The Bag Man

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The two maids are walking down the hallway of the hotel where the Bag Man is staying.  One of them is carrying a pile of folded towels.  They are talking about their boyfriends, their job; things that girls would talk about while they're working.  One of them knocks on the door to the Bag Man's room but there is no answer.  She opens the door with her pass key and the two girls enter his room.  Nancy has the towels and she goes to the bathroom area and arranges them on the towel racks. 

One the counter in the bathroom area is a bag that is partially open.  Karen looks in it and is surprised to see a bag full of enema equipment!

"Wow!  Do you know what this stuff is?" she asks Nancy as she starts to take some of the equipment out of the bag.

"No.  Hey you shouldn't be bothering his stuff.  What if he comes back?"

"I saw him get in his car and leave.  He probably won't be back for a long time.  These are enema bags!  Have you ever had an enema?"

"No," replies Nancy.  "What are they?"

"My mom used to give them to us growing up."  She takes one of the bags out and holds it up. "You fill this with water and then put this nozzle up your butt and fill yourself with water.  It makes you cleaned out.  I can't believe you've never had one."

"It sounds gross," says Nancy.

"Kind of.  We used to get them all the time.  I kind of got to like them."

"Why?" Asks Nancy.

"I don't know.  Its really weird when the water goes in but it kind of made me feel horny!"

"I know he won't be back for a long time.  He always leaves this time of afternoon when he's in town.  I think he's out working.  Come on.  I'm going to give you an enema!

"No way!"  I don't want something stuck up my butt!"

"Come on.  I'll give you one and then you can give me one.  You'll like it.  It'll make you feel really clean inside."

"What if he comes back?"

Karen said, "He won't come back for a long time and we're all done with work for today."  She got out one of the bags and started to run warm water in the sink.  She filled the bag and attached a large black douche nozzle to the end of the hose. 

Nancy stood there and watched as Karen filled the enema bag.  She didn't know what to do.  She really didn't want to go along with this but she didn't want to say no to her friend either.  She always looked up to Nancy like a big sister and didn't want to disappoint her. 

Karen took the bag into the bedroom area along with a tube of lubricant that she also found in his bag. 

"OK, my dear.  Time for you to take those clothes off!"

"Come on Karen.  I don't want to do this.  I don't want you to see me naked!"

"We're girls Nancy.  Its ok.  I bet your really cute anyway.  Come on.  This will be fun!"

Nancy didn't know what to do so she slowly took her maid's uniform off and stood there in her white bra and panties.  She was cute and had a great figure. 

"Nice," observed Karen.  "Take off your bra and panties and lay on your stomach on the bed."

Nancy reluctantly took off her bra and then her panties and did as her friend asked.  She looked back over her shoulder and saw Nancy put lubricant on the nozzle.  Then she sat next to her on the bed and spread her bottom apart and inserted the nozzle into her rectum.  Nancy thought it was a really weird sensation.  She'd never had anything stuck up there before.

Karen held the bag up and then released the clamp and the warm water started to flow into her friend's bottom.  Karen asked her what it felt like and Nancy described the sensations that she was feeling.  She moved around from side to side as the enema flowed through her colon.

Finally the bag was empty and Karen took the nozzle out and Nancy literally ran to the toilet. 

Karen cleaned up the bag and nozzle while her friend expelled the enema.  She looked through the bag of enema equipment and found another bag that she liked with a different nozzle.  She went ahead and filled that bag up with warm water so that it was all ready when her friend finished on the toilet.

As Nancy was cleaning up, Karen said, "Its my turn.  I want you to give me one."

Karen took off her clothes and soon both girls were naked.  Karen laid down on the bed and told Nancy how to insert the enema nozzle.  Nancy thought it was really weird to do that to her friend but she managed to do it.  She held the bag up and then released the water and stopped it when Karen told her to. 

Just when the bag was almost empty, the girls heard the click of the lock on the door and it opened.  The Bag Man had returned!

"What the hell's going on here?" he demanded.

Karen had removed the enema nozzle from her bottom and ran to the bathroom.  That left Nancy holding the bag.  Literally.  She looked at the man and didn't know what to say.

"What are you doing with my equipment?  Who are you?"

Nancy unconsciously looked down at her uniform which was on the bed.  "You're the maids?  I can't believe this.  Put that back in the bathroom and get dressed now!" demanded the man.

Nancy did as she was told and when she was dressed she at least felt grateful that she wasn't standing naked in front of the stranger.

Finally Karen was done on the toilet and came back to the bedroom area. The Bag Man told her to get dressed and then told both of the girls to clean up his equipment and make sure it was cleaned well and completely dry.

The girls worked together at the sink doing as they were told while he watched them.  When everything was finally done and put back in his bag, he made them stand out in the middle of the room next to each other and then said, "I'm going to have to tell your manager about this.  You have invaded my room and used my samples without my permission."

"Please!  Please don't report us.  We will lose our jobs!" cried Nancy.

"Come on.  We were just having some fun.  I got enemas growing up from my mom and I just wanted to show Nancy what it was like," said Karen.

"You can't just barge into a customer's room and start messing with their stuff."  The Bag Man went on for several minutes about how they had done a terrible thing and that he had no choice but to report them. 

He started to pick up the phone to call for the manager when Karen said, "No wait!  Please.  We can't lose our jobs.  Can't you just punish us yourself?"

Nancy looked at her friend like she was crazy but the last thing she wanted to do was get fired, especially for getting an enema in a customers room!

The Bag Man put the phone down and asked Karen, "so you got enemas growing up.  Great.  Why did you get them?"

Karen told him how her mother would give them to her brother and sisters once a month to make sure they were healthy and cleaned out.  She told him how much she hated them when she was young but when she got older she started to like them and look forward to it.  He asked her in detail how the procedure was done and Karen told him every detail of what happened on those Saturday mornings long ago.

He asked her how she was punished growing up and she told him that she was grounded if they did something wrong.

Then he asked Nancy if she'd ever had enemas growing up and she said that she hadn't.  Today was her first one.  Then he asked her how her parents punished her growing up and she blushed and said that she and her older sister were spanked.  He asked her to what age she got that and she said, "Its really embarrassing.  I mean we got it until we moved out."

"I see.  And who did it?"

"My father always did it.  Mom would tell him when he came home from work if we'd done something wrong and he would do it after dinner."

"How did he spank you?" asked the Bag Man.

"This is really embarrassing," stammered Nancy.

"It can't be more embarrassing than me finding you in my room!"

"He'd come to our room after dinner," began Nancy.  "He'd talk to me about what I did wrong and then he'd remove his belt and tell me to raise up my dress and pull my panties down and bend over the edge of the bed.  He'd give me a really hard spanking with his belt.  I hated it!"

"Interesting," he said.  "Well the only way that I'm going to allow you girls to get off without calling the manager is to punish you myself."  He continued on with a long discussion about breaking hotel rules, violating customer's trust, and violating the trust of their employer.

Finally he said, "you both deserve to get a good whipping and a punishment enema for using my equipment."

The girls both gasped.  Karen because she had never been spanked and wasn't sure what a punishment enema would be like, and Nancy because she had been spanked and knew exactly what that was going to be like.

"I'll give you two a few moments to discuss it and let me know what you decide."

The girls huddled together for a few minutes discussing their options, but there really weren't any.  He was doing them a favor by dealing with it themselves.  They both needed the job and certainly didn't want to experience the embarrassment of having their boss know what they had just done.

"OK, we'll let you punish us," said Nancy.

"A wise decision.  At least you will keep your job, but this is going to be no picnic for you," he replied.  He took off his belt and folded it in half and looked at Nancy and said, "get your skirt up to your waist and your panties down to your knees and bend over the edge of the bed."

"Please, can't you do it over my skirt?"

He looked at Nancy and asked, "Did your dad do it over your skirt?"

"No sir."

"How did he do it?"

"On my bare bottom."

"Very well.  Just as he should.  Now you can bare your bottom and bend over or I'll just call the manager."

Nancy slowly reached under her uniform skirt and lowered her panties to her knees and then faced the bed and raised her skirt up to her waist.

After her bottom was bare she looked back over her shoulder and he said, "Bend over the edge please."

Nancy did as she was told.  The Bag Man began spanking her slowly and very hard.  He gave her 18 strokes with his belt and it wasn't long before she was begging and crying.

After he was finished he told her to get up and stand in the corner of the room with her skirt still up and her panties still down.  Then he told Karen that it was her turn and he repeated the procedure with her.

He put his belt back on and then went into the bathroom and selected a large enema bag and attached a large metal nozzle to it.  He filled the bag with warm water, got a box of exam gloves from his bag along with the tube of lubricant.  He want back to the bedroom area and told Nancy to get up on her knees and down on her elbows on the bed.  It was awkward walking that way with her panties at her knees but she managed to do it with her skirt still being held up to her waist. 

Nancy placed her knees apart which stretched her white panties. He told Karen to hold the bag while he put on a glove and spread lubricant on his finger.  Next he inserted his finger into Nancy's bottom and she gasped at the intrusion.  Then he lubricated the nozzle and inserted it and started the flow of the water.  Karen felt silly holding the bag with her dress now down but her panties about her knees.  She knew the same thing was going to happen to her soon.

After the bag was empty he made Nancy hold it for ten long minutes while Karen held the bag up.  After the time, he removed the nozzle and Nancy scurried off to the toilet holding her dress up and trying not to trip over her panties.  She sat on the toilet and tried to close the door but he told her to keep it open and everyone heard her expelling the enema.

He told Karen to stand in the corner again while he got her bag ready. 

When Nancy finished on the toilet he told her she could put her clothes back together and to come to the bedroom area.  He had her hold the bag while he told Karen to get in position on the bed with her knees apart and her panties stretched between them and down on her elbows.  He repeated the procedure he'd used on Nancy and had her hold the enema for ten minute before being allowed to go to the bathroom and empty with the door open.

When Nancy was done with her enema he made the girls clean up the bags and come back to the living room area where he lectured them once again about what they had done wrong. 

In spite of the fact that both girls had sore bottoms and were very embarrassed, they both thanked him for not reporting him to their supervisor.  They both left his room and walked down the hall toward the elevator, Karen rubbing her bottom through her skirt.

The Bag Man is 53 minutes long.

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