Gladys Visits the Public Health Department

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Richard and Gladys have been married for a couple years now and she hasn't been to the Public Health Department since before she was married.  With all the scares about cervical cancer, Richard thinks that it may be time to have his lovely wife visit Dr. Fish, Jr., his good friend, at the PHD.
Gladys hates going to the doctor and does so only when very ill, which has been never, or because her husband forced her to do it before they got married.  When he told her that she needed to go back, she protested but ultimately made the appointment.  Unbeknownst to Richard, Gladys was given specific instructions to give herself an enema before coming to the appointment which she was too embarrassed to do.

While he has no evidence that Gladys has ever lied to him, Richard has decided to take off work and take her to the appointment.  While she complains on the drive to the PHD that he doesn't need to be there and didn't need to take off work.  "I had plenty of sick time to take off and this way we can spend the day together," he said.

Richard and Gladys arrive at the PHD and sit in the waiting room.  Richard casually picks up a magazine to read while his wife fidgets in her chair, dreading the moment when the nurse opens the door and calls her back.  
"Sit still," he admonishes her.
"I'm nervous.  I hate coming here!" she replies.
"It's been two years since you've been here and you need to get that shot for cervical cancer and get a pap smear."
"You don't know what it's like to have to go to the doctor every year," she complained.
"You're right.  I don't." he answered honestly.
After a few minutes, the nurse, garbed in her white nurse's uniform came into the waiting room and called her name, "Gladys?"
Gladys stands up and starts to walk back to the exam room when she realizes that her husband is right behind her.  "What are you doing?" she asked.
"I want to say hello to Dr. Fish.  I haven't seen him since our wedding."

After bringing Gladys back to the exam room, she greets both of them, somewhat surprised that Richard came back with her.  While it wasn't the first time it has happened, it isn't common for a husband to accompany his wife to her annual exam.
"So Gladys," says the nurse, "You haven't been here for a couple years.  Has anything changed?"
"No," replied Gladys who is sitting on the exam table.
Richard asks, "Is Dr. Fish Jr. here today?  He's a good friend and I haven't seen him since he came to our wedding."
"I'm afraid not.  He has moved to another state.  Dr. Claw will be seeing you today."
"I'm so disappointed," says Richard.  "I didn't know he moved.  What about his father?"
"He works part time.  Semi-retired now,"  replied the nurse.  "Now I need to ask you a few questions about your medical history..."
The nurse goes through the medical history questions since it has been two years since Gladys has been there.  Some of the questions are obviously embarrassing to her because they relate to their sex lives.  Richard tells her to answer the questions honestly and stop being obstructive.
"I'm embarrassed because you are here," she says honestly.
"You're my wife.  There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about."
The nurse is tempted to request that he leave, but having worked under the auspices of Dr. Fish for so many years, she knows that some of the patients at the Public Health Department live under a different philosophy.  
After taking her medical history, the nurse takes Gladys's vital signs.  After the routine items are covered, the nurse tells Gladys that she needs to have her temperature taken and to bring her skirt up and lower her panties and lie face down on the table.
"Can't you do it the other way since my husband is here?"
"I'm afraid not," answers the nurse as she gets the thermometer and KY out.  (Please start using KY and not the sex lube stuff.)
"You need to do what the nurse says," scolded Richard.
Gladys does as she's told and Richard stands at the side of the table and watches as the nurse spreads his wife's bottom apart and inserts the rectal thermometer.
While Gladys waits impatiently for the mercury to climb, the nurse and Richard make small talk about what Dr. Fish was like to work for.
After the nurse spreads Gladys's bottom apart again and removes the thermometer, she notices that there is brown material on the tip of the thermometer.  "Didn't you give yourself an enema before coming in today?" asked the nurse.
A very embarrassed Gladys honestly answers, "No."
"Were you given instructions to do that?" asked Richard.
"Yes.  I'm sorry.  I forgot about it," she lied.
"Now I'm going to have to give you two enemas before the doctor can come in and do your physical exam," the nurse complained.
Gladys pulled her panties back up and let her dress fall back into place as she got off the exam table.  
Richard said, "Gladys, you know what's going to have to happen now.  Evidently you were given instructions to give yourself an enema, or have me give you one and you didn't do it."  
Turning to the nurse who was getting the enema bag off the IV pole, he continued, "Nurse, you may hear the sounds of a spanking being given while you are getting that ready.  Gladys is going to get a whipping for disobeying the instructions and generally giving everyone a hard time.  I can assure you that when you return, she will be much more cooperative."
"Seriously?" asked the nurse.
"Definitely," replied Richard.
"Great!  I wish we could do that will all our patients."  The nurse took the enema bag and went to the bathroom to fill it.  
Richard removed his belt and said to Gladys, "You're getting a good whipping.  Get your panties down and lift your skirt up to your waist and bend over the end of the exam table!"
"Not here!" she exclaimed.  "Please don't spank me here.  I promise I will cooperate!"
"It's too late.  You haven't been cooperative and you disobeyed the instructions before coming here.  Do what you're told or it's going to be worse for you when we get home."
Gladys turned and faced the end of the exam table and brought her dress up and lowered her panties.  She knew better than misbehaving or disobeying any more.  
"Get your feet apart," ordered Richard and Gladys placed her feet shoulder width apart stretching her panties between her knees.  
"Stick your bottom out," he further ordered.  When his wife was properly positioned, he slowly gave her the first few strokes of the belt.  It was done very hard and she jumped with each one, begging him to stop and not do it so hard.
He kept at it, walking around to the head of the table to scold her even more between the strokes.  
As her bottom was turning deep red from the strokes, she started to beg and cry for him to stop.  She knew that she deserved to be punished both from her behavior and her disobedience, but it was always very hard when it was happening.
The nurse returned with a bulging bag of warm soapy water and hung it from the IV pole.  Richard seemed unperturbed that she was back and watching him discipline his wife.  
After the nurse hung the bag up she stood there patiently waiting, wondering how long Richard was going to spank his poor wife.  Finally he stopped and said, "Get up, Gladys."
Gladys stood up and immediately turned around and rubbed her sore bottom with her hands.  She was crying.  "What do you want her to do now?" asked Richard.
The nurse got a gown out of the drawer and told Gladys, "You need to put this on, opening in the back.  Everything comes off!"
Gladys was so embarrassed about being spanked that she barely gave it a thought to undress completely in front of her husband and the nurse.  When she was nude she put the gown on as she was told.
"Lay on your left side," said the nurse and Gladys got in position for her first enema.
Gladys received two enemas, the second one being with the inflatable silicone nozzle.
After expelling the second enema she returns to wait patiently while sitting on the exam table.  Her attitude is different and she is much more submissive and cooperative than she was when she arrived at the PHD.
After a few minutes the doctor comes in and introduces herself as Dr. Claw.  Richard was expecting a male, but politely introduces himself as Gladys's husband.  
"I heard that she wasn't prepared for her visit today," said Dr. Claw.
"No.  I apologize.  She normally does as she's told."
"No one likes to get an enema," replied Dr. Claw sympathetically.

"So Dr. Fish moved on and his father works part time?" asked Richard.
"Yes," answered Dr. Claw as she started examining her patient.  She went through the routine of looking at her eyes, ears, throat, reflexes, and had her bend over for the spinal exam.  
With that complete she said, "Gladys, I need to do a rectal exam.  Please hop off the table and bend over the end of it for me."
Gladys knew better than protest at the coming intrusion and she got off the table as she was told and Dr. Claw put on an exam glove and sat on the stool behind her patient.  She spread her bottom cheeks apart and looked at her anus.  She told Gladys to push like she was having a bowel movement, and then clinch like she was holding it in.
"What are you looking for?" asked Richard.
"Just normal anal muscular tone.  Now I'm going to do a digital rectal exam."
The doctor put on an exam glove and lubricated her index finger and said, "Gladys, I need you to reach back and spread your bottom cheeks far apart."
Gladys reluctantly reached back and did as she was told and the doctor inserted her finger all the way into Gladys's rectum until she was practically on her tip toes.  She rotated her finger around feeling the walls for her rectum.
"So not to be a pest, but what are you feeling for now?" asked Richard.
"Making sure there are no masses along the walls.  I can also feel her uterus by pushing more anterior.  It's a good way to make sure there are no fibroids on her uterus or other pelvic masses.  Haven't you ever felt inside her rectum?"
Richard answered, "Not in terms of trying to feel what's inside, really."
Dr. Claw told Gladys to bear down again and then clinch up so that the doctor could feel the tone of her anus.  
"Put on an exam glove and I'll let you feel inside there," offered Dr. Claw.
"No, please," begged Gladys.
"Quiet, honey," said Richard as he put the glove on and put some KY on his finger.
Dr. Claw removed her finger and then Richard inserted his.  He'd done that many times in the process of making love to her, but never for the express purpose of feeling what's inside.  Under the doctor's direction he felt along the walls of her rectum and pushed toward her front to feel her uterus.
"Very good," said Dr. Claw.  "You're ready to become a doctor!"
Richard laughed and Dr. Claw told Gladys that she could stand up.  "Next we'll do the pelvic exam, Gladys.  You need to get back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups."
Dr. Claw went through her normally rapid routine very slowly as she explained to her patient's husband exactly what she was doing.  Richard watched in fascination as his wife's labia were spread apart and Dr. Claw pointed out her clitoris, her urethra, the labia minor and majora, and the opening to her vagina.  He watched as she inserted two fingers all the way into her vagina and then palpated deeply the lower part of her abdomen, feeling for any abnormalities.
"Do you want to try it?" she asked.
Once again, Richard dawned exam gloves and closely examined his wife's genitals in more detail than he had since they first met.  
After the bimanual exams, Dr. Claw got the speculum and told Richard how she inserted it.  He watched as the instrument was inserted, turned, and then opened up all the way.  With the light attached, Dr. Claw looked at Gladys's cervix and pointed out the opening to Richard.  She took two swabs of the girl's cervix and then removed the speculum.
"The next thing that I have to do is called a recto-vaginal exam.  It's similar to the bimanual exam, but I insert one finger into her vagina and one into her rectum, push in as far as I can and feeling her abdomen again."
After thirty seconds or so, she removed her fingers and offered Ricard to the chance to do it.  He gratefully agreed.  He felt his own fingers as he moved one inside her vagina and the other inside her rectum.  He pushed hard and tried to feel things with her fingers as he pushed on her abdomen.  "I guess it takes practice to know what you're feeling for," he said.
"Yes," answered Dr. Claw.
Next the doctor gave Gladys a thorough breast exam having her sit up, lean forward, and then lie flat on the table to palpate each breast and axillary region.  "Do you ever examine your wife's breasts?" asked Dr. Claw.
"Not like you are," he replied.  
The doctor taught him how to do a breast exam on his wife and what to feel for as he moved his fingers around both breasts.
Next, the doctor did a complete abdominal exam, feeling all four quadrants of her abdomen, careful to having lowered the gown to her hips so that it wouldn't be in the way.
"The next thing that I have to do is a rectal speculum exam.  Gladys, get up on your knees and down on your elbows, please."
"Do we have to do this part?" she asked nervously.
"Yes, I'm afraid so.  It won't take but a minute."
The girl reluctantly got up on her knees and down on the elbows on the exam table so that her anus was completely exposed.  Gladys was totally embarrassed to be positioned like this in front of the doctor while her husband watched especially since she had just been spanked and her bottom was stripped and marked in sore red swatches from the belt.  Once again, the doctor lubricated her already sore rectum and inserted the metal speculum.  She opened it up all the way and directed her light down into Gladys's pink rectum.  She looked around and then had Richard take a look.  It was a sight he had never seen before and he was surprised at how lovely she was inside as well as out.
With her exam complete, Dr. Claw shook Richard's hand and bid farewell to Gladys.  She said, "It was nice to meet you both and I hope to see you again."
"Thank you for showing me so much and I apologize again for Gladys not being prepared," offered Richard.
"Oh, your wife still needs her gardasil injection.  Go ahead and dress and I'll have the nurse come in and take care of that for you."
Gladys got dressed and waited beside the exam table until the nurse returned and got the injection ready.  With all nearly ready, she said, "You need to lie face down on the table so I can do this in your bottom, Gladys."
"Oh geez," whined Gladys.  She got up on the table, with her dress still down while the nurse finished preparing the injection.  
"Do you want her bottom bare?" asked Richard.
"Yes," answered the nurse.
Richard lifted his wife's dress up and lowered her panties to her knees and stood next to her, holding her hand while the nurse gave her the shot.
With everything complete, the couple left and the nurse and doctor met in the exam room.  As the nurse was cleaning up the room, Dr. Claw said, "I've never seen anything like that before!"
"I have," answered the nurse.  "Back in the old day's when Dr. Fish was around all the time, he'd have patient's come in who were obviously spanked by their husbands.  Dr. Fish has spanked a number of people at the clinic before."
"Wow!  Seriously?"
"Yes, in fact I was one of them.  Years ago..."  The nurse relates the story of how she first started at the Public Health Department, pretending to be a nurse before she even was.

Gladys Smith Visits the PHD is one hour long.

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