Carol's Parasite Infection

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Being a high level executive can be a very rewarding career but it also means a lot of travel and not always to the most glamorous places. Carol Holland was in her early thirties and vice president of a small import company. It was her job to scour the globe for great bargains that could be sold to retail stores in the United States.

Her most recent trip had been to Viet Nam. She had found the country to be beautiful and not at all like she had imagined it from the stories she had heard about the war. Now it was a small country of hard working people that made quality clothes and accessories.

It had been a long flight back and Carol was very happy to be driving home from the airport. Even happier still, because she was feeling some very strange abdominal cramps.

She parked in the driveway of her little house, got her suitcase out of the trunk and felt the sudden urge to use the bathroom. She ran into the house, let go of her suitcase and ran to the bathroom. She lowered her pants,  pantyhose and panties and felt the diarrhea starting.

Finally it passed and she cleaned up but Carol had to wonder if she had eaten some of the wrong things in Viet Nam. She tried to each only where her guides told her to and she never drank the water. She decided it might be best to just go down to the public health department, which was down the road, and get checked out.

Carol was a typical hard working executive. She hadn't gotten to the level of vice presidency by letting people walk all over her. Some described her as being bitchy but she was also respected. She always dressed well and kept in good shape.

After checking in at the PHD she had a seat. She had been here before to get her inoculations before going over seas. It wasn't a place that she liked but it was close by and it was Sunday. Waiting until tomorrow didn't work for her. She had to be in the office and report on her findings to the board of directors.

After a few minutes a doctor called her name and she went back to the exam room.

The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Fish, Jr. and told her to have a seat on the exam table. He took a brief medical history concentrating on her recent overseas trip. What had she eaten? Did she drink the local water? When did her symptoms start?

Carol answered all the questions as best she could include telling the doctor that she had diarrhea and thought she might have a fever.

The doctor took her vital signs including her blood pressure and pulse and listened to her heart and lungs with the stethoscope.

"I have to take your temperature, Miss Holland."

"Of course," replied Carol.

"Unfortunately I need to do it rectally so I'm going to have to ask you to lower your pants and underwear and lie on your stomach," said the doctor as he gathered the thermometer and lubricant.

"I'd rather you didn't do it that way," replied Carol.

"Since you think you might have a fever we need to do it the most accurate way."

"I haven't had it done that way."

The doctor replied, "I'm sure you have but you don't remember it. Please get ready."

Carol did as she was told and got off the table, lowered her pants and panties to mid thigh. She got back on the table and laid on her stomach while the doctor pulled out the foot rest. The doctor lubricated the end of the thermometer and spread his patient's bottom apart and inserted the thermometer into her rectum.

Carol was embarrassed to be exposed like that and she felt like a kid. She had told the doctor that she had no memory of having her rectal temperature taken but that was a lie. Her mother had done that up until she started grade school but she didn't want to admit that.

The doctor asked her about her trip in order to distract her and make the minutes pass more quickly. Carol told him a little about Viet Nam but it really didn't help her feel better about her position.

Finally three long minutes had passed and the doctor removed the thermometer and read it. Carol had a low grade fever of 101 which he noted in the chart.

"I'm going to go talk to the doctor real quick. Here's some Kleenex for you to wipe the lubricant off and then you can put your clothes back together," said the doctor.

Carol waited until the doctor was out of the room and then she wiped off her bottom, put the Kleenex in the trash and put her clothes back together. She was disturbed that she had a fever but it made her feel better about coming to the PHD. She wasn't one to go to the doctor with every little ache and pain.

Several minutes later the doctor returned and said, "I'm concerned about your fever and diarrhea. I need to give you an injection of antibiotics in case you have some kind of bacterial infection.  I'm also going to have to take some swabs of your rectum and send them off to the lab."

"How are you going to that?" asked Carol, more concerned now than ever.

"It's not difficult or painful really. I just have to insert a tube into your bottom and take some swabs of the walls of your rectum."

"Is that really necessary?" asked Carol.

"I'm afraid it is." The doctor began preparing an injection to give to Carol. He filled a syringe half full and then put on a 1.5 inch needle. Carol watched the process and noted how long the needle was.

"That looks like its going to hurt."

"I'm afraid it is going to be painful. I also have to give it to you in your bottom so if you'd be kind enough to lower your pants and underwear again and lie on the table like you did before."

Carol did as she was told and the doctor swabbed her bottom with alcohol and injected the medicine into her muscle. Carol tensed up, grabbed the sides of the pillow with her hands as the antibiotics slowly went into her bottom. It hurt and she was on the verge of crying.

Finally it was all in and the doctor slowly withdrew the long needle from her bottom. He swabbed the area again and then put the needle and syringe into the sharps container. "I'm sorry that hurt so much. It's the medicine."

"I understand."

The doctor got a silver metal rectal speculum out of a cabinet along with several long swabs and some specimen slides.

"I need you to lay on your left side and bring your knees up to your toward your chest."

Carol turned over and did as she was asked. The doctor put on a glove and put lubricant on his index finger and inserted it slowly into Carol's rectum. She removed it and said, "I'm going to insert this speculum now. Its wide and it will feel uncomfortable for a few minutes."

The doctor lubricated the rectal speculum, spread Carol's bottom apart again and slowly pushed it all the way into her rectum. He opened it as wide as possible and fixed the petals apart with the screw and then took one of the long q-tip swabs and inserted it down the tube and swabbed the inside of Carol's rectum. He repeated the process three times, moving the speculum in different positions and then gently closed the speculum and removed it.

"I'm going to give you a suppository to help stop the diarrhea," said the doctor. He got one of the small aluminum packets and opened it and removed the suppository. He spread Carol's bottom apart again and slowly pushed in the glistening white suppository all the way up until his finger disappeared.

He kept her bottom spread apart after removing his finger and said, "It's important that you don't expel this. Let it melt so it can make you feel better."

After a moment he released her buttock and gave her some Kleenex and told her that she could clean up and get dressed.

He gave Carol the Kleenex while she swabbed the slides with the cotton swabs.

Carol cleaned up and dressed and asked, "What happens now?"

The doctor noticed that Carol was rubbing her bottom where she had gotten the shot. "We will send these to the lab and let you know tomorrow what the results are. If you get worse you need to go to the emergency room. Take some aspirin for the fever and drink a lot of water so that you don't get dehydrated."

The next day Carol was driving to work when her cell phone rang. "Miss Holland?"

"Yes," replied Carol.

"This is Doctor Fish at the Public Health Department. We got your lab results back and it appears that you have acquired an intestinal parasite on your trip to Asia. We need you to come in today for a treatment."

"Geez. I feel a lot better today. Do I really need to do this?"

"Definitely. Unless treated it can go to your liver and cause serious damage."

Carol thought for a moment and finally said, "All right. I'll be in about 4pm. It's the earliest I can get there."

"That will be fine. Again if you start to feel worse you need to come in sooner."
"Fine. I'll keep that in mind. Otherwise I'll see you this afternoon."

Later that afternoon after a hard day of meetings, Carol began to feel hot and feverish again. She left the office early and drove to the PHD. After checking in again she had a seat and waited until it was her turn. Fortunately it wasn't busy even though it was Monday and she was called back by Doctor Fish fairly quickly.

"So it turns out that you have parasites. I know that sounds gross and disgusting but its common and its easily treatable. What I'm going to do is give you an injection of antiparasitic serum which will take care of anything that's spread out of your intestines. I'm also going to have to give you an enema treatment to remove them from your colon. Have you ever had an enema before?"

"No! Isn't there another way to do that? I mean can you just give me pills or something?"

"I'm afraid not. I know that getting an enema, or in this case, three enemas aren't going to be pleasant, but it's very important that we take care of this. What I need you to do is undress completely and put on the hospital gown with the opening in the back. I'm going to go prepare the first enema and I'll return in a few minutes."

The doctor took an enema bag off the IV pole and left the room, leaving Carol with no opportunity to protest. Today she had worn a pants suit to the office and she undressed completely, wondering why she needed to take off her bra, but she did as she was told. She put the gown on with the opening in the back and she felt the cool air on her exposed bottom.

A short time later the doctor returned with a clear plastic bag that had a clear hose coming from it terminating in a white nozzle that Carol knew would have to be inserted into her rectum in a few minutes. The doctor explained that this first enema was going to be a cleansing enema with soapy water. That would prepare her colon for the treatment enema which would follow.

The doctor opened a packet of castile soap and poured it into the bag and squeezed the bag until the water was a milky grey color.

"I need you to lay on your left side with your right leg up a bit," said the doctor. He put on his glove and squeezed lubricant onto his index finger and moved Carol's gown aside until her bottom was fully exposed. She spread her bottom apart and inserted the finger all the way into her rectum and moved it around in a circular motion. After removing it, he inserted the lubricated nozzle past the anal sphincter and guided it in place until it was well inserted into her rectum.

The doctor explained what was going to happen and how Carol might feel and then released the water. It flowed in and when the bag was 1/3 empty he had Carol roll over onto her stomach and released another third of the bag. With only a third left she had Carol turn onto her right side and emptied the remaining contents of the bag.

Carol felt an overwhelming urge to use the bathroom and begged the doctor to let her go.

"No problem," replied the doctor. "The bathroom is across the hall. When you are finished I need you to come back in here."

After the doctor removed the nozzle, Carol jumped off the table and ran across the hall barely making it on time. She sat down and expelled the soapy water.

After she was finished she wiped and cleaned her hands and returned to the exam room. She saw the enema bag hanging from the IV pole and it was filled almost all the way up. The clear plastic hose terminated in a different nozzle this time. It was a bardex nozzle although she didn't know the name of it. It was laying on a mayo stand whose surface had been covered with a chux. There was a glove and the tube of lubricant. On the mayo stand was a beaker with a blue liquid in it. The exam table was covered with the white paper as it had been today and yesterday but now there was also a chux in the middle of it where her bottom would be.

Carol stood facing the table forgetting that she was exposed in the back. The enema equipment looked very intimidating. The doctor said, picking up the nozzle, "I'm going to use an inflatable nozzle this time."

The doctor squeezed the bulb inflating the nozzle to show Carol what was going to happen. "Its going to make you feel like you have to use the bathroom, but it will help you retain the enema. After putting all the liquid in I'm going to have you hold it for ten minutes to let the medicine work. After that I will walk you to the bathroom and I'll remove the nozzle there. Do you have any questions?"

"I guess now. That first one was really awful. This one looks worse!"

"I know. But this is necessary to make you well. I need you to get on the table again and lay on your left side as before."

Carol got in position and the doctor pushed her gown well out of the way so that her bottom was bare again. He put on the glove and lubricated the nozzle and his finger. Then he spread Carol's bottom apart and thoroughly lubricated her anus and rectum. With her bottom still spread, the doctor slowly inserted the bardex nozzle and then inflated it. Carol couldn't help but gasp at the sensation of the wide nozzle going in and the strange feeling of it being inflated in her rectum.

"I'll give you a moment to get used to that," said the doctor. With the nozzle firmly implanted into his patient's rectum, he picked up the beaker from the mayo stand, opened the top of the enema bag and poured the blue contents into the bag and squeezed the bag until it was well mixed.

"Alright, let me know if you need me to stop the flow, but I need you to take the entire bag. I'll have you move around to make sure the liquid gets into your entire colon."

The doctor released the water and stopped it as required. He had Carol roll onto her stomach and then her right side as the enema bag emptied. Toward the end he had Carol get up on her knees and down on her elbows before going back to her left side.

Ten minutes was a long time but Carol was able to take the bag and hold it for that long thanks to the nozzle inflated in her rectum.

After the time was up, closely monitored by the doctor looking at the clock on the shelf, he told Carol that it was time and helped her off the table and walked her to the bathroom with the nozzle still in her bottom. He told Carol to bend over with her feet apart and reach back and spread her bottom apart while he deflated the nozzle and pulled it out of her rectum.

Quickly Carol sat on the toilet and the water started to flow almost immediately. The doctor left the enema bag in the sink and gave his patient some privacy.

When she came back into the exam room, the doctor greeted her and asked how she was doing. Carol felt somewhat drained. It seemed that she'd spent the last two days sitting on a toilet. She dreaded getting another enema and asked why she had to have one.

"The parasite medicine is powerful and works very well but we need to rinse you out. Just relax for a few minutes while I go fill your bag again. Don't worry. This time you don't have to hold it and I won't use that big nozzle."

The doctor went out of the room to fill the bag and Carol sat on the table and waited. She just wanted all this to be over.

When the doctor came back in the bag was full of warm clear water but the bardex nozzle was gone. The doctor hung the bag from the IV pole and attached the plastic nozzle to the tube. "Go ahead and lay on your left side again, please."

Carol did as she was told and felt her gown being pulled aside so that her bottom was ready for the nozzle.

The doctor lubricated her sore anus again and inserted the nozzle and started the flow of the water. She took the bag easily this time because she was so cleaned out. She had to change positions as before and ended up on her knees and down on her elbows. When the bag was empty, the doctor removed the nozzle and told her to use the bathroom.

Carol ran to the bathroom feeling the urge to use the toilet. She knew how silly that looked but her needs outweighed her modesty and dignity.

When she came back into the exam room the doctor was gone and she hoped that everything was done. She took the initiative to get dressed. When she completed that task she sat on the table and waited.

Several minutes later the doctor returned and said, "You got dressed. That's ok. I still need to give you that injection."

"Are you sure you need to do that. The one yesterday still hurts."

"I'm afraid so."

"Where do you have to do it?" asked Carol.

"I'm afraid that I have to do it in your bottom, but I'll do it in the other side. It also won't hurt as much as the one yesterday if that makes you feel any better."

Carol sat on the exam table and watched as the doctor took the vial of medicine and put 5cc's of serum into the syringe. He replaced the needle with another one of the same length: 1.5 inches.

"Ok, go ahead and pull your pants and underwear down and lie on your stomach."

Carol did as she was told. She stood on the step of the exam table, lowered her pants down and then her underwear to mid thigh. She stretched out on the table and the doctor pulled the foot rest out. He rubbed alcohol to the right side of her bottom and injected the medicine. It hurt but it didn't hurt as bad as the one yesterday.

"Ok! All set. You did a great job today. Go ahead and pull your pants and underwear back up. Make sure you let us know if you have further symptoms but this should take care of the problem. Be careful next time you go out of town!"

"I thought I was. Thank you for everything." Even in bad circumstances she was still an up and coming executive and had to act like it.


Adrienne's Bottom is one hour and 15 minutes long.