Katie's First Physical

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Katie has never had a complete physical including a pelvic and rectal exam, but now that she is 18, her mother thinks its time.  With a family history of colon cancer, she needs to be checked out early.  Its also time for her mom's annual exam, so both of them arrive at the Public Health Department right after school.

Nurse Practitioner Sabrina takes Katie's history and then checks her lungs, throat, eyes and heart and then informs her that she is going to have to take her temperature in her bottom.  Katie is surprised, but her mom assures her that its normal and more accurate.  Reluctantly, Katie lowers her panties and raises her school skirt to her hips so that Sabrina can insert the thermometer into her rectum.  Laying there bare is no fun, but mom assures her that its just part of the exam.

After her temperature is taken, its time for Katie to undress completely and put on the backless gown.  Nurse Sabrina informs her that she is going to have to have two enemas so that a complete rectal exam can be done due to her family history.

Katie definitely doesn't want to get an enema, but her mom assures her that it will be ok.  Nurse Sabrina gives her the first enema with a plastic nozzle.  For the second one, Katie has to hold it longer and Sabrina uses an inflatable nozzle. 

With her bottom cleaned out and ready for the rectal speculum, Nurse Sabrina decides to go ahead and give Katie her first pelvic exam first.  With her legs spread wide and her feet in the stirrups, Katie has her labia, vagina, and clitoris inspected.  Nurse Sabrina then inserts the metal speculum and does a cervical exam and Pap smear.  Finally, the nurse inserts her fingers deep into Katie's vagina for the digital exam.  Katie gets a digital rectal exam also!

After her first pelvic exam, its time for her first rectal exam.  Katie gets up on her knees and down on her elbows.  After lubricating her rectum, Nurse Sabrina inserts the rectal speculum to get a good look inside of Katie's rectum.

Finally Katie's first physical is over and its mom's turn.  She goes through the complete routine also and Katie learns that physical exams are part of growing up and nothing to fear. 

Katie's First Physical is a wonderful production featuring Katie and Layla.  It is one hour and 18 minutes long and comes in a two disk set!


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