At Home with the Bernards

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Pam Bernard and her sister Susan had always gone to Catholic school and knew little else.  Of course, many of their friends went to public school, but for the most part they had become used to wearing pleated skirts and white blouses, white knee socks and black shoes to school.  They never understood why, but the uniform rules required that they wear white cotton panties and a white bra.  Pam was a freshman in college and her sister Susan, a year older, was a sophomore.  Even though they were a year apart in age, they often passed as twins. 

Even though Pam was a year younger than Susan, she was a bit more rebellious.  She had even gotten a tattoo which her parents didn’t know a thing about.  She knew that someday it might be discovered and it would probably mean being punished, but she still thought it was worth it.  She liked looking at it in the mirror and her boyfriend was crazy about it.  Susan would never consider doing something like that, not only because she didn’t want to deal with the consequences, but she really thought they looked silly.  And what happens when you’re older and they start looking faded and wrinkled?

Pam was outgoing and very much the opposite from her sister Susan.  Susan was devoted to her studies and made excellent grades.  Pam was very smart but didn’t apply herself as much.

The girls always met each other after classes and took the light rail back home.  Once they got off, they had a short walk to their house.  This afternoon they met as usual but both were happy because it was Friday and they had the weekend ahead of them.  Pam had a date later that night and Susan was excited about going skiing with friends the next day.

After they got of the train they started the walk home and Pam opened her backpack and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.  Susan said, “What are you doing?  Are you crazy?”

Pam replied, “Come on.  It’s not a big deal.  Let’s try one.”

“If we get caught we’re going to get killed!”

Pam gave Susan a cigarette and fished a lighter out of her backpack and lit both of them.  Pam had smoked before and she inhaled deeply on the cigarette.  Susan had never tried it before and started hacking and coughing as soon as she drew the smoke into her mouth. 

Mrs. Bernard turned onto their street.  She had been out shopping and wanted to get home in time to greet the girls.  The last thing she expected to see here her two girls walking down the street in their school uniforms with smoke billowing from their heads!  She pulled up beside them and the girls quickly threw the cigarettes to the ground.  They knew they were in trouble!

“Get your selves home immediately!” she said.

Susan said, “Yes ma’am.”

To her sister she said, “Now look what you’ve done!”

“I’m sorry.  I thought you’d want to try it.”

“We’re going to be in so much trouble!”

When they got home, Mrs. Bernard said, “I’m very disappointed.  You know your father and I have forbidden you to smoke.”  The lecture continued for what seemed like forever.  The girls had put their backpacks down and stood in the middle of the living room listening to their mother.  Finally she said, “I’m going to have to tell your father about this.”

“Mom,” began Susan.  “Please doing tell dad!”

“You know I’m going to have to do that.  You girls are in big trouble and this time it’s going to be up to him to deal with it.  You both are to sit here on the couch and wait.  He’ll be home in about an hour.”

There was nothing the girls feared more than, “Wait till your father gets home!”  It had been a long time since either of them had been punished by him, but it was never pleasant.  Unfortunately they didn’t know how he would react.  They were both in college, but they also grew up with the rule, “If you live under our roof, you live under our rules.”

Their mother went to the other room and the girls were left alone.  “Do you really think she’s going to tell him?” asked Susan.

“No doubt.”

“What do you think he’s going to do?”

“How would I know?  Maybe he’ll just blow it off.  I mean we are in college,” answered Pam.

“God I hope he doesn’t spank us!”  Susan was very shy, especially about her body.  Even though she was considered beautiful, that didn’t mean that she wanted to be seen.

“Who knows,” replied Pam.

“I just know he’s going to spank us, Pam.  I just hope he doesn’t make me take my panties down,” Susan whispered. 

“I think he’s going to do it and he’ll probably use his belt.  You know what that means.”

Susan wiped a tear from her eye and answered, “I hate getting it that way.  It’s so embarrassing!”

“I know,” answered Pam.  She could be rebellious but she had also been raised by strict parents.  “It’s going to hurt like hell, too!”

The girls were quiet and they heard their mother on the phone.  They couldn’t hear what she was saying but they imagined that she had called their father and was telling him that they had been smoking.  Finally they heard the phone being hung up and Mrs. Bernard came back into the living room.  “I talked to your dad and you girls better cancel whatever plans you had for this weekend.”

“What’s he going to do?” asked Susan.

“We’re going to discuss it when he gets home but I’m afraid he’s going to have to give you a whipping.”

Susan started to cry in her hands and Pam gallantly said, “It’s my fault.”

“It doesn’t matter whose idea it was, Pam.  You both were smoking and that’s all there is to it.”

Mrs. Bernard left the girls in the living room to think about what they had done and what was going to happen.

Pam got out her cell phone from her backpack and punched in her boyfriend’s phone number.  She turned away from her crying sister and told him that she wasn’t going to be able to go out that night.  She didn’t tell him why.  None of her friends knew that she was still under the strict watch of her parents.  When she was in high school that was embarrassing enough, but now that she was in college it would be unbearable for her friends to know that she was grounded and perhaps worse.

After she stopped crying, Susan did the same thing.  She called her friend, Stacy and told her that something had come up and she wasn’t going to be able to go skiing tomorrow.  It was all she could do to hold back the tears.


The girls heard the front door open and they got off the couch and stood in the middle of the living room.  Mr. Bernard looked at them and said, “Both of you go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for us.”  There was no other discussion and the girls took their backpacks and walked up the stairs to their parent’s bedroom.  They put their stuff down and then say on their parent’s bed and waited.

Downstairs, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard talked in the living room.  There was no anger but they knew their daughters had to be punished for what they had done regardless of the fact that they were technically adults.  They had been raised to respect their parents and honor their rules.  And they knew the consequences of breaking those rules even though it had been well over a year since either of them had been punished.

“I think you should go ahead and give each of them the belt,” said Mrs. Bernard.

“Yes, I hate to have to do that but they need to understand how serious smoking is.”

The two talked for another minute about the need for a spanking and then Mr. Bernard said, “I’m going to have to do it on their bare bottoms, Fran.”

“I know.  And as much as I hate to say it, I think they should both be given PE’s,” replied his wife.

“Well,” said Mr. Bernard pausing, “I think that would be appropriate.  A good symbolic washing out will make the point.”


Husband and wife walked up the stairs to their bedroom.  The girls were sitting on the bed and their father started lecturing the girls on the evils of smoking.  The lecture went on for several minutes when he announced, “I’m going to have to give each of you a good strapping.  I hate to do it but it’s for your own good.  You know the rules and even though it’s been a long time since I’ve had to spank you, you know that as long as you live in our house you are subject to it.”

Mrs. Bernard took the pillows from the head of the bed and piled a couple of them on top of each other at the foot of the bed.  Mr. Bernard took off his belt and continued, “Pam, stand to the side for a moment.  Susan, stand up and lower your panties and raise your skirt and bend over the pillows with your bottom well up.”

“Dad!  Please doing do it that way!” begged his older daughter.

“I’m afraid it’s going to have to be on the bare bottom, Susan.  You two have done a serious thing and I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

Susan knew better than to argue and resigned herself to her fate.  She turned her back to her father and reached under her uniform skirt and lowered her white panties to her knees.  She raised her skirt to her waist.  She was embarrassed that she was exposed in front of her dad.  It had been a long time since he had seen her that way.  She looked back over her shoulder in one last attempt at hope.  Her father gestured with the belt in his and for her to bend over the pillows. 

Susan positioned herself so that her bottom was bent and up.  Mrs. Bernard sat on the bed next to her daughter and took her hands so that Susan wouldn’t be tempted to reach back.  Pam stood to the side with her hands behind her back and watched, knowing that her turn would be coming soon.

When the girls were growing up, the rule was always one stroke per year of age.  Susan knew she would be getting 19 hard strokes and that it was going to hurt.  As much as she was embarrassed about her exposed position, she was more concerned now about the belt.  Mr. Bernard began spanking his daughter.  He did it hard with the belt landing with a loud crack across his daughter’s bare bottom.  It took him almost five minutes to give her the 19 strokes and by the time he was finished she was bawling and her bottom was covered with red stripes.

After he finished, his wife told Susan to stand up.  She did and immediately put her hands behind her back and rubbed her sore bottom.  Her skirt covered her front but she didn’t care about that.

“Alright Pam, get over here, pull down your panties and raise your skirt up.”

Pam walked over to the edge of the bed and faced it.  She put her hands under her skirt and lowered her panties down to her knees and raised her skirt to just above her bottom.  Without being told she bent over the pillows.  It was a small thing in her favor that she was only getting 18 strokes but she was thin and her bottom was small.  She took her 18 strokes with her hands in her mom’s.  Pam was stoic, but she was crying by the end of her ordeal.

Mr. Bernard put his leather belt back on and Pam stood next to her sister.  She stopped crying pretty quickly.  Mrs. Bernard had been sitting on the bed and stood up.  “Now as I said you’re both grounded for the weekend.  Unfortunately your punishment isn’t over.  Your father and I have decided that you’re both going to have to have punishment enemas.”

The girls looked at each other and both started pleading with their parents.  There were many excuses.  Haven’t we been punished enough?  Please…

Mr. Bernard said, “I’m sorry but you both knew that smoking was forbidden and you did it anyway.  You knew what would happen if you broke that rule.  I know it’s been a long time since you’ve been punished but you’ve polluted your bodies and you’re going to have to be cleaned out.  Even if it’s symbolic.”

Mrs. Bernard said, “All right.  Both of you strip completely while I prepare the first enema.”

“Dad…,” stammered Susan.

“I’m sorry Susan.  Do what your mother says and take your clothes off and get ready.  Pam?  Get undressed now.”

Mrs. Bernard went into the bathroom and got the enema equipment from the cabinet.  She had a large yellow bag with a black hose and was fitted with a large black douche nozzle.  She got a pitcher from under the counter and filled it with warm water.  It held two quarts and she filled it near the top.  She took a bar of soap and put it in the water and swished it around until the water was almost white.  Mrs. Bernard called to her husband to come and help her.

Mr. Bernard came into the bathroom while his daughter removed their clothes.  Even as outgoing as Pam was she hated the idea of being naked in front of her parents.  And to make matters worse, they didn’t know about her two tattoos.  The girls undressed completely and stood next to each other.  Susan was extremely shy and covered her breasts and front with her hands. 

In the bathroom, Mrs. Bernard asked her husband to hold the bag while she filled it with the enema.  When the bag was full and bulging, she got the Vaseline out of the cabinet along with several exam gloves that she kept handy.

The two walked back to the bedroom and Mrs. Bernard said, “All right Susan.  Get on the bed.  Up on your knees and down on your elbows.”

Susan obeyed and got in position.  “Knees apart young lady,” admonished her mother.

Mr. Bernard held the enema bag and Mrs. Bernard put on one of the exam gloves.  She dipped her finger into the Vaseline and inserted her finger all the way into Susan’s rectum.  It was longer than necessary and she did it to make the girl uncomfortable.  Pam looked on, standing completely naked facing her parents.

Mrs. Bernard put more Vaseline on the douche nozzle and then slowly and carefully inserted it all the way into Susan’s rectum.  “Hold the bag up a bit higher,” she said to her husband.  The she released the soapy water and it began flowing into her daughter.  Several times she had to stop while the flow got uncomfortable and she got cramps. 

After the bag was empty, Mrs. Bernard clamped off the hose and Mr. Bernard put the bag on the bed.  “You need to hold the water for ten minutes, Susan.”

“I don’t think I can, mom!”

“You know the rule, Susan.  You have to hold the enema for ten minutes for it to do its work or I’m going to have to give you another one.”

Susan was so embarrassed to be on the bed with her red bottom sticking up and a hose coming out of her.  It was the worse punishment she’d ever gotten but she knew it was to teach her a lesson about smoking.  Never again would she do that, she vowed.

Somehow she was able to hold the enema for ten minutes and when the time was up, Mrs. Bernard slowly pulled the enema nozzle from her daughter’s rectum.  Susan got off the bed and literally ran to the bathroom.

It was hard for Pam to watch her sister get her punishment enema, especially standing there naked waiting her turn.  She hated it that her front was exposed and her breasts bared.  Both girls were fashion conscious and had virtually no pubic hair and there was nothing hidden.

“After your sister is done in the bathroom you’re getting yours, Pam,” said her mother as she picked up the bag and followed Susan to the bathroom.  Susan had closed the door and her mother simply opened it and walked it.  Susan exclaimed, “Mother!”

“Now Susan, I’m sorry but you’ve lost your right to privacy.  I need to get this bag ready for your sister.”

Susan quickly flushed the toilet and tried to sit there as long as she could before the urge hit her again.  Mrs. Bernard went through her routine of mixing a soapy bag of water.  The door was left open and it wasn’t long before Mr. Bernard stood in the doorway waiting to be of assistance.

When the pitcher of water was ready, Mr. Bernard held the bag while his wife poured in the pitcher of whitish liquid.  Susan couldn’t hold back anymore and let lose a splash of water into the toilet.  “Can’t you two please leave me alone?” she begged.

With the enema bag bulging full of water, Susan’s mother said, “As soon as you’re finished, come back into the bedroom.  You’re to watch your sister’s punishment.  Her parents walked back to the bedroom, leaving Susan to her toilet.  Susan reached over and shut the door.

In the bedroom, Mr. Bernard walked over to Pam and gave her the enema bag.  “You can hold onto this until its time for yours.  You’re going to wait until your sister is finished.  After she comes back out here you let us know that you’re ready for your enema.”

“Yes sir,” replied Pam, taking the heavy bag from her dad.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard left the room and went back downstairs.  Mrs. Bernard had dinner things to attend to and Mr. Bernard got a beer from the refrigerator.  The made small talk about how their days went.

Upstairs, Pam felt completely silly standing in her parent’s bedroom holding a heavy yellow enema bag.  She was alone and wished her sister would hurry up.  She didn’t want to get the enema but she wanted it to be over with.  She had concocted a plan to keep her tattoos hidden but it would mean getting her enema in a very embarrassing position.  She would ask if she could get it lying on her back.  She hated the idea of her dad seeing her with her knees up, but she didn’t want her rebelliousness to be discovered.

Finally Susan emerged from the bathroom.  She looked drawn out.  “Where are mom and dad?”

“Downstairs.  I’m supposed to let them know when you’re done.”

“God I hate enemas.  It’s like being forced to be sick.  What are you going to do if they see your back?”

“I don’t know.”

Pam walked over to the bedroom door and stood at the head of the stairs.  She called, “Mom, I’m ready.”

“Alright, we’ll be right up,” came the reply from the kitchen.

Pam went back to the bedroom and stood next to the bed facing the door.  Finally her parents arrived and her father took the enema bag from her.  She was grateful because it was heavy.  “Mom, can you give it to me while I’m on my back?”

Mrs. Bernard thought for a moment and saw no reason why not.  “I suppose.  Get on the bed with your bottom on the towel and bring your knees up to your chest.”

She was going to make it as embarrassing as possible and the diaper position was very revealing.  There was no doubt that Pam was embarrassed at the position and she closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t have to deal with the though of her father seeing her.

Mrs. Bernard put on her exam glove and dipped her index finger into the jar of Vaseline.  Pam’s anus was fully exposed and Mrs. Bernard inserted her finger all the way into her daughter’s rectum.  “It’s pretty obvious that you haven’t had a bowel movement today Pam.  That’s going to make this harder for you.”

“Mom!” exclaimed Pam. 

Next she lubricated the nozzle and inserted it and released the clamp.  The warm water started flowing and it wasn’t long before the cramps followed.

Pam asked her mom to stop the flow.  Mrs. Bernard did, noting that the bag was hardly any smaller.  After a few minutes she asked her mom to start the water again, but it wasn’t long before she had to ask her to stop.  “Do you want to change positions, Pam?”

“No,” replied Pam who was beginning to regret her decision to get it on her back.  As bad as the knee chest position was, it was more comfortable. 

After a few more minutes and a bit more water the bag was half empty but Pam finally said, “Mom, I can’t hold it anymore.  Please!  I need to go!”

“You understand that I’m going to have to give you another enema don’t you?”

“Mom, please!  I need to go.”

Mrs. Bernard removed the douche nozzle from Pam’s bottom.  Her desire to hide her tattoos was overwhelmed by her desire to use the toilet.  She ran to the bathroom and heard her father say, “What the hell is that on your back?”

Pam shut the door and sat on the toilet.  She expelled the water and put her head in her hands.  Now she was really in trouble.

Mrs. Bernard told Susan that she could get dressed.  She put her uniform back on and listened to her parents ask each other about Pam’s tattoo.  They asked her about it and Susan told them that she got it about a month ago.  At least they were understanding about why Susan hadn’t said anything to her parents about it.  As strict as they were, they didn’t expect their children to tattle on each other.

Mrs. Bernard went to the bathroom and opened the door.  “You’re in a lot of trouble, young lady,” began Mrs. Bernard.

“Mom, it’s a tattoo.  Please, it’s not a big deal.  A lot of girls have them.”

“I’m aware of that but a couple years ago you asked us if you could get one and we told you no.  Now you’ve gone and done it without our permission.”  Mrs. Bernard was preparing another enema and Pam noticed that she had removed the douche nozzle and attached the inflatable bardex nozzle.

“Why are you using that one, mom?”

“You know the rules.  If you can’t hold the first one for ten minutes then you are going to get another one with the bardex.”

“Mom, please!”

Mrs. Bernard ignored her daughter and filled the pitcher with warm soapy water.  Pam wiped her bottom and flushed the toilet.

“Hold the bag for me,” said Mrs. Bernard.

Pam held the enema bag while her mom filled it with the water.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the bulging bag and the bardex nozzle hanging from the end of the hose.  She had only had that one other time and she remembered that it was really uncomfortable.

“Alright, let’s go,” commanded Mrs. Bernard, taking the bag from her daughter.

Mrs. Bernard followed her daughter to the bedroom.  Mr. Bernard ordered his daughter to turn around so he could look at her back.  “What do these mean?” he asked.

Pam explained the symbolism of her tattoos.  Mr. Bernard wasn’t impressed and lectured his daughter on her disobedience.  Finally he said, “You’re grounded for the next week and next Sunday you’re going to get another whipping.  Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” replied Pam, staring at the floor.

“Get up on your knees and down on your chest on the bed, Pam,” ordered Mrs. Bernard.

Pam got up on the bed with her knees on the towel.  “Bring your knees apart,” ordered Mrs. Bernard.

Pam placed her knees apart and everything was fully exposed.  Mrs. Bernard handed the enema bag to her husband and put on an exam glove.  Again she inserted a Vaseline coated finger all the way into her daughter’s rectum.  She lubricated the nozzle and pushed it into Pam’s bottom.  The girl gasped as the large nozzle finally went in.

Susan stood to the side of the bed and watched her sister get her second enema.  Having dressed, she felt much better and was a bit happy to see Pam get more punishment.  She had never had an enema with the bardex nozzle and was amazed that the large thing actually went into her sister.  Mrs. Bernard inflated the nozzle and Pam said, “Mom that makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom!”

“Just take some deep breaths.”  She released the clamp and the water flowed into her daughter’s colon.  This time there was little resistance to the flow of water, having had her lower colon cleaned out with the first enema and the fact that she was in a better position.

When the bag was empty, Mrs. Bernard clamped it and Mr. Bernard put the bag on the bed next to his daughter.  Mrs. Bernard looked at her watch and started the ten minute holding time.  Pam complained of feeling full and bloated but otherwise she was fine.  She was allowed to lay on her left and right sides while holding the water.

Finally ten minutes were up and Mrs. Bernard said, “Get back up on your knees, Pam.”

Pam got back up on her knees and felt the nozzle deflate as her mom released the air.  Mrs. Bernard slowly pulled the nozzle out of her daughter and then she told her to use the bathroom.  Pam suddenly had the urge to go and she ran down the hallway to the bathroom.  Mrs. Bernard followed her and told her to clean up the enema equipment, get dressed, and come downstairs when she was finished.

It took a long time for Pam to expel the enema.  When she did she cleaned up the equipment and put it back in the cabinet.  She went to the bedroom and put her clothes back on and went downstairs.  She found her parents sitting on the sofas with Pam.  Mr. Bernard stood up and said, “Are you alright?”

“Yes.  I’m sorry daddy.”

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard hugged their daughters.



At Home with the Bernards is 42 Minutes Long