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Man, like its bad enough that I had this thing called a hydrocele!  You know what that is?  Its fluid inside your scrotum!  It makes your sac look big and sometimes its uncomfortable.  Well, I went to the doctor and he decided I needed surgery.  That sounded bad enough but first I had to be prepped.  I had no idea what that meant but the office arranged for it to be done at my house. 

So there I was, talking to my friend on the cell phone, waiting nervously for someone to show up and prep me.  Whatever that meant!

Finally there was a knock at the door and much to my surprise was a really pretty girl.  She introduced herself as Nurse Karen.  What a fox!  We sat on the sofa for a few minutes and she took my medical history.  It was kind of embarrassing because of what my problem was.

It was nothing compared to the embarrassment I felt when she told that she was going to have to give me enemas as part of the prep.  God I hate that!  I'd had a few growing up and hated it!

Anyway, she asked if we could go upstairs so that it would be more comfortable.  She started by listening to my heart and lungs.  Then she said she had to take my temperature.  No big deal, I thought, except she said she had to do it rectally.  Get real!  She insisted and told me to lower my shorts and underpants.  I was so humiliated! 

Then came the enemas.  I hate to take three of them.  It was so awful.  The first one she did me on my side.  The second one she put this inflatable nozzle up my butt!  The third one was with me laying on my back with my knees up.  And you aren't going to believe what she did between them.  She shaved my balls!  She said it had to be done for the surgery.

Well, after I came back from the third enema, I saw that she had filled a syringe and was going to give me a shot.  I hate needles!  I protested and said, "no way!"

She had a way about her and kind of like my mom.  She even asked me what my mom would have done if I had acted like that growing up.  I would have gotten the belt.  You aren't going to believe what Karen did then.  I'm too embarrassed to say.

I thought it was going to be over with but then she said I needed to give her a sperm sample just in case something bad happened during the surgery.  What was I supposed to do, jerk off in front of her?  No way.  You aren't going to believe what happened next.  She asked if I needed help.  And then she did this awesome strip tease!  Oh my god, what a body.  And then she jerked me off with her finger up my butt!  Nurses sure do know how to get a good sperm sample!

The surgery went well and things are back to normal, but what a memory I have of Nurse Karen!

Jeremy is 53 minutes long.

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