Dr. Fish Jr. Examines Hannah

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Let us step back a moment and go to the Public Health Department on one of Dr. Albert Fish Jr's. first days when Nurse Sabrina worked with him on his first patient.  He was fortunate to have a beautiful patient named Hannah Zoey who had visited the PHD before and knew the routine.   She's been honorably discharged from the military and now she's back for her annual check up.

After being shown in by Nurse Sabrina, she goes over how the sphygmomenometer works.  Dr. Fish fumbles around with it but eventually determines that Hannah's blood pressure is normal.  He listens to her heart and lungs and looks into her ears and mouth. 

Hannah is familiar with the routine at the PHD and isn't surprised when Nurse Sabrina tells her to lower her underwear and raise her short shirt to have her rectal temperature taken.  She lays face down on the exam table while Dr. Fish spreads her bottom apart and inserts the glass thermometer into her rectum.

After her temperature is taken, Hannah is told to undress completely and put on the backless hospital gown while Dr. Fish and Nurse Sabrina fill her enema bag.  All patients at the PHD get a proctoscope exam which requires at least two enemas to be administered. 


Hannah is instructed to lay on her left side on the exam table and her gown is pulled up so that her bottom is bare.  Dr. Fish lubricates her anus and inserts the nozzle into her bottom.  Hannah has little trouble taking the bag.  As it drains into her colon, she turns in different positions so that every part of her colon is cleaned.

After removing the nozzle, Hannah makes her way to the bathroom and expels her enema.

Her second enema is prepared but this time its with soap and the inflatable barium enema nozzle.  She is told to get up on her knees and down on her elbows and Dr. Fish inserts the nozzle after lubricating her anus.  She feels the bulb inflate and the water start to flow into her rectum.  She remains up on her knees while the bag empties.  After holding it for a few minutes she is walked down the hall to the bathroom and leans over the toilet while Dr. Fish deflates the nozzles and removes it.  A grateful and full Hannah sits on the toilet and expels her enema.

Next Sabrina demonstrates how a complete pelvic exam is done.  Hannah puts her feet in the stirrups and brings her knees apart while Sabrina carefully examines her labia.  Then the speculum is inserted and opened and a clear view of her cervix reveals that all is well.  Swabs are taken and then the speculum is removed. 

Now its time for Hannah to once again get up on her knees and down on her elbows for the rectal speculum to be inserted.  After its inserted and opened the staff has a good view of her rectum.  It appears that Hannah still has some water from the enema, but between the bubbles, its is determined that she has no rectal pathology.

Dr. Fish Jr., has a good teacher and a good patient and it won't be long before he is competent.  Maybe.

Dr. Fish Jr., Examines Hannah is 53 minutes long.

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