Kajira's Employment Physical

This product was produced in 2013 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Kajira is a beautiful woman who has been sent by the Priest-Kings of planet Gor to Earth to teach her humility by requiring her to get a job.  Part of her ordeal is to get a complete physical exam prior to her employment at the Public Health Department.

Dr. Claw is on duty today and has no idea that her patient is from another planet.  Kajira is a slave girl on Gor and submissively obeys everything that the doctor requires.  She answers her questions truthfully and obeys when she is told to lower her panties to have her rectal temperature taken.

She is well used to showing her bare bottom when required on her home planet, but in her heart she is still embarrassed when she feels her bottom being spread apart and the glass thermometer being inserted into her rectum.

Providing a urine sample is never fun but she finds it within herself to place the bulky urinal between her legs.

Kajira has never had an enema before, but understand why her colon has to be cleaned out.  Dr. Claw needs to do a rectal exam, which she has never had done before.  She finds the first enema to be uncomfortable but she survives it with little whining, although her expression reveals the true feelings.

Dr. Claw decides to use the inflatable nozzle for the second enema and after inserting the large bulb into Kajira's small anal opening, she inflates the bulb.  The slave girl from Gor feels the balloon expand inside of her.  Fortunately for her, the hose doesn't fit well into the nozzle and the doctor has to remove it.  The long black douche nozzle is much more comfortable!

Spreading her legs is nothing new for the Kajira and she proudly displays her vagina for the doctor.  Even her cervix is lovely!

While her bottom is often the object of desire on Gor, she has never had it fully and properly examined.  Up on her knees, she feels the cold speculum being inserted into her bottom and her anal opening spread apart.  The doctor finds a normal pink interior and is pleased with the results of the cleanout.

Finally, Kajira must have an injection to prevent cervical cancer.  No one likes to have a needle plunged into their bottom, but sometimes that's necessary to avoid a terrible disease. 

Kajira's Employment Physical is one hour and 6 minutes long.

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