Ayana's Physical Exam

This product was produced in 2012 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

It has been several years since Ayana Lee had a complete physical exam so she reluctantly makes an appointment at the Public Health Department.  After a brief wait in the waiting room, she is met by none other than Dr. Claw.  It seems that her nurse has the day off, or took the day off, so she has to fly solo.

After taking her back to the exam room, Dr. Claw has Ayana sit on the exam table and takes a complete and thorough medical history.  In spite of having no nurse, she is well trained and does a fine job of taking Ayana's vital signs.  Like any new patient at the PHD, she is shocked to find that she has to have her rectal temperature taken!

After lowering her skirt and having the rectal thermometer inserted into her bottom, Ayana is given further unexpected news.  She will have to have two enemas to clean her out for a rectal speculum exam.  Ayana has never had an enema before and is understandably nervous, but she undresses while Dr. Claw fills the enema bag.

Her first enema is given with the smaller plastic nozzle and Ayana takes the enema well.  After expelling, she is introduced to the large inflatable nozzle that Dr. Claw wants to use to allow her patient to hold the enema for as long as possible.  After inserting the nozzle, she discovers that it is leaking so she removes it and completes the enema with the plastic nozzle, much to the delight of Ayana.

Ayana is given a complete pelvic exam, including a bimanual check, speculum and pap smear, and a rectovaginal exam.  Following this, Dr. Claw gives her a complete breast exam.

After her pelvic exam, Ayana has to get up on her knees and down on her elbows for the dreaded rectal speculum.  After inserting it, Dr. Claw has her patient use the toilet again and then tries the exam again, with more success.

No one likes to get injections, but they do save lives, so Dr. Claw gives the HPV injection to Ayana. 

Ayana's Physical Exam is one hour long.

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