Jennifer and Marisa

This product was produced in 2007 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

    Even though Marisa was 19 years old, she still lived at home and was subject to her parent's rules.  Her parent's were strict with her and expected a lot.  She was an only child, but was very close to her cousin Jennifer.  Jennifer was the same age but her parent's were not nearly as demanding.  Sometimes Marisa thought that Jennifer was jealous of the strictness that she experienced, although she didn't think  Jennifer knew how she was punished.  There were other stark contrasts.  Jennifer went to the local community college and Marisa went to the Catholic Prep School.  Jennifer normally wore jeans to school while Marisa had to wear a white blouse and dark pleated skirt.
    After Marisa turned 15, her mother usually dealt with her disciplinary needs, but the threat of her father becoming involved was always present.  It was certainly the last thing she wanted because it was embarrassing to be punished, especially at her age.

    The next weekend, Jennifer came over on Saturday afternoon.  Both girls were in jeans and t-shirts standing outside the house.  Jennifer hadn't said anything about the phone call for which Marisa was grateful.  They were just talking about boys, bands, and girl stuff when Jennifer took a pack of cigarettes out of her bag and asked Marisa if she had ever tried one.  Marisa knew that smoking was forbidden by her parents and couldn't imagine that her aunt and uncle allowed Jennifer to smoke either.  She said she hadn't but Jennifer almost dared her and before she knew it, both girls were smoking.  Jennifer said she had just tried it recently.  Marisa didn't like it and was about to put it out when her mother suddenly opened the door and discovered what her daughter and neice were doing.
    Marisa's mother told the girls to get upstairs to her bedroom.  Both girls said they were sorry.  Marisa said she had just tried it that one time.  Jennifer had no idea what was going to happen.  When they got to the bedroom, Marisa's mother closed the door, got the belt from the drawer and lectured both girls about the evils and dangers of smoking.  Jennifer said that perhaps she should go home.  Her aunt said that she was going to have to punish both of them!


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