Katie's Diner:

Janet's Physical Exam

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Finding a job can be difficult, but Cheryl and Janet have both been hired at Katie's Diner!  They have both been given their uniforms and attended a quick orientation, so all that is left is to get a physical exam from the Public Health Department.  All new restaurant employees have to be healthy.

Cheryl hates going to the doctor and is very nervous about it.  Janet is a bit more accepting of it and tries to reassure her new friend that this will just be a cursory exam and no big deal.  It's winter and dark outside as they drive the short distance from Katie's to the PHD. 

Nurse Sabrina, dressed in traditional nurse's uniform greets the girls and takes Cheryl back to the exam area.  Before taking her to the exam room, however, she insists that Cheryl provide a urine specimen.  Since it is being done to test for drugs, she is forced to do it in front of the nurse.  As embarrassing as that is, she manages to do it, giving the specimen cup to the nurse when she is finished.  Nurse Sabrina puts a test tube of the urine into a bag to be sent off to the lab. 

Thinking that the worst is over, she goes to the exam room and gives the nurse a brief medical history and then sits on the table while her vital signs are taken.  She is shocked when Nurse Sabrina tells her that her temperature has to be taken in her rectum. As she bares her bottom and lies on the table, she is beginning to wonder if this job is going to be worth it.

Things only get worse for her when the nurse tells her to take off her clothes and put on the exam gown.  Cheryl does as she is told while the nurse leaves the room and waits patiently on the exam table for the doctor to come in.  He introduces himself as Dr. Fish, Jr.  Cheryl thinks he is nice enough and at least he's not wearing one of those creepy lab coats.  He examines her, including testing her reflexes and mobility.  It's not too bad, but when he brings her legs to her chest, she is conscious of the fact that she has no underwear on. 

When he tells her to lower the top part of her gown to give her a breast exam, she tries as long as possible to keep her small breasts covered.  His fingers palpate her and when it's over, she happily covers herself up again.

Her embarrassment is increased exponentially when Dr. Fish tells her that he's going to do a rectal exam.  Wondering what in the world that could have to do with working at Katie's she protests, but he informs her that it's standard procedure and if she wants the job, she will have to comply with the requirements of the physical exam.  In utter humiliation, Cheryl bends over.  He moves her gown aside and then tells her to reach back and spread her bottom apart so that he can see her anus.  She reluctantly does as she is told, wanting to disappear into the pillow to hide.  She feels the doctor's eyes on her bare and exposed anus and then he inserts his finger into her rectum.

After he has her run in place to check her heart rate, he tells her that the nurse will be in shortly to prepare her for her pelvic exam.  As she sits there, Cheryl thinks about grabbing her clothes and leaving, but there isn't enough time before the nurse comes in with a full and bulging enema bag.  The nurse explains to Cheryl that she is going to have to have a rectal speculum exam and needs to be cleaned out for that.  As the nurse puts castile soap into the bag, she explains that the nozzle will inflate inside of her rectum to help her hold then water.

Cheryl is told to lie on her left side and the nurse moves her gown out of the way to expose her bottom.  Her anus is lubricated, the nozzle is inserted, and then Cheryl feels the inflatable balloon expand in her rectum.  Even before the water starts to fill her colon, she has the urge to use the bathroom.

As the water courses through colon, Cheryl is told to move to her stomach and then to her right side.  Instead of being concerned about the nozzle sticking out of her bare bottom, she is now fully occupied with the need to expel the enema.  After the bag is empty, she is walked to the bathroom with the nozzle firmly inserted and then told to bend over.  Gratefully she feels the nozzle deflate and rudely pulled out of her rectum.  Cheryl sits on the toilet and expels the massive amount of water.

After she returns to the exam room, she is shortly joined by Dr. Fish who gives her a complete pelvic exam, including a pap smear.  It's been a long time since she had this done, but she has never had a rectal speculum inserted into her bottom.  Up on her knees and down on her elbows with her anus exposed, she feels the doctor's finger lubricate her and then insert the cold metal.  Her anus is very tight and the expanding speculum stretches her far apart so that he can look into her pink rectum.

Her ordeal is over and she can finally get dressed.  Before she has a chance to tell Janet what happened, the nurse calls her back to the exam room and she disappears, leaving Cheryl to think about what just happened to her.

A long time later, Janet comes back, shocked at what just happened to her.  As the two girls get ready to leave, the nurse comes back in and tells them both to come back to the exam room again.  They thought it was all over, but the nurse has to give each of them the first in a series of three injections for hepatitis.  And they have to be done in their bottoms!

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Janet's Physical Exam Download is 50 minutes long.

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