Karen Riggens Visits the Public Health Department

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After three days of not having a BM, Karen Riggens makes an appointment with Dr. Shelbourne at the Public Health Department.  Its unusual for her to have these symptoms and she's concerned that something else may be wrong with her.  After taking her medical history, Dr. Shelbourne takes Karen's vital signs.  Its a bit embarrassing for her to have to pull down her pants and panties and lay on the exam table to have her rectal temperature taken, but Dr. Shelbourne lets her know that this is the most accurate method.  Karen has no memory of ever having this done to her before.

After determining that she has a slight fever, Dr. Shelbourne advises Karen that she needs to have a pelvic and rectal exam done which will require the administration of two cleansing enemas.  Karen admits that she's had enemas before but never one with soapy water and never one that was very big.  After having Karen undress completely she puts 1500 cc's of warm water in the clear plastic bag with a regular enema nozzle on it.  Then she puts castile soap in the bag and the water turns a murky gray color. 

After having Karen lie in the simms position, Dr. Shelbourne uncovers her bottom and inserts the lubricate enema tip.  The enema is obviously very uncomfortable for Karen since has hasn't had a bowel movement for three days.  After the contents of the bag are instilled into her colon, its impossible for Karen to hold it for any length of time and she makes a dash for the bathroom and explodes the water into the toilet.

After awhile, Karen returns to the exam room and assures Dr. Shelbourne that she is OK.  The doctor goes to the bathroom and fills the bag with almost 2000 cc's of water.  This time she attaches an inflatable barium enema nozzle and explains its purpose to Karen.  Of course the patient is quite surprised by the nozzle but understand that its necessary to give the enema a chance to work properly.  This time Karen assumes the knee chest position and Dr. Shelbourne lubricates her exposed anus before inserting the inflatable nozzle.  Karen is surprised by the uncomfortable sensation as its inflated inside her rectum.  Although easier to take than the first enema, she is still uncomfortable with the cramps from the second bag.

After the bag is empty and Karen has held it for as long as she can, Dr. Shelbourne escorts her to the toilet, has her bend over, deflates the enema bulb and removes it from her rectum.  A grateful Karen sits backwards on the toilet and expels the enema.

After receiving her two enemas, its time for her to have her pelvic exam.  Karen assumes the position with her feet in the stirrups and slides her bottom all the way down to the end of the table.  Dr. Shelbourne has no problems examining the hairless outer and inner labia.  The lighted speculum is then inserted and swabs are taken of her cervix.

Next, Karen has to get up on her knees and down on her elbows again for Dr. Shelbourne to insert a rectal speculum and take a look at the pink rectum of her patient.

Finally there is one last thing to do and that's give Karen a shot of antibiotics.  Dr. Shelbourne explains that her elevated temperature could be nothing, but it could be the first signs of an infection so she decides to give her a shot in her bottom.  Karen, like most people, doesn't like needles but lies prone on the examine table while Dr. Shelbourne injects the medicine into her right buttock.

Karen feels much better after the two enemas and is looking forward to going out with friends for sushi!

Karen Riggens Visits the Public Health Department is One Hour and 3 minutes long.


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