Colleen's Visa Physical

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Colleen is from Ireland and she is wanting to work in the United States and the final thing that she needs to get done for her visa is a physical exam.   After reporting to the Public Health Department, she is shown to the exam room.  Eventually Sabrina, who recently earned her Physician's Assistant Degree comes in and interviews her. 

Colleen, being from a European country, is not used to wearing a backless gown for a physical, so after removing her clothes, she sits on the exam table nude.  Sabrina takes her vital signs, including her rectal temperature, pulse and blood pressure. 

Colleen has to have a rectal exam as part of her workup and that is going to require that Sabrina give her two enemas.  Between each of them, Sabrina gives her a rest but does a vaginal and speculum exam.

After her complete physical, Colleen is all ready to get her visa and start working!

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