Hydromadam Presents...

This product was produced in 2005 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

A Visit to the Enema Nurse


Peeping Tom

A Double Feature

When Erika is constipated she knows exactly what to do: Visit the Enema Nurse!  After lowering her panties for a rectal exam, she is shown to the exam room where she dons a backless gown.  The nurse listens to her heart. 

With feet in the stirrups she is given another pelvic exam. 

The Enema Nurse takes her temperature and prescribes two enemas.

Still in the stirrups, she is given her first enema with a nice long nozzle.

After that, she is given her second enema with a huge inflatable nozzle!

Before departing, she is given another rectal exam and pronounced clean and healthy by the Enema Nurse!


Tom is supposed to running errands for Mrs. Genevieve but instead he is a peeping Tom. 

Mrs. Genevieve decides he needs to have his bottom spanked and she takes care of him with hand and hair brush.

That isn't enough so she gives him a humiliating fleet enema!

To finish him off she gives him a full bag!

This Double Feature from Hydromadam is 44 minutes long!

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