Brenda's Bedwetting Problem

This product was produced in 2012 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Even though Brenda is 19 years old, she still has a bedwetting problem.  When her mother wakes her up in the morning, the first thing that she does is check her adult diaper.  This morning is like many others; Brenda has wet herself in the middle of the night!  The first thing she does is put her daughter in the corner while she goes and get's her husband's belt.  A wet diaper means a sore bottom!

After spanking her bare bottom with the belt, Brenda's mother washes her most private parts and informs her daughter that she has had enough.  She's taking her to the Public Health Department for a complete physical to try to get to the bottom of this disgusting problem.

Poor Brenda is shown into the exam room where the nurse takes her medical history and discusses the embarrassing problem with her mother.  Nurse Sabrina asks her mother to wait in the waiting room while she does a complete physical to see if there is any anatomic reason why Brenda wets herself at night.

Brenda's vital signs are taken and when she finds out that she has to have her temperature taken in her rectum, she is humiliated to raise her dress up to reveal the adult diaper that she has to wear, even though she doesn't usually wet herself during the day.

Nurse Sabrina gives the girl a gown to put on after explaining to her that she will have to have a complete rectal exam which means two enemas.  Brenda protests, but knows that she is going to have to obey the nurse in order to avoid getting another bare bottom belt spankings.  The nurse fills the first bag while the young girl undresses and puts on the gown.

Brenda submits herself to two enemas, the second of which requires the use of an inflatable barium enema nozzle.  She takes the entire bag, but is bulging inside and begs to go to the bathroom. 

After she is cleaned out, the Nurse gives her patient a complete pelvic exam and pap smear, and then has her get up on her knees and down on her elbows with her bottom well up in the air so that she can insert a rectal speculum to make sure that there are no masses or fistulas that might be contributing to Brenda's problem.

Satisfied that everything is anatomically normal, the nurse suggests that an experimental drug might be the best thing to try.  Brenda and her mother agree to take part in the trial, but Brenda is concerned when the nurse tells her that she is going to have to take the medication in her bottom.  After lowering her diaper one more time, she lies on the exam table and takes the shot in her bottom.

Brenda's Bedwetting Problem is one hour and 5 minutes long.

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