Nurse Carol Visits Deborah

This product was produced in 2015 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Poor Deborah!  She is constipated and it's Nurse Carol's day off.  What is she to do? 

Somehow she got Nurse Carol's phone number and calls the nurse on her day off and convinces her to make a housecall.  Yes, that's unheard of, but Carol has nothing better to do and it will only take an hour or so to make her patient happy. 

After arriving at Deborah's house, she prepares a nice big enema and gives it to Deborah on her couch.  Two things are obvious; she isn't constipated and she is obviously enjoying the enema.  Of course that's not a surprise given her experience at the Public Heath Department. 

It wasn't too difficult to convince Carol that an enema might be a good thing for her to receive.  Carol likes an enema as much as Deborah does and both girls are turn on and retire to the bedroom where a large dildo helps the girls get nice and wet.  Each gets another cleansing and then the fun really begins. 

Nurse Carol Visits Deborah is 46 minutes long.