Betty's Employment Physical

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Betty has a new job which requires her to get a complete physical from the Public Health Department.  Nurse Practitioner Sabrina shows her into the exam room and takes a complete history and physical from her.  Betty is surprised at the thoroughness of it but cooperates and gives Sabrina all the information she needs including a history of her sexual experiences.  Hearing that she has had quite a few partners, Sabrina knows that she will have to pay particular attention to the pelvic exam.

Sabrina also explains that as part of the exam, she will have to do a proctoscope exam which will require two cleansing enemas.  Betty has never had an enema before and is surprised to learn that today will be her first. 

Sabrina takes her vital signs, listens to her heart and lungs, looks in her mouth and ears and palpates her thyroid gland.  Much to her surprise, Betty is told to lower her pants and underwear and bend over the edge of the exam table to have her temperature taken.  Sabrina asks if she remembers ever having that done and Betty replies that she hasn't.

After the thermometer is inserted, Sabrina leaves it in place for a few minutes and then removes it, finding that the temperature is normal.  Its now time for Betty to undress completely and put on the backless hospital gown.  She steps over to the partition and undresses.

Sabrina explains to Betty what an enema is and shows her the equipment.  For her first one she will be getting about half a bag with a plain plastic nozzle.  After filling the bag, Sabrina hangs it on the IV pole and has Betty lay on her left side.  After her bottom is uncovered, Sabrina lubricates her anus and then inserts the tip.  Betty is surprised at the sensation of the water but doesn't find it to be too unpleasant.

After using the toilet, its obvious that Betty needed a good cleaning!

Sabrina fills the bag again but this time Betty is going to get 2000 cc with the inflatable nozzle.  And to make sure that it does its job, Sabrina puts in some castile soap.  Once again Betty lays on her left side and Sabrina lubricates her rectum and then inserts the inflatable barium enema nozzle.  Its a very strange sensation that Betty feels when Sabrina inflates the bulb!

Betty does a good job of taking the whole bag and after a few minutes of holding it, Sabrina walks her to the bathroom with the nozzle still inflated in her rectum.  Sabrina has her bend over and the nozzle is deflated and removed.  Betty is on the toilet for a long time and its again obvious that she needed that enema.

After Betty comes back into the exam room, Sabrina informs her its time for her pelvic exam.  Betty is familiar with that process and puts her feet in the stirrups and slides all the way down to the end of the table.  Sabrina does a thorough external inspection of Betty's vagina and then inserts the vaginal speculum.  After getting a good view of her cervix, Sabrina does a pap smear.  After removing the speculum, Sabrina does a complete internal examination of her vagina including a pelvic and rectal exam.

Sabrina asks Betty if she needs to use the bathroom again before the proctoscope exam and Betty goes and makes sure that she is completely empty.  After returning she is told to get up on her knees and down on her elbows for the proctoscope exam.  Sabrina inserts the rectal speculum and opens it to reveal a nice pink rectum.

Betty's hour and two minute ordeal is finally over and she gratefully dresses and leaves, knowing that her new job will be much easier than her visit to the Public Health Department!


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