Julie's Anal Initiation

This product was produced in 2006 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Even though the Public Health Department is being remodeled, there are still patients to see.  Julie has recently married and its time for her annual physical exam.  No one enjoys this annual event, but Julie seems to have something on her mind when she arrives at the Public Health Department.  Of course the whole process is embarrassing so asking even more embarrassing questions might just take awhile.

Nurse Sabrina is on duty today and has Julie sit on the exam table while she takes her history.

Julie is instructed to remove all of her clothes and put on the backless hospital gown and have a seat on the table.  After Nurse Sabrina comes back in, she takes Julie's vital signs and of course this means her rectal temperature.

Next on the agenda is the dreaded pelvic exam.  With her feet in the stirrups, Julie feels Sabrina examine her labia.  Then she inserts her fingers into her vagina and palpates her abdomen to make sure there are no masses in her pelvis.  Next its time for the cold speculum!

Of course this is the Public Health Department which means a complete rectal exam has to be given which means ENEMAS!  Sabrina has too much time on her hands today and gives Julie three enemas beginning with a red bag.

Next Julie has to lay on her back for the insertion of the inflatable nozzle into her rectum and two quarts of water in her colon!

Finally its up on her knees and down on her elbows for the third large enema!

Julie is properly cleaned out and ready for her rectal exam.

Evidently Julie's vaccinations aren't up to date so Sabrina has her lay on her stomach and gives her a shot in her bottom.

Finally Julie has the courage to ask Sabrina what's been on her mind during the entire exam.   Well, it seems that her boyfriend has been bugging her to let him have anal sex with her.  Julie is not sure about all that.  Will it hurt?  Is it safe?  Isn't that perverted?

Sabrina has a nice reference book that shows all kinds of sexual positions and techniques.  One of them deals with anal sex.  Of course its perfectly normal but you have to get used to it, says Sabrina.  Julie is intrigued and wonders if he might be too big for her.  Not only does Sabrina have some nice books, but she's got a great big glass dildo and offers to show Julie that she most likely is capable of taking a large penis into her rectum.  Julie is intrigued and takes up Sabrina's offer to show her!

Julie gets back in the stirrups and Sabrina lubricates Julies anus and inserts the big dildo and starts going back and forth with it.  Immediately Julie has lost her inhibitions and begins rubbing her clitoris.  She is definitely turned on by having that in her bottom!

Julie is very glad that she had the courage to talk to Sabrina about her sexual issues.  Now she can go home to her boyfriend and please him in ways he's only been able to imagine.

This is a two volume DVD set because some great toilet scenes have made it longer than average.  Yes, its well over an hour long.  And not only that but its in the Stonefox Signature Section because we're discounting it due to the remodeling of the Public Health Department!

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Julie's Anal Initiation is one hour and 13 minutes long.