Janet's Camping Trip

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Curt and I had an amazing time on our camping trip!  We went to Yellowstone and spent three hours hiking into our camping site so that we could be as far away from other people as possible.  It was the middle of summer and the cool mountain air felt so much better than the hot dry heat of Arizona. 

It was our annual vacation that we both desperately needed.  I work at a small printing office and Curt is a superintendent for a construction company.  Unfortunately he is gone frequently but I have no problems finding things to do with my friends. 

After we set up our tent and got our campsite in order, Curt broke out the fishing poles and we went down to the river to try our luck at trout fishing.  Being so far away from the rest of the crowd made all the difference in the world and before long we had three big trout that were going to make a great meal.

Curt started a fire and I wrapped the trout in foil along with two potatoes.  We had a great dinner by the campfire and spent a few hours afterwards watching the forest get dark and thinking about all the animals that were out there.

After two days of exploring the surrounding woods, we were ready to pack our gear and hike back to the parking lot.  I filled up my water bottle from a container that Curt had filled from the river water.  What I didn't realize was that he had filled this for the purpose of washing dishes, and hadn't put the water purification tablet in it.

 By the next day I had diarrhea which wasn't too bad except that we had to stop more often driving home than either of us would have liked.  By the time we arrived in Phoenix I was kind of dehydrated and tired.  I drank a lot of water and went to bed.

My stomach problems continued for several more days and after talking to Curt about it, we figured out that the problem was drinking the water from the river without putting any purification tablets in it.  He felt bad and apologized but it wasn't really his fault.  I could have asked, but I just made an assumption.

I tried to make an appointment to see my family practice doctor, Dr. Baker.  She was a nice woman who was about my age; around 35, and we got along well.  I saw her once a year for my pap smears and that was about it.  I rarely got sick.  Unfortunately there were no appointments available and I knew my only alternative was to go to the Public Health Department.  I'd never been there before but my stomach wasn't going to let me wait until Dr. Baker could see me.

I made an appointment for the next morning and I took off work from my printing job to go see her.  I wore a comfortable dress with full plain panties and a white bra.  As much as I hated to go to the doctor, I at least wanted to look nice but not over dressed.

After waiting in the waiting room for ten minutes, the nurse opened the door and called me back.  She was pleasant but instead of wearing colored scrubs like most health care workers did, she wore a very traditional white uniform with the white cap.  I immediately recalled the days of 20 years ago when all nurses wore that and for some reason it intimidated me.

She showed me into an exam room and I was surprised to see that it wasn't poorly maintained like I imagined a public facility to be.  She politely asked me to sit on the exam table and asked me a few questions about why I was there.

"We went camping recently and my stomach has been very upset ever since.  My husband and I figured out that I accidentally drank some water that he hadn't purified.  It was for washing the dishes."

"Yikes!" said the nurse with a smile.

"Diarrhea seems to be the biggest problem," I offered, "but I've also been constipated."

"Well, we'll see what we can do to take care of that.  First I'm going to take your vital signs and then the doctor will come in and talk to you."

The nurse took my blood pressure and felt my pulse and then surprised me greatly by saying, "I'm going to have to take your temperature, Mrs. Blanchard.  We always do that in the tushy here."

I looked at her, not understanding what she was saying at first, and then I realized that she said she was going to take my temperature rectally.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm going to have to take your temperature and it has to be done in your bottom," she repeated, using the more proper word.

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed.  "I haven't had that done since..., well I can't ever remember having it done that way."

"I understand," she said.  "But it is the most accurate way.  Would you please raise your skirt and lower your panties and lie face down on the table?"

"Ummm, why can't you do it in my mouth, or on my forehead, or some other way?" I demanded.

"I know it's not pleasant, but it's how we always do it here," she said, getting a tube of lubricant and a thermometer.

I couldn't believe that she was going to actually take my temperature rectally.  I also knew that I really didn't have a choice.  In spite of the fact that I was an adult and probably older than the nurse, I felt like I was a child again.  Her white nurse's uniform represented some image of past authority to me.  I knew it was either leave or submit to the humiliating procedure.  "This is ridiculous," I said as I turned around and stretched out on my stomach on the exam table, without bringing my skirt up or lowering my panties.

The nurse kindly pulled the foot platform out and then I felt her lift up my dress to my waist, exposing my legs and white panties.  I felt like I was six years old again when I felt her put her fingers into the elastic of my panties.  "Lift up a bit for me," she said.  I felt my panties being lowered to mid thigh and my bottom being completely exposed.

I looked straight ahead with my arms wrapped around the pillow as I felt her spreading my bottom apart to reveal my anus.  She had put lubricant on the end of the thermometer and I felt it slip into my rectum.

With the thermometer in place, I looked around from my limited vantage point and saw that she was still standing next to the exam table and writing some things in my chart.  She made some small talk about the weather while waiting for the thermometer to register.  I tried to politely answer her silly questions about the heat, but all I could think about was the fact that my bottom was bare and I had a thermometer sticking out of it.

After three minutes or so, she spread my bottom apart and removed the thermometer.  "Your temperature is a bit elevated.  Perhaps you have a low grade infection from drinking impure water."

"Perhaps," I said, quietly.

She said, "Go ahead and pull your panties back up.  I'll let the doctor know that you are ready."

I gratefully reached back and pulled up my panties and lowered my dress and got up off the exam table.  I still felt the gooey lubricant between my bottom cheeks as I waited for the doctor to come in.

After five minutes or so, the door opened and a woman in a white lab coat appeared.  She extended her hand, smiling, and said, "My name is Dr. Claw.  I understand that you are having some GI issues after a camping trip."

"Yes," I replied.  I was so glad that I didn't have a male doctor.  I don't know why, but when we were growing up, our doctor was always a male and I never got used to having him examine me.  He was very kind and very good, at least according to my mother.  When I was able to select my own doctor, I made it a point to find a female and I've been very happy with Dr. Baker ever since.

"My nurse says that you have a slightly elevated temperature, and you've been having problems with constipation and diarrhea.  It's possible that you have ingested a parasite or a bacterial infection."

"So what do we do about all that?" I asked.

"Well, we need to give you something for the possible bacterial infection.  Are you allergic to penicillin?"

"No," I answered.

"Good.  And then we need to find out if you have a parasite infection," she said.

"How is that done?" I asked, nervously.

"A stool sample.  Have you had a bowel movement today?"

Having to give a stool sample seemed disgusting, but I answered, "No.  Yesterday I had diarrhea so I haven't needed to this morning."

"Good.  What I'd like to do is attempt to get a sample or at least a swab of your rectum," she answered.

I looked down at the floor and asked, "How are you going to do that?"

"Oh, its nothing to be alarmed about.  I'll just insert a swab into your rectum and then send it off to the lab," she said.

I was standing at the end of the exam table, kind of leaning on it.  She found two specimen containers and two long swabs that were still in their packages.  She said, "Go ahead and turn around and lift your dress up to your waist and pull your panties down to mid thigh."

I knew I had to do what she requested so I dutifully turned around, lifted my dress up to my waist and pulled my panties down.  I stood facing the table, but looked back over my shoulder as she opened one of the packages and pulled out something that looked like a long Q-tip. 

"Please bend over, reach back, and spread your bottom cheeks apart for me," she ordered.

I reluctantly did as I was told and she came behind me, sat on a stool and then I felt the swab being inserted into my rectum.  I didn't hurt, but it was embarrassing to know what she could see.  I felt the swab being moved around in my rectum and then she pulled it out.  I relaxed and stood up and she said, "I'm going to take one more."

She put the first one in a specimen container, breaking off the end that didn't fit in the tube.  After sealing the tube, she opened another swab.  Without being told, I bent over again and reached back and spread my bottom cheeks apart to expose my anus.

She inserted the swab again and moved it in and out, pushing it in as far as she possibly could.  I felt it and it was uncomfortable, but not painful.  When she was finished, she removed it and said, "You can go ahead and put your clothes back together."

She prepared the specimen containers and said, "I'll send these off to the lab today.  I'll have the nurse come in and give you an injection of penicillin.  If you have a bacterial infection, that will take care of it.  We'll let you know if you have a parasite infection, in which case you'll have to come back to be treated for that."

"Penicillin injection?" I asked as I put my clothes back in place and turned around to face her.

"Yes," she replied.

"Isn't that painful?" I asked with trepidation.

"Unfortunately it is," she replied honestly.  "But the consequences could be far worse."

The doctor walked out of the room, leaving me standing next to the exam table to wait for the nurse to return.  I hated shots and I knew that a penicillin shot was going to be awful.  My sister had gotten one when we were growing up and she said it was the worst shot ever!

I looked at my watch, wondering how much longer I was going to be here.  I was feeling better, although my stomach was growling.  I knew that I had made the right decision to come in today, but I had no idea that so much attention was going to be paid to my bottom. 

As I thought about the shot, I remembered that my sister had told me that she got it in her bottom.  I dreaded the thought of that happening to me!

A few minutes later, the nurse came back into the exam room and smiled.  "The doctor has asked me to give you a shot.  This will take me just a few minutes to get ready.  I'm going to have to give this to you in your bottom, so if you would raise your dress up to your waist and lower your panties to mid thigh...," she ordered.

My worst fears were coming to pass, but I decided to cooperate this time.  I turned so that I was facing the end of the exam table and put my hands under my dress, found the elastic band of my panties and lowered them.  I pulled my dress up so that it was bunched up around my waist and turned my head to watch her prepare my injection.  Facing the end of the exam table with my bottom bared, I turned my head and watched her as she took a syringe, attached a long needle to it, and then plunged the needle into a vial of serum.  She filled the syringe so that it was almost halfway full. 

After pulling the syringe and needle from the vial, she removed the needle and attached another one.  It was just as long, but thankfully not as wide.

She opened a bottle of alcohol and put a cotton ball on the end of it, tipped it over and soaked the ball with the pungent liquid that brought memories of shots I'd received as a child.  It was amazing what a smell could make you remember.

With all prepared, she came around behind me and sat on the stool.  "Bend over and rest on your elbows, please.  Try to hold still."

I leaned forward so that my elbows and forearms were on the exam table.  The nurse swabbed the upper part of my left bottom cheek with the cold alcohol.  I stared straight ahead so that I wouldn't see what was about to happen.

She placed her right hand on the lower part of my left cheek and then I felt the sharp jab of the needle going into my muscle.  "Ouch!" I cried out, involuntarily.

Then I felt the serum being injected into my bottom.  I felt my eyes start to water from the pain and tears streamed down my face.  It took forever for her to inject the serum, but after about 30 seconds she pulled the needle out.  Again, she swabbed my bottom with the alcohol and said, "I know that hurts.  It's going to be sore for a day or so."

She got up and I took that as a sign to put my clothes back together.  She saw that I was almost crying and handed me a box of Kleenex.


I went back to work after I left, but took off an hour early because my stomach problems had returned.  I hoped that the shot would take care of things, but I nervously awaited the phone call that would let me know if I had parasites from drinking the river water.

Early the next morning as I was getting ready for work, the phone rang.  Curt handed it to me and when I saw that It was the nurse from the Public Health Department I put it on speaker.  "Good morning.  I'm sorry to call you so early," she said.  "I just got the lab results back from your swabs.  I'm afraid that they did find some indication of parasites.  Dr. Claw needs you to come back in to day to be treated for it."

"What time?" I asked.

"As soon as you can get here.  We'll make an opening for you," she answered.

"What does the treatment involve?" I asked, halfway expecting that I would get another shot.

"Unfortunately it will require a series of enemas, so give yourself plenty of time if you need to take off work," she answered.

"Enemas!  Are you kidding?" I said, over reacting.

"I'm afraid so," she said.  "These live in your colon and giving you a medicinal enema is really the only way to take care of it."


"Oh my god!" I exclaimed.  Curt looked concerned and put his hand on my shoulder.  "Is this really necessary?"

"I know it won't be pleasant, but it's necessary and very important if you want to rid yourself of these.  You don't want them to spread to other organs.  It will be much more difficult to get rid of at that point."

"I've never had an enema before," I said.  I was in shock.  I thought yesterday was humiliating, but getting an enema would be much worse.

"I'm sorry," she said through the speaker on the phone.  "We'll see you soon."

"I'm so sorry," said Curt. 

"It's not your fault," I said.  And it wasn't and I didn't blame him for what happened.

I finished getting dressed and decided to wear something similar to what I wore yesterday.  A one piece dress, plain white full panties and a white bra.  I didn't want to look sexy and I was glad that I didn't wear fancy underwear to yesterday's visit.  At least I spared myself the humiliation of looking sexy when the nurse pulled my panties down.

I didn't have to wait in the waiting room very long when a young man dressed in white hospital scrubs called my name.  My heart jumped in my chest as I got up and followed him into an exam room.

After I walked in, I saw the usual exam table, but next to it was an IV pole from which a large clear plastic bag was hanging.  It was an enema bag that was already half filled with greyish water.  From the bag came a clear hose that went down to a white plastic nozzle which rested on a mayo stand that was covered in a white towel.  There were several other containers on the table that looked like medicine bottles.  There was a very large syringe that terrified me and another tubular thing that looked like a much bigger enema nozzle.  Of course there was the usual tube of KY which I knew would be used to lubricate things that were going into my bottom.

"My name is Randy.  I'm a medical technician and I'll be administering your treatment today," he said.

Oh my God, I thought.  "Where's the nurse?" I asked, trying hard not to seem rude.

"I believe that she is with another patient," he answered politely.  "Dr. Claw has prescribed a treatment to rid you of a parasite infection that you have."

"Yes...," I replied.  "The nurse called me earlier this morning."

I tried to bring up the nurse again to at least suggest that she might give me the treatment.  Randy was very professional and ignored my hint.  "The treatment requires that you receive several enema.  Have you ever had an enema before?" he asked.

"No.  Never," I answered.

"No one likes to get enemas, " he said, "but unfortunately it's the only way to administer this medicine.  I assume that you understand that an enema requires that a small nozzle be inserted into your rectum.  The nozzle and hose are attached to a bag that will contain either water or the medicine I need to give you.  It might be uncomfortable, but we'll do it slowly so that you don't get too many cramps."

"Um...," I stammered.

"I'm going to have to give you a total of four enemas, unfortunately.  The first two will clean out your colon.  The third enema will be the medicine for the parasites, and you'll have to hold that one for at least ten minutes.  The final enema will be a probiotic enema to restore the proper balance to your colon."

"Four!" I exclaimed.  "Is that really necessary?"

"I'm afraid so," he answered.  "Do you have any questions?"

"Ummm, not to be rude, but is it possible that the nurse I had yesterday could do this?"

Randy got a slight smile on his face and replied, "I'm afraid that she is too busy today.  I'm trained to do this.  I know that it might be embarrassing, but please understand that I'm just interested in curing your illness.  You are certainly welcome to have your own doctor's office take care of this, but it really needs to be done today."

I leaned against the exam table and looked shyly at the floor.  "It's just that..., well you know..., it's embarrassing to have a male do this."

"I understand, but unfortunately I'm the only one available to do this.  I understand that it would be embarrassing.  No one likes to get an enema, but would it really be less embarrassing to get it from another woman?  It's going to be embarrassing either way, isn't it?" he said.

"Definitely, but...," I replied.  "OK, let's just get this over with."

Randy picked up a hospital gown that was on the exam table.  "I need you to undress completely and put this gown on with the opening in the back.  I'll step out for a few minutes to give you some privacy."

"Everything?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes," he answered without further explanation as he turned and left the room.

I was devastated at what was about to happen to me.  The enema which was already waiting for me looked intimidating and now I had to get completely undressed and have a male that I didn't know give it to me.

I unzipped my dress in back and slipped it down my arms and stepped out of it.  After removing my shoes, I reached back and unfastened my bra and put it on top of my dress which I had placed on a chair.  I felt awful standing there for a moment in just my panties, but I wanted to be ready long before he had a chance to come back in.  I didn't want him to see me completely naked.

I lowered my panties and stepped out of them, putting them under my dress.  I took the backless gown and put my arms through the sleeves and tied the top one behind my neck.  I accepted the inevitable and didn't tie the waist one, but wrapped it around so that I was covered in the back.

I got up on the exam table and sat on the end of it to wait, all the while checking out the enema bag that hung menacingly from the IV pole. 

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Randy reappeared.  He got a sheet out of one of the drawers of the exam table and said, "Go ahead and lie down on your left side facing away from me.  Bring your right leg up about halfway to your chest."

I scooted back and did as I was told.  My bottom was centered over a white and blue chux pad and I hoped that I was appropriately covered up in back as I got in position.  Randy extended the foot platform and then placed the sheet over me.  Well, at least part of me.  He placed it so that it covered my legs only up to my knees. 

I put my head on the pillow and resisted the temptation to look back and see what he was doing, but I could hear him putting on an exam glove.  Then the dreaded moment happened when he took the hem of the hospital gown and raised it up to my waist.  I was completely bare from my waist to my knees.

"I'm going to put some lubricant on your anus, Janet," he said.  I heard the click of the tube of KY opening and knew that he was putting some of it on his finger.  Then I felt his hand on my bottom and he spread me apart to reveal my anus. 

"You're going to feel my finger in your bottom," he said.  He touched his finger to my anus and then pushed it all the way in.  I flinched and gasped, "Ahhh!"

"Please try to relax," he said.

I'd had rectal exams as part of my annual physical exams, but it was always by a woman.  Of course Curt had put his finger in there before, but this was the first time a man had done it besides Curt.  After he withdrew his finger he said, "I'm going to insert the nozzle now."

I felt my bottom being spread apart again and the plastic nozzle touched my anal opening.  He pushed it in with little effort.  It was much smaller than his finger, I thought.

"Now, you're going to feel the water flowing inside of you.  It will feel a bit strange," he said.

I heard the opening of the clamp on the hose and immediately felt the flow of warm water in my rectum.  I had gone to the bathroom so much in the last few days that I was pretty empty and I didn't feel terribly full right away.  Of course I didn't know what to expect since I'd never had an enema before, but it wasn't terribly unpleasant at first.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes I got some cramps and groaned.  "I'm going to stop the flow of water for a moment.  Just take some deep breaths.  Also, go ahead and turn onto your stomach so that the water moves around better."

I was so embarrassed at the vision of me lying almost naked on the table with a tube coming out of my bottom, that I really didn't want to move, but I did anyway.  When I was flat on my stomach I ventured a look over my left shoulder and saw that the water in the bag had only gone down to half of what it was.  I also saw him standing above me looking at the bag and wondering what he saw as he administered my enema.  Everything, was the probable answer.

"I'm really getting full," I complained.

"We're almost done," he said.  "Just go ahead and roll onto your right side toward me, please."

I did as I was told and moved in position.  My bottom was still bare in back but at least it was facing away from him.  But then I looked down and realized that my gown was still at my waist and he probably saw my front before I moved my left let up.  But now my priority was the incredible fullness in my stomach and not so much my nudity.  It was becoming unbearable. 

"Please," I begged, "can I please use the bathroom?"

He looked up at the bag and both of us watched the last drop of water slip down the tube.  He answered finally, "Go ahead and roll back onto your stomach and I'll take the nozzle out"

I moved back so that I was on my stomach, which was uncomfortable.  He took the sheet completely off me and then I felt him spreading my bottom apart.  He pulled the nozzle out, saying, "You may feel some water.  It's just the last part that was in the hose.  Don't worry about it."

I felt the nozzle emerge and water dribble between my legs.  I pushed myself up and stepped off the end of the table and ran to the adjoining bathroom with no concern that he could see me fully exposed from the back.  I shut the door and quickly sat on the toilet and the water gushed out of me.  I'd had diarrhea for the last few days, but this was even worse. 

I never thought it would stop coming out in the waves of crampy pain that I felt, but finally it stopped.  I wiped myself and flushed the toilet.  It was full of brown water that had a curious peppermint smell.. 

After washing my hands, I went back into the exam room.  He had cleaned up the exam table and put on a new chux.  The bag was still empty and I hoped that I wouldn't have to get anymore enemas, but I knew I had three more to go.  It was a terrible feeling that I didn't want to experience again.

I sat on the table and put the sheet he had neatly folded over my exposed knees and lower legs.  I was kind of cold. 

After a while, Randy came back in, closed the door and asked, "Are you OK?"

"That was really unpleasant!" I said.

"I apologize.  The next one should be a bit easier since you are more cleaned out now."

"Why do I need another one before you give me the medicine?" I asked.

"The medicine will work best if your colon is as empty as we can get it.  Obviously it won't be totally empty, but one more cleansing enema will help," he answered.  "I'm going to go fill this bag."

He went into the bathroom and I heard the sound of running water.  I dreaded the thought of having another enema, but I knew it wasn't going to be the last.  When he came back a few minutes later, I noticed that the bag has more full and the water was clear. 

"What was in the water for that first one?" I asked.

"Castile soap," he answered, as he hung up the bag.  "It helps break up everything.  This one is going to be clear water."

"Is that why it smelled like peppermint?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered.

I noticed that there was no nozzle at the end of the hose, but when Randy hung up the bag, he took a long tube from the mayo stand and attached it to the end of the enema hose.  He noticed my curiosity and said, "I'm going to use a colon tube this time.  Hopefully I will be able to insert it a long way into your colon and that will help the rinsing enema get further up inside you."

"You're going to put that thing all the way up me?" I exclaimed.  "It's almost two feet long!"

"It won't hurt and it will actually relieve some of the pressure in your rectum at first," he replied.  "Why don't you go ahead and lie down on your left side again and we'll get started."

I scooted back and stretched out on my left side, making sure that the sheet was up and my gown was down so that I was completely covered.  Of course Randy immediately lowered the sheet to my knees again and moved my gown up all the way to my waist.  I felt the cool air on my now exposed bottom as I waited for him to insert the long colon tube. 

Randy put his hand on my shoulders and said, "Roll over just a bit more."

I rolled a bit so that I was at about a 45 degree angle to the table instead of straight up.  My hands were in front of my face and I clutched a Kleenex in one hand. 

I heard Randy put an exam glove on and then I felt him spreading my bottom apart.  He inserted his finger all the way again to lubricate my opening for the colon tube.  I felt him start to insert the tube into my rectum and then I felt the water starting to flow. 

While the water was flowing, Randy continued to manipulate the tube until it was in as far as it would go.  I could actually feel the water coming out of the colon tube that was now further up inside of me.

After a few minutes, the technician said, "Go ahead and lie on your stomach again."

As I felt my stomach distend, I rolled onto my stomach.  I looked over my shoulder for a moment at the deflating bag and asked, "How much water am I getting this time?  The bag looks more full."

"2000 cc's," he replied.  "500 more than last time."

"I don't think I can take that much!" I cried.

"We'll see," was all he said.

I looked straight ahead until he told me to roll onto my right side.  I did and it gave me a better view of the emptying bag.  It was like watching an egg timer with the sand moving from one part to the next.  It was so slow! 

When the bag was almost empty he said, "roll onto your back for a few minutes."

One thing about having a tube in your bottom and your stomach being filled beyond capacity is that it makes you very compliant.  You want to do whatever it takes to get it over with.  I rolled onto my back and pulled my gown down to cover my pubic area, but Randy brought it up again and started slowly massaging my abdomen with his fingers.  "This will help break up whatever's left in there and help move it around.

I didn't feel like it helped at all and it was really embarrassing to be bare from my knees to just below my breasts. 

"Please!  I really need to use the bathroom," I said, wiping a tear from my eye with the Kleenex.

Randy closed the clamp on the hose even though the enema bag was empty.  He said, "Bring your knees all the way up to your chest and I'll remove the colon tube."

Randy removed the sheet that was covering my feet and the lower part of my legs and I brought my knees up and wrapped my arms around the back of them.  When I was in the diaper position like that, I knew that he could see absolutely everything, but all I cared about was getting to the bathroom.

I felt Randy pull the colon tube out of my rectum and it felt very strange as it just kept coming and coming until I finally felt the end of it pass through my anal opening.  I sat up, pushed the foot platform back into the table with the backs of my knees and stepped onto the foot platform.  I ran to the bathroom, hoping that I wouldn't start to expel the enema before I reached the toilet.

I sat down quickly and began expelling the water.  It came out in gushes and I realized that I hadn't even closed the door to the bathroom.  After one of the streams of water had finished, I got up quickly and closed it, noticing that Randy had fortunately left the exam room.

After five minutes or so I seemed to be done.  I wiped my bottom and got up, flushing the toilet.  After washing my hands, I went back to the empty exam room and waited for the return of my technician.

Time was passing so slowly and I looked at my watch; the only thing that I was wearing besides my socks and the hospital gown.  I had been here for 30 minutes already and I was only half finished with the procedure.  I reflected on what had happened and how embarrassed I felt at having to receive enemas from a man I didn't know.  But then I realized that if it had been someone I knew, even Curt, it would have been much worse.  I would never see Randy again after today and I'm sure he would forget about me as soon as his next patient arrived.

A few more minutes of waiting and then Randy came back into the exam room.  "How are you doing?" he asked.

"That was wicked," I replied. 

He ignored the comment and said, "I'm going to administer the medicine this time."  I was sitting on the end of the exam table, without the sheet covering my knees and calves.  I asked, "What kind of medicine is it?"

"It's called clarkia.  It's an herbal medicine that kills parasites.  I'm also going to give you a bottle of it to take home to mix with water and drink for a few days.  This will kill the parasites in your colon, but it won't do anything for your stomach or small intestine."

"OK," I said.  "Is it safe?"

"Yes, of course," he replied.  "Now it has to be held for ten to 15 minutes which I know is going to be difficult.  I'm also going to have to give you as much was as the last enema to make sure that your colon is filled completely."
"I don't think I can hold it that long!" I said, clutching my Kleenex.

"I understand.  That's why I'm going to have to use this retention nozzle," he answered.  Randy picked up a large enema nozzle that had two balloons.  He inflated them to show me what was going to happen.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed.  "There's no way that's even going to fit inside of me."

"It will," he said.  "It will definitely be uncomfortable at first because the inside balloon will be distending the walls of your rectum and it will make you feel like you have to have a BM.  So what I'm going to do is insert it and inflate it and then I'll fill the bag.  Having it inside of you for a few minutes before the enema will let your rectum get used to it and make the whole process easier."

"Is that really necessary?  I mean to have that thing in me?"

"Yes.  It would be best.  We don't want you to prematurely expel the enema, do we?"

"God no!  That would be gross," I answered.

"It would also mean that I'd have to give you another one which I know you don't want."

"That's for sure," I agreed.

"So go ahead and lie on your left side again," he said.

I stretched out as he brought the foot rest out.  I tried to keep myself covered as best as possible but it was difficult when I brought my right leg up.  He kindly covered my feet and calves with the white sheet and then brought my gown all the way up to my waist again so that I was fully exposed.  After putting on an exam glove, he lubricated my anus and then the bulbous end of the retention nozzle. 

After the preparations he said, "This is going to be a bit uncomfortable while I insert this but then it should be fine."

I felt him spreading my bottom apart and he inserted the first part of the nozzle which didn't feel different from the first nozzle or the colon tube.  But then he started to push the balloon part in and it felt like I was having a big bowel movement in reverse.  "Owww!" I said.

"Bear down and push, just like you're having a BM," he ordered.

I did as I was told and felt the widest part of the balloon nozzle pass through my anal opening into my rectum.  I gasped as the widest part passed through and then my anus closed around the part between the two balloons.

Randy clamped the hose at the end of the nozzle with a pair of forceps and said, "Now I'm going to go ahead and inflate these so that you will get used to them before I start putting in the medicine."

I heard him squeezing the inflator and felt the balloon expanding inside of my rectum.  "Oh my God!"

"Just take deep breaths and relax.  You'll be accustomed to that in a few moments."  Then I heard him inflate the outer balloon and I felt pressure around my anus as the nozzle was essentially locked in place by the balloons.

"I'm going to go fill the enema bag," he said, taking the empty plastic bag off the IV pole.  I continued to lie on the table with the nozzle sticking out of my bare bottom.  He hadn't covered me up any more with the sheet and I felt very vulnerable as he walked around the exam table to the bathroom.

I heard him filling the bag with water and a few moments later he came back, holding the bulging bag in his hand.  After hanging it from the IV pole again, he attached the nose to the nozzle and took a syringe and drew up 2 cc's of the medicine from the eyedropper bottle and squirted it into the enema bag.

After squeezing the bag to disperse the medicine he removed the forceps from the nozzle and then unclamped the enema tube and the water started flowing into my rectum.  It wasn't bad at first because I was so empty and the medicine quickly drained out of the bag.

After a few minutes he told me to turn onto my stomach again which I did, feeling the weight of the nozzle and tube across my leg. 

I looked over my shoulder and saw that the bag was half way empty.  It not only seemed like I couldn't hold any more, but that I wouldn't be able to hold it as long as I had to.  "I..., I don't think I'm going to be able to do this," I said.

He stopped the flow and looked down me.  He smiled sympathetically and said, "I'm sorry.  It's very important that you take the entire bag and that you hold it for fifteen minutes."

Randy started the flow again and the bag drained quickly.  When it was only a third full he said, "Turn onto your right side, as before."

I moved again, turned onto my right side, and stared at the bag as the last of the medicinal enema entered my bottom.  I was so glad, but I was so full! 

"I would suggest that you get up on your knees and down on your elbows," said Randy.  "This position will take some of the pressure off of your rectum and the urge to use the bathroom will decrease."

"I'm embarrassed enough as it is!" I said.

"I understand, but it would be more comfortable for you," he replied.

I decided to give it a try.  I turned over onto my stomach and then brought myself up so that I was on my knees and down on my chest, hugging the pillow.  I placed my knees apart for better support and then realized that he could see everything.  He seemed indifferent to that and remained totally professional.  Then I realized that my gown had fallen loosely, tied only behind my neck.  My breasts were exposed and hanging from my chest.  I wanted to cover up, but I didn't want to look silly. 

"How much longer?" I asked.

"Five minutes has passed," he said.

"This is awful!  I don't know if I can do this," I begged.

"Please try.  I don't want to give you another enema with the parasite medicine.  It would be better if you just tolerated it."

"I'm trying," I said, holding the Kleenex in my hands.

I really didn't think I could make it.  I kept trying to think of something else.  The big nozzle in my rectum was preventing me from expelling.  I know if it wasn't there, I would have squirted all over the room.

"Can I lay down again?" I begged.

"Of course.  Try lying on your left side," he said.

After the longest fifteen minutes of my life, he finally said, "I'm going to clamp off the nozzle and then detach it from the enema hose.  I'll have to ask you to walk to the bathroom with the nozzle still in your rectum.  When we get there, I'll remove it."

"Oh God!" 

He clamped the end of the nozzle hose with the forceps and then detached it from the enema bag. 

"Climb off the table and follow me to the bathroom," he said.

I got off the table and he preceded me to the bathroom which I appreciated because I didn't want him walking behind me, staring at my bottom, especially with the nozzle dangling between my legs.

"Bend over with your hands on the toilet seat," he said, after I got in the bathroom.

I did as I was told and felt the balloon in my rectum deflate.  He pulled it out of my rectum and I gasped.  Quickly I opened the lid of the toilet and sat down and felt the immediate relief as the water started to evacuate my bowels.  He closed the door as he left and I emptied in private.

I was getting tired by the time I returned to the exam room.  As usual, he had straightened it up and everything was ready to go except setting up the final enema. 

I sat on the table again and patiently waited until he knocked on the door and came back in.  "This is the last one, but it's going to be similar to the medicinal enema.  I'm going to give you a probiotic enema.  That will help restore the flora to your colon that your bouts with diarrhea have caused, in addition to the three enemas you've had.  This should bring your colon back into balance."

"Do I have to hold it like that last one?" I asked, nervously.

"I'm afraid so.  Fifteen minutes.  I'll use the retention nozzle again," he said.

"I hate that thing!" I said.

"Do you think you could hold the enema for fifteen minutes without it?" he asked.

I thought for a moment and honestly answered, "No."

"Let's use it again, in that case."

It seemed like he was giving me the choice, but I honestly didn't think I would be able to go for fifteen minutes without pooping all over the room.

"Let's just get this over with," I said.

"Of course.  I have to clean up the nozzle and prepare the enema.  Just make yourself comfortable while I do that," he said.

Randy went into the bathroom and emerged with the clean inflatable nozzle.  "Let's go ahead and put this in like we did last time," he said.

I stretched out on the table on my left side.  This time he didn't cover me up with the sheet.  In fact it was gone.  He moved my gown up to my waist and I was bare from my waist to my feet.

After donning an exam glove, he squirted lubricant on his finger and then spread some of it over the nozzle.  I flinched when I felt his bare hand on my bottom.  I couldn't get used to that.

"Relax," he said, as he inserted his finger into my rectum. 

With my anus prepared, he inserted the nozzle again and I cried out, "Oh God!" as I felt the widest part of the nozzle pass through my opening.

He clamped the end of the nozzle with the forceps and then inflated both balloons.  I definitely felt it inside of me!

"I'll go fill this last bag.  Just try to relax for a few moments," Randy said as he took the bag to the bathroom to fill it with warm water.

I felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed lying there, naked from the waist down, with that large enema nozzle inserted in my exposed bottom.  I wished that he had at least covered my legs up with the sheet.

All of a sudden the door to the exam room opened!  I looked back over my shoulder and saw the young nurse that I had yesterday.  "Have you seen Randy?" she asked.

"Excuse me!  I'm getting an enema!" I said, loudly.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," she said.  "I need to ask him something."

Randy stuck his head out the door from the bathroom and asked, "What's up, Brenda?"

"May I borrow your KY?"

"Sure, I'm done with it.  It's on the mayo stand," he answered.

The nurse found the tube of lubricant on the mayo stand and said, "I'm sorry...,"

She left, closing the door behind her, and I felt totally humiliated.

Randy came back in with the bulging enema bag and said, "I'm sorry about that."

"I've never been so embarrassed in my life!" I exclaimed.

"She's a nurse.  I wouldn't worry about it," he said.  He hung the bag from the IV pole and attached the hose to the nozzle and removed the forceps. 

"Again, you're going to need to hold this for fifteen minutes, just like the last one," he commanded.  I felt the water flowing into my rectum as he unclamped the hose.  He had me move into different positions like all the rest of my enemas and I felt even more vulnerable without the sheet.

After the bag was empty he told me to get up on my knees and down on my elbows again.  I did and he put his hand between my knees and said, "Bring these apart.  It will give you better support."

I did as I was told and placed my knees on either side of the exam table, knowing that it exposed me even more.  The gown practically fell off my shoulders and once again my breasts were exposed, suspended from my chest.

I stayed in that position for the remainder of the fifteen minutes and tried as hard as I could not to beg to use the bathroom.  I clutched my Kleenex in my hands, practically counting the seconds in my head as the time passed slowly.

"All right," Randy said, finally.  He clamped the nozzle with the forceps and removed it from the enema hose.  "Go ahead and follow me to the bathroom."

I got off the table and followed him into the bathroom with the heavy nozzle hanging from between my legs.  I quickly bent over with my hands on the toilet seat as he spread my bottom well apart, deflated both balloons and then pulled the enormous nozzle from my rectum.  I felt water run down my leg and I quickly lifted the toilet seat and sat down, expelling the enema.

"When you're done you may dress, but don't leave yet.  The doctor will want to talk to you," he said as he left the bathroom.

I took my time finishing up, making sure that I was empty.  I wiped myself especially well and then flushed the toilet.  After washing my hands, I went back into the exam room.  It was empty, of course, and I removed my gown and started to dress. 

When I was done, I stood there, leaning against the exam table to wait for the doctor to come in.  After a long time, she came in and greeted me politely.  "Good morning.  Thanks for coming in so quickly.  We needed to get this treatment going."

"It was awful, I have to say.  The most embarrassing experience of my life," I said.

"I understand," replied the doctor, sympathetically.  "This treatment should take care of the parasite infection, but I want you to take this bottle of clarkia and follow the directions for putting it in water and drinking it.  Do you have any other questions?"

"No, except that I'm sore," I said.

"Your anus?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, whispering.

"No doubt.  Four enemas will definitely do that!  I'm going to give you a suppository that will take care of that right away.  Just go ahead and lift your skirt up and lower your panties, facing the exam table."

Oh no! I thought.  Not again!  Reluctantly I did as I was told.  I reached under my dress and lowered my panties to the middle of my thighs and then held my dress up to my waist.  With my bottom bared and facing the end of the exam table, I watched as she took a suppository from one of the cabinets, put on an exam glove, and then opened the package.  She took the white bullet shaped suppository and said, "Bend over and reach back and spread your bottom well apart for me."

I did as I was told and felt the suppository being pushed into my rectum with her finger.  "Make sure you don't expel it.  It will melt and provide relief right away."

I pulled up my panties and lowered my dress and she removed her glove.  "Let us know if you have any further problems, OK?"

"OK," I replied.  After bidding her a good day, I left and drove to work.  The suppository took care of my sore anus and the enema treatment took care of the diarrhea.  I felt very good almost right away, but I vowed never to drink unpurified water again!

Janet's Camping Trip is one hour and 16 minutes long.

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