Dr. Claw's Niece

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Elena had two really wonderful things going for her, or so she thought.  She had graduated from high school last Spring and was now going to college where there was a lot more freedom.  After her first semester, she knew that more freedom also meant more responsibility, but she hadn't really been able to make that transition yet.  

Not only was she free of high school teachers expecting assignments to be turned in every day, but she was free from her parents because she was staying at her aunt's until she could afford to get her own apartment, or at least share one with a couple other students.
Elena loved her aunt, if only because she was a doctor and worked a lot.  Her cousin Lila was very fun and about the same age.  Both loved the wild side and had shown that rebellious behavior by getting tattoos and sometimes dying their hair strange colors.
Elena knew that her aunt, Dr. Claw, could be strict when she needed to be and Elena remembered well the story that Lila had told her about the time her mother had dragged her to work so that she could refresh her clinical skills after she took a job at the Public Health Department.
Lila got away with a lot because she was very smart and got good grades.  Elena always had to work very hard in school to maintain a B average.  Lila never drank or did drugs, but Elena liked beer, even though she was only 19 years old and couldn't get it legally.

After the end of her first semester at college, Elena went out and celebrated with her friends.  She knew she had a curfew but she thought that at her age, curfews were things to be ignored.  When she came home early Saturday morning, she found her aunt Carol was very unhappy with her.  A few long lecture ensued and Carol threatened to send Elena home packing.
"Please don't send me home!  I won't be able to go to college here if you do that," begged Elena.
"You should have thought of that before breaking my rules.  You broke your curfew, and you came home hungover.  That's obvious to me.  I'm a doctor and I can tell when people are hung over.  Not only that, I got your grades from college in the mail this morning.  I haven't opened them yet.  What do you think I'm going to find?" demanded Carol.
"I don't know...," stammered Elena.
Carol held the envelope up to Elena's face.  "I'm going to open this and you'd better hope that you got good grades.  I expect nothing less than B's."
Carol opened the envelope and read the report card aloud.  "History.  C.  Math.  C-.  English.  B.  Psychology.  C.  And last but not least, Art History.  D.  Do you know what would happen to Lila if she brought home grades like this?"
"No ma'am," replied Elena softly.
"Her father would give her a good whipping!  And she would be grounded for the next semester!"
"Please don't tell Uncle Mike!," begged Carol's niece.
Carol thought for a moment and said, "I don't have any choice but to send you back home.  You aren't performing here, you're drinking, and you are breaking our rules."
"No!" said Elena.  "Please give me another chance!"
Carol told Elena to go to her room and she would think about what had to be done.

Carol was beside herself with concern and knew that she was going to have to call her sister and tell her what Elena had done.  But she also felt some compassion for her niece and thought that a second chance might be the best thing to do.  In any event, the girl had to be taught a lesson.  
Before she called her sister to let her know what her daughter's status was, she called Deborah.  Deborah had become her favorite nurse at the Public Health Department and they had become close friends.  Very close friends!  
After punching in Deborah's number on her cell phone, she waited for her to answer.  Finally, "Hey, happy Saturday!"
"Happy Saturday to you, too," returned Deborah.  Carol had put the phone on speaker so that she could keep working in the kitchen.
"I was being sarcastic.  You wouldn't believe what just happened.  Elena came home this morning after being out all night celebrating the end of school.  She's hungover!  And on top of that, her report card came and she got D's and C's.  I'm so pissed at her!"
"Wow!  You have every right to be.  What are you going to do?"
"Send her home, I think.  She wants a second chance but I'm not sure I'm up for that.  It would mean she'd have to drop out of college though.
Deborah said, "Why don't you give her a second chance.?"
"I'd have to punish her first."
"Well she's my niece.  I know Mike would use the belt on Lila if she did that, but I don't know that he should be spanking my niece."
"Give her the choice.  Accept punishment or go home.  I bet she decides to stay.  And I think a few punishment enemas would help her hang over!"
"Really!" replied Carol.  "Maybe you should come over and give those to her."
"I'd be happy to.  And a couple shots of B12 and a suppository.  It would all do her good and teach her a lesson at the same time."
"I'm sure glad you weren't my mom when I was growing up," laughed Carol.
"You taught me a lot of things about enemas, Dr. Claw," replied Deborah formally.
"OK, I'm going to talk to her and I'll call you back if she decides to be punished here instead of going home.  You don't mind do you?"
"Not at all.  Besides, I'd get to see you too."
Carol smiled and said, "All right.  I'll call you back shortly."
Carol went to Elena's room and said, "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to give you a choice.  You can accept punishment from me or you can go back home."
Elena replied, "What are you going to do?"
"For breaking curfew, you're going to get your bottom spanked.  For getting bad grades, you're going to be grounded for the next semester.  No partying, no going out after school.  Nothing.  And for drinking, you're going to be given three punishment enemas.  My nurse is going to come over and help me with that."
"Please!  That's too much!"
"It's your choice, Elena.  I need you to decide now."
Elena wanted to start crying but she knew she really had no choice.  The worst that could happen would be going back to her small town with no college and little future.  If she went back home she knew she would probably get spanked by her own parents.  Being grounded for a semester was going to be the worst ever.  And getting punishment enemas!  She'd had a few enemas before for constipation, but never one for punishment.  They were bad enough and she wondered how a punishment enema could be worse than a regular enema.
"OK," she finally said.
"A wise choice, young lady.  You're to stay in your room.  My nurse from work is going to come over and assist me with the enemas."
"Why?  You're a doctor.  Can't you just do it yourself?"
"Yes, I could.  But I'm not going to.  This is going to be as unpleasant as possible for you.  If you aren't cooperative I'll get your Uncle Mike involved and I can assure you that you don't want that to happen."
"Yes Ma'am," she answered.
Carol left her niece's room and called Deborah back.  "She's agreed to let me punish her instead of me sending her home.  Could you stop by work and pick up an enema bag, the syringes and B12, and some suppositories?  And the inflatable nozzle and some enema soap."
"I have another thought," said Deborah.  "Why don't you bring her to the clinic.  It's Saturday and no one will be there.  That would be more intimidating for her."
"That's a great idea!  Everything we need is there, including an old razor strap that Dr. Fish keeps there for some of his 'special patients.'
"Interesting.  I'll have to meet him someday.  Meet me there in about an hour?" asked Deborah.

Carol went to Elena's room, told her the plan, and the two drove to the Public Health Department in silence.  When they got there, Carol introduced Elena to her nurse and said that she would be assisting her in the punishment.  Elena was totally humiliated that someone else was going to be involved, but she realized that she had no choice.  
Carol got the old strap out of the exam table drawer and said to her daughter, "The first thing that's going to happen is you're going to get 10 strokes of this strap on your bare bottom.  You're going to count each one out loud.  The rest of your spanking will be given between your enemas.  Do you understand?"
"Yes ma'am," replied Elena.
"Get your clothes off and bend over the end of the exam table," ordered Carol.
"Everything?" asked Elena, startled.
Elena slowly took off her clothes and put them on a chair.  Carol and Deborah watched as Elena prepared herself for her ordeal.   When Elena was naked, she said, "I'm sorry about what happened.  Please don't spank me too hard!"
"I'm going to spank you very hard.  Bend over," commanded Carol.
Resigned to her fate, Elena bent over and held on to the sides of the exam table.  Carol stepped to her side and slowly and painfully gave her niece 10 hard strokes of the strap.  Elena counted each one out loud, but squirmed and pleaded as the strap landed across her bare bottom.
After Carol had given Elena the 10 strokes, she told her niece to remain bent over, but reach back and spread her bottom apart.  "Nurse Deborah, go ahead and insert the inflatable nozzle."
"Gladly," replied her nurse.  Deborah put on an exam glove and applied lubricant to her index finger and stepped behind Elena.  She inserted her finger all the way into the girl's rectum.  Next, she took the inflatable nozzle and lubricated it and then sat on a stool behind Elena and slowly inserted the tan latex nozzle all the way into her bottom.  When it was inserted, she squeezed the inflator several times and Elena gasped as she felt the intrusive nozzle inflate inside her rectum.  
The nozzle wasn't attached to the enema bag yet.  When it was inserted, Carol told Elena to go stand in the corner until the enema was prepared.  Elena walked to the corner of the exam room and stood naked with the inflated enema nozzle in her bottom and the hose hanging like a tail from between her red, sore bottom cheeks.
Nurse Deborah and Dr. Claw took the empty enema bag to the bathroom and put 1000 cc's of warm water into it.  After bringing it back to the exam room, they hung it on the IV pole and then Carol directed Deborah to put enema soap into the bag.  
Deborah did as she was told and before long the clear water in the enema bag was a milky gray and the room smelled of peppermint castile soap.
Elena looked over her shoulder as she watched the first of her three enemas being prepared.  When it was ready, her aunt told her to get on the exam table on her left side.  Awkwardly, with the nozzle dangling between her legs, Elena got on the table.  Carol connected the hose from the enema bag to the nozzle and then started the flow of water.  As Elena moaned and groaned, the water emptied out of the bag and began filling Elena's colon.  When a third of the bag had gone into her niece, Carol told the girl to turn onto her stomach.  Another third of the bag went in and Carol told her niece to roll over onto her right side.  
When the bag was empty, Carol decided to have Elena hold the enema for five minutes before she was allowed to get off the table.
Elena was instructed to hold the bag and walk to the bathroom with the nozzle swinging from her bottom cheeks.  In the bathroom, she was told to bend well over and the nozzle was deflated and pulled from her rectum.  Gratefully, Elena sat on the toilet and expelled the burning soapy water.
Carol and Deborah left the girl alone to attend to her business.  While they waited for her return, they talked about work and listened to the sounds of Elena expelling the enema.
Finally she was empty and emerged from the bathroom.  Carol picked up the strap and said, "It's time for your second whipping.  Bend over the table again."
Reluctantly, Elena bent over the table and received her second 10 strokes of the leather strap.  She was begging and pleading by the time it was over and it was all she could do to count each stroke aloud after it bounced off her bare bottom.
Again she was told to spread her bottom apart and Nurse Deborah once again inserted the inflatable nozzle and inflated it.
"Get up on your knees and down on your elbows for this one."
Elena did as she was told and got up on the exam table.  The inflated nozzle hung from her upthrust bottom as she waited for Nurse Deborah to fill the bag.
This time the water was to remain clear to rinse out the soapy remains of the first enema.  With the bag hung from the IV pole, Deborah was instructed by her boss to begin the enema.  
The position was more embarrassing for Elena, but a bit easier to hold the enema for the seven minutes that her aunt ordered.  Her bottom hurt from the strapping and she knew she had even more strokes to go.  
Seven minutes is an eternity when all you want to do is use the toilet.  When she was finally told to get off the table and go to the bathroom, Elena gratefully did as she was told.  When she was in front of the toilet, she bent over as before and felt the inflatable nozzle deflate and be pulled lewdly from her rectum.  She sat down and began the process of expelling the enema.

After she came back into the exam room, she almost felt normal being naked, but not quite.  She wanted to hide her front but she kept her hands to her sides and awaited instructions.
Her aunt scolded her again for getting drunk, breaking curfew, and getting bad grades.  Elena apologized again and again, begging her aunt to let her off.  
"No.  You agree to this and I expect you to take your punishment like an adult, even though you act differently.  My nurse is going to give you the next set of ten strokes.  Bend over!"
Elena sighed and Carol handed the strap to her nurse.  Deborah was surprised but took the strap from Dr. Claw and positioned herself to Elena's side.  Having never spanked anyone before, she knew the temptation was to go easy on her.  But Elena got ten more strokes of the leather that were just as hard, if not harder than those Carol had given her.
Instead of inserting the nozzle into her bottom after the spanking, Carol told her niece to get up on the exam table and sit on the edge of it.  She pulled the stirrups out and told Elena to put her feet in them and slide all the way down so that her bottom was on the edge of the table and her knees were far apart.
"This position looks familiar," remarked Deborah.  
Carol smiled at her and said, "This time use the double inflatable nozzle, please."
Deborah got out the silicone double inflatable nozzle.  She lubricated Elena's rectum again, put lubricant on the nozzle, and then skillfully inserted it.  Elena was surprised how big it was and how uncomfortable it felt as it was inflated inside of her.  And then the bulb outside her rectum was inflated forming a tight seal around her anus.  
"Remember how I made sure it was inflated properly?" asked Carol.
"Yes!  You stuck your fingers in my vagina to make sure."
"Exactly.  We should do that.  Just to make sure."
Carol and Deborah put on exam gloves and took turns putting their fingers into Elena's vagina, making sure that the large inflatable balloon was properly distended.
Elena groaned as she felt the fingers invade her body.  It felt kind of good and she responded, but it was highly embarrassing.
Elena was left in that position with the end of the nozzle hanging down.  Deborah and Carol went to the bathroom and filled the bag for the third time.  The bag was hung from the IV pole and the hose was connected to the nozzle and 2000 cc's of warm water were allowed to flow into the girl's colon while she remained in the stirrups.
After the bag was empty, Carol had her niece lay in the humiliating position until the girl begged to be allowed to go to the bathroom.  Gingerly she got out of the stirrups and walked to the bathroom, once again with the nozzle in place.  Bending over, the balloons were deflated and the nozzle was pulled from her exposed rectum.  
Leaving the bathroom for the final time, she was anxious to get her ordeal over with.  She stood in the exam room and waited until Carol told her to bend over the exam table again for her final strokes of the strap.  Carol gave her five strokes and then Deborah gave her five strokes.  When the spanking was over, Carol told Elena to lay on her stomach on the exam table.
"Why," asked the young girl.
"Deborah is going to give you a shot of vitamin B12 in your bottom.  It will help you recover from your hangover."
"I don't want to get a shot!" begged Elena.
"I'm afraid you have no choice.  Lay on the table, please."
Elena got on the table while Nurse Deborah prepared the injection.  She put 3 cc's in the syringe and attached the 1.5 inch needle.  After swabbing off the girls bottom with alcohol, she injected the medicine.  Elena gripped the pillow with her fists and tried not to cry as the shot was given.
After the injection, Carol asked Elena if her anus was sore from the enemas.
"Yes," she said.
"Nurse, go ahead and give her a suppository to help relieve that pain.  I want her bottom to hurt for awhile, but she can have something for her anus."
"Yes, Dr. Claw," replied Deborah.  She opened the foil wrapper that the suppository came in and then spread Elena's bottom apart and pushed the suppository all the way into her rectum.
"All right, you're to stand in the corner for 20 minutes and think about what you've done and how you've been punished and then I want you to apologize to both of us and promise that next semester will be very different.
Elena got off the table and stood in the corner, naked and did as she was told.  Finally she was told to turn around.
"All right.  What do you have to say for yourself?"
Elena apologized and promised to do better with her grades, not drink, and obey the rules as long as she was staying at Aunt Carol's house.
"Remember if you disobey me again there will be no second chances."
"I know, Aunt Carol."
"Go ahead and get dressed."
Gratefully, Elena put her clothes back on.  After cleaning up the exam room, the three women left.  

Dr. Claw's Niece is 52 minutes long.

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