to her bed.  Once again she brought her dress up to her waist, but this time she laid on her left side and brought her knees up.  She put some of the lubricant on her finger and smeared it around the top of the vibrator.  The she reached around behind her and touched the vibrator to her anus.  It was turned on and the sensation of the vibrations felt nice.  Slowly she inserted the vibrator into her bottom.  It kind of hurt but it wasn't bad.  Adrienne moved it in and out and it felt good even though she felt very stretched.  She turned over onto her stomach leaving the vibrator lodged in her rectum.  She reached beneath  her and started rubbing her clitoris again, imaging what it would be like if the vibrator were her boyfriend.

After having a nice orgasm, she removed the vibrator and went to the bathroom to clean up.

The next day she felt discomfort in her rectum.  It wasn't pain until she had a BM and then it hurt.  As she sat on the toilet she worried that she had injured herself.  How embarrassing, she thought.  When she wiped herself she noticed a small amount of blood on the toilet paper.  Now she was worried!

After she finished she paced around her apartment and finally decided that she should probably have herself checked.  What was she going to tell her doctor?  That she had been playing with a vibrator in her bottom?

She remembered that a friend of hers went to the Public Health Department for her care.  It didn't seem like the best place to go, but she really didn't want to admit that she had been masturbating with a vibrator to her gynecologist.  She actually hadn't seen her gynecologist in over a year which she knew she would be scolded for anyway.

Adrienne looked up the phone number for the Public Health Department and then called.  She was told that an opening was available that afternoon at 2pm. 

Adrienne showered and put on clean clothes.  It was summer and hot outside so she put on a light sundress.

Adrienne was nervous as she waited in the waiting room after signing in.  She picked up a magazine and thumbed through it.  Finally the nurse called her back to the exam room.  She was dressed in traditional white garb with a nurses hat.  Adrienne thought it was strange.  The nurses at her doctor's office all wore colorful scrubs.

After she was shown to the exam room, the nurse told her to sit on the table and asked her why she needed to be seen.

"Its kind of embarrassing, but I was having some rectal bleeding this morning."

"I see," replied the nurse.  "Was it bright red and how much would you say there was?"

"It was red but it wasn't much."

The nurse picked up the chart and went through a list of questions about her medical history.  There was even a question about if she had ever had anal sex.  Adrienne blushed, looked away and said no.

Finally the nurse took her vital signs and after the usually blood pressure, weight, height, and pulse, the nurse said, "Normally we take temperatures in the rectum, but since you're describing problems with that area, I'm going to take it orally."

Adrienne was surprised and relieved to say the least.  She remembered having her rectal temperature taken once when she was a little girl but never since then.

After recording her temperature, the nurse said, "Dr. Fish will be with you shortly."

After the nurse left, Adrienne looked around the room.  They were all the same, it seemed.  Posters of all kinds of anatomy on the wall and the usual scary instruments.  In the corner was an IV pole with what was obviously an empty enema bag hanging from it. 


She remembered a time growing up when she had told her mom that she hadn't been able to go to the bathroom.  Her mom asked her how long it had been.  Adrienne didn't remember but she did remember being taken into the bathroom and being told that she was going to get an enema.  Her mother told her that she was going to be putting some water into her bottom through a little tube.  It was going to be uncomfortable but it would make her feel much better when it all came back out.  She remembered watching her mother put some water in a red bag that had a white hose attached to it.  At the end was a small white nozzle.  The water was soapy since her mom had mixed it in a pitcher.  She remembered watching the bar of ivory soap being swished around until the water was all milky.

After the bag was hung from a towel rack, she remembered her mother telling her to pull her panties down and lay over her lap.  Adrienne wondered if she was going to be spanked but her mother assured her that she wasn't in trouble as long as she cooperated.  Adrienne did as she was told and soon found herself laying over her mom's lap with her bottom bare.  She felt her mother spread her bottom apart and insert the little nozzle.  It wasn't the big douche nozzle as she learned later in life, but the small rectal nozzle.  Then she felt the water go in and it was very uncomfortable.  She did everything she could to not cry and her mother was very comforting.

She had no idea how much water she got but after it was in she had to hold it for awhile.  Finally her mother told her to get up and use the toilet.  She felt almost sick and the water came out along with everything else, but after awhile she felt better.



Adrienne's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.  A man came in who introduced herself as Dr. Fish.  He seemed nice enough.  "Please tell me what kind of problems you are having?"

"Its kind of embarrassing, but I had some rectal bleeding this morning."

The doctor asked her about that and then asked, "was there any trauma or injury?"

Adrienne confessed, "well, I was using a vibrator last night.  I guess I wanted to know what it felt like.  My boyfriend has been wanting to have sex there."

"I see.  There's no need to be embarrassed.  I'm a doctor and there isn't much that I haven't heard.  So did you experience pain while doing that?"


"And then this morning you had some bleeding.  Did that just happen or what?"

"I was having a bowel movement."

"I see.  Well you may have just torn some tissue when you were stretching it.  But we need to make sure that there isn't anything else going on.  The first thing I'm going to do is a rectal exam."

Dr. Fish went to a box of exam gloves and put one on.  "I need you to go ahead and hop off the table and stand in front of it.  You need to raise your skirt up to your waist and lower your panties."

Adrienne was obviously embarrassed but she knew she had to do as she was told.  She stood  facing the end of the exam table and pulled her dress up and then lowered her panties to mid thigh. 

The doctor sat on a chair behind her and then said, "Bend over the edge of the table, Adrienne.  I'm going to have to get a look at your bottom."

Adrienne was embarrassed as she bent over the table.  She felt the doctor spread her cheeks apart and look for a long time at her anus.  She was told to bear down like she was having a bowel movement.  And then she was told to tighten up her anal muscles.  "There may be a small tear," said the doctor.

He released her bottom cheeks and then the doctor took a tube of KY lubricant and put some on her index finger.  "I'm going to do a digital rectal exam now.  This time I want you to reach back and spread your bottom cheeks apart for me."

Adrienne reached back and did as she was told.  Her anus was fully exposed to the doctor and then she felt the doctor's finger being inserted into her rectum.  It hurt and she gasped.

The doctor felt around for a long time, making sure there was nothing wrong.  Again, he had Adrienne bear down and then tighten up.

Dr. Fish removed his finger and told Adrienne that she could relax and stand up.  The patient was grateful and her dress fell to cover her bottom.

"My nurse took your temperature orally and it was a bit elevated.  Since I don't feel any obvious problem on your rectal exam, I'm going to go ahead and take it rectally since that is the most accurate way.  Go ahead and lay face down on the table, please."

"Do you have to do that?" asked Adrienne.

"Yes, I'm afraid so."

The doctor took a rectal thermometer and put some lubricant on it and then raised Adrienne's dress up to her waist.  Her panties were still down so her bottom was once again exposed.  She felt her cheeks being spread apart and then the cold glass thermometer was inserted into her rectum.  The doctor make a couple quick notes in her chart and then said, "I see that you haven't had a pelvic exam in over a year.  Have you been unable to see your regular doctor"

"I just haven't had time," answered Adrienne, a bit embarrassed.

"Well I think we should go ahead and do that while you're here.  I'm also going to do what's called a proctoscope exam.  I'll be putting a small scope into your rectum to make sure there is no damage to the walls of your rectum."

"Is that going to hurt?"
"It may be a bit uncomfortable since it appears that there is some very minor injury to your anus.  It shouldn't hurt, however."

Dr. Fish removed the rectal thermometer and noted that the temperature was slightly elevated.  "You have a temperature of 99 which is a bit elevated.  You can go ahead and have a seat and my nurse will be back to get you set up for the rest of the exam."

Adrienne pulled her panties up and sat on the edge of the exam table and waited.  It seemed like a long time but it was only a few minutes.  The nurse returned and said, "Dr. Fish wants to do a proctoscope exam and a pelvic exam so I'm going to have to give you an enema.  Have you ever had an enema before?"

Adrienne was unpleasantly surprised as she watched the nurse take the clear plastic enema bag from the IV pole.


"When was that?"

Adrienne told her the story about the time her mom had given her an enema.  She couldn't remember how old she was so she wasn't sure how long ago it was.  She did say that she hated it and asked if it was really necessary!

"No one enjoys getting an enema but I'm afraid that it has to be done.  I need you to undress completely while I go fill the bag.  You can put on the exam gown with the opening in the back and I'll return shortly."

The nurse left the exam room and Adrienne stepped off the table and undressed completely and put the gown on with the opening in the back.  Once done she sat back on the exam table, dreading what was about to happen to her.

The nurse took the enema bag to the bathroom and filled it to 2000 cc's of warm water.  She attached an inflatable nozzle to the end of it and tested it by squeezing the cuffalator.  The balloon inflated properly and she took the bulging back to the exam room.


Adrienne watched as the nurse hung up the bag on the IV pole.  "Is that all going to go inside me?"

"I hope so," replied the nurse.  "its important that you're well cleaned out.  Have you had a BM today?"

"Yes, this morning."

"Well then, you should have no problem with this.  I'm going to put in a bit of castile soap in the bag.  That will help the enema do its work.  After I've given you the enema I'm going to have you hold it for five or ten minutes.  I'll be using an inflatable nozzle that will help you retain the water."

"What's that?" asked Adrienne.

The nurse demonstrated the inflatable nozzle.  "That's much bigger than the nozzle my mother used.  Are you sure its safe?"

"Of course."  The nurse moved the IV pole to the side of the exam table near its foot.

The nurse put the soap in the bag and squeezed the bag until the water was gray.  She told Adrienne to lie on her left side and then covered her patient with a sheet from her hips to her legs.  She went to the cabinet and put on an exam glove and got the tube of KY.  Walking back to the side of the exam table she moved the sheet down to Adrienne's knees exposing her legs.  Next she moved the gown up so that her bottom was exposed.  Her legs were positioned properly and the nurse put some lubricant on her finger and spread Adrienne's bottom apart.  She rubbed the KY on her anus and then inserted her finger.  Next she lubricated the nozzle and then spread her bottom apart again.  She touched the nozzle to her patient's anus and said, "Please bear down."

Adrienne felt the nozzle being inserted into her rectum.  She was tender back there and it wasn't comfortable at all.  It was nothing like the little rectal nozzle that her mom used. 

"You're going to feel some pressure in her rectum."

The nurse squeezed the cuffalator and Adrienne felt something grow in her rectum.  It made her feel like she had to go to the bathroom.

After a moment so that she could get used to it, the nurse released the water and it started flowing into Adrienne's colon.

When the bag was a third empty, the nurse told her to lie on her stomach.  The sheet was down at her knees and gave her no modesty.

When the bag was two thirds empty, the nurse told her to roll to her right side.  It was uncomfortable and she was having cramps.  The nurse started and stopped the bag during the process.

Finally the contents of the bag were all inside Adrienne.  The nurse suggested that she get up on her knees and down on her elbows as that might be more comfortable.  Adrienne did, feeling very embarrassing to be in that position.

After ten minutes, the nurse said that it was time for her to use the bathroom.  "I'm going to follow you to the bathroom and remove the nozzle in there."

All Adrienne cared about now was to use the toilet.  She and the nurse went down the hall to the bathroom and once there, the nurse told her to bend over.  She felt the nozzle being deflated and then pulled out.  Immediately Adrienne sat on the toilet and expelled the water.

"I need you to get as empty as you can so take your time.  When you are finished, come back to the exam room."


When Adrienne finally returned to the exam room, the nurse was there setting up the equipment for her pelvic and rectal exams.  She said, "Go ahead and lay on your back and put your feet in the stirrups.  Slide your bottom all the way down to the end of the table."

Adrienne did as she was told and the nurse placed the sheet on her so that it covered her from her knees to her abdomen.  "I'll let the doctor know that you're ready," she said and quickly left the room.


Adrienne was in the stirrups unaware of how exposed she was since from her vantage point it appeared that the sheet covered her.  A few minutes later the doctor knocked on the door and entered.  "I'll go ahead and finish up here," she said.  Dr. Fish did a complete vaginal exam and then a pap smear after inserting the speculum and opening it very wide.

When he was finished with the vaginal exam and felt Adrienne's abdomen.  He listened to her lungs and heart with the stethoscope and looked into her eyes and ears.  Finally he said, "I'm going to go ahead and do the rectal exam now.  I need you to get up on your knees and down on your elbows with your knees well apart."

Adrienne sat up and then got up on her knees as she was told.  She'd had a pelvic exam before but never a rectal exam.  She felt obscene with her bottom sticking up.  Dr. Fish started by lubricating his index finger and inserting it deeply into Adrienne's bottom.  He moved it around inspecting the walls of her rectum.  After removing it he took the metal speculum and inserted it into Adrienne's bottom and spread it apart to reveal the inside of her rectum.  He looked at the inside of his patient's rectum.

After moving it from side to side and top to bottom gently, the doctor said that everything looked OK.  He removed the light and then removed the speculum

He wiped the residual lubricant from Adrienne's bottom and said, "I'm all finished here.  Everything looks fine and we'll call you with the results of the pap smear.  Since you have a bit of an elevated temperature, I'm going to have my nurse give you some antibiotics just to make sure.  I don't think you have an infection from your experience yesterday, but I want to make sure.  Go ahead and get dressed and she'll be back shortly."

Dr. Fish extended his hand and Adrienne thanked her.  She got off the table and dressed.

A short time later, the nurse returned.  She and Adrienne made small talk while the nurse prepared a syringe.  "Are you going to give me a shot?  I thought I was just going to get some pills or something."

"Yes, the doctor wants me to give you a shot of antibiotics.  She didn't tell you that?"

"She just said you were going to give me antibiotics."

"Well I'm afraid I have to give it to you as a shot."

"I hate shots!"

"I bet.  They aren't much fun."

Adrienne watched as the nurse prepared the syringe.  When she attached a long needle, she said, "Why do you have to use such a long needle?"

"It has to go in your muscle so I have to use a longer needle."

"Is it going to hurt?" she asked worriedly.

"Unfortunately it probably will.  I'm sorry."

When all was ready, the nurse said, "I'm going to have to give this to you in your bottom so you need to lie face down on the table, please."

"Why do you have to do it there?  Can't you give it to me in my arm?"

"Well, since it has to be in your muscle, its better to do it in your bottom.  It will hurt less that way."

Adrienne placed herself face down on the exam table and the nurse said, "Go ahead and bring your skirt up to your waist and lower your panties to about midthigh."

Adrienne reached down and pulled up her dress to her waist and pushed her panties down, once again feeling the air on her bare bottom.

The nurse rubbed alcohol on her left cheek and then put her right hand on her patient's bottom and gently jabbed the needle into Adrienne's left cheek.  Adrienne clenched her fist, grabbing the sheet covering the exam table and grimaced.  The nurse pulled back the plunger a bit to make sure she hadn't gotten into a blood vessel, and then slowly injected the serum.  Adrienne said, "Oww, OWW! as the fluid went in."

When the medicine was in, the nurse withdrew the needle, capped it and said, "OK, we're all done here.  Go ahead and bring your panties up and you're free to go.  I hope everything goes ok for you."

Adrienne got off the table and repositioned her clothes.  She had a tear in her eye from the injection but politely said, "Thank you."


Adrienne's Bottom is one hour and 15 minutes long.