Gladys Gets Drunk!

This product was produced in 2013 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Richard and Gladys have been happily married for about a year now and they are a very happy couple.  Richard maintains a tight ship and expects his lovely wife to 'love and obey' him, which she is very good at.  For the most part.  It turns out that she has a bit of a drinking problem, except that her preferred method of introducing alcohol to her body is by way of her rectum! 

As soon as Richard steps out for an unexpected business appointment, Gladys decides that she needs a little pick me up to help her with her chores.  A drink isn't doing it, so she puts rum in her enema bag and tops it off with water.  It isn't long before she is really feeling great.  Too great!  She can't finish the vacuuming and Richard comes home to find her almost passed out on the couch.

A quick look into the kitchen and the problem becomes obvious to him.  She's taken an enema with booze in it!  There's only one solution to the problem and that's a quick trip to see Dr. Claw at the Public Health Department.

This isn't the first time that Gladys has been the the PHD for this problem but hopefully it will be the last.  Dr. Claw does a quick checkup including a rectal temperature and determines that Gladys is indeed drunk.  She has the girl undress completely and then administers two large enemas to clean out her intestines.

After expelling the second enema, Gladys is directed to get up on her knees and down on her elbows so that Dr. Claw can take a look inside her rectum to make sure there is no obvious damage.  Satisfied with the pink results, she administers a shot of vitamins in Gladys' bottom.

Fading bruises on her bottom show that Richard is a man who knows how to get to the seat of a problem and there's little doubt that his wife will feel the paddle again.  As soon as she wakes up.

We simulated the booze in the bag and we strongly suggest that you don't ever give yourself enemas with alcohol!

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Gladys Gets Drunk is 49 minutes long.