Laura and Susan Visit Dr. Fish

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It's a slowish day at the Public Health Department.

After coming back from lunch, Dr Fish finds that there is a 'dual appointment,' that is, two people have elected to be treated at the same time by a doctor. Susan and Laura, who live together and are both in their mid-thirties, enter the PHD. They recently had some abdominal pain and took some codeine for it, but it had the side effect of constipation - they haven't been able to move their bowels for about five days each. Both are small-time businesswomen who are independent, and a bit grumpy that they have had to come to the PHD for such a 'minor complaint.'

Dr Fish discovers while looking their medical history that both Susan and Laura, coincidentally, have at least one relative who has developed bowel cancer. He explains, due to the nature of their issue, that he would like to do a preliminary digital rectal examination, then two enemas, then a pelvic exam and finally a proctoscope exam due to their familial history.

Susan and Laura become a bit apprehensive. "You want to do what? You want to stick your finger up my butt? As well as a garden hose? No way!" Sensing their discomfort, Dr Fish decides to have Dr Claw come into the room and explain that such an examination is certainly advised. The two ladies are still a little concerned.

Well, it's a slow day, and Dr Claw is free at the moment and offers to be a model for the nervous patients. While unconventional, it occasionally happens at the PHD. Graciously, Dr Claw sheds her lab coat, pulls down her pants and thong and bends over the exam table. Dr Fish inserts a lubricated finger up her bottom and palpates all surfaces inside. Dr Claw mentions, with Dr Fish's finger still inside her, that yes the exam is a little uncomfortable, but doesn't hurt and that Dr Fish is quite good at doing them. She is then administered an enema in the Sim's position. After she returns from the toilet, Susan and Laura think that perhaps the ordeal won't be all that bad, and decide to go ahead with the investigations and treatment, so Laura goes first with Susan staying for moral support.

After checking Laura's vital signs, eyes and ears, he asks her to lower her pants and panties and bend over the exam table, which she does. After a brief visual check of her anus, Dr Fish lubricates his gloved hand and inserts his index finger very deeply into Laura's rectum, checking it for approximately 15 seconds. Finally, he takes her rectal temperature. Then he administers two enemas to Laura, first in the Sims position and the second one in the knee chest position.

Laura feels indescribably better after her two enemas, but due to her constipation Dr Fish wants to make sure that she won't be needing a third enema - he asks her to bend over the table again and conducts another DRE, which he is satisfied with. Laura puts her legs in the stirrups for her pelvic exam, and Dr Fish capably attends to this. Lastly, Laura is back in the knee chest position for the proctoscope, which shows nothing amiss. Lastly, he gives her an injection.

As Laura dresses, Dr Fish checks Susan's vital signs, eyes and ears and then decides to do the DRE in the same way. Susan drops her pants and panties and bends over the exam table. Dr Fish spreads her buttocks apart for the cursory anal check before lubricating his finger and inserting it deeply up her bottom, making her gasp "Ooh!" from the increase of pressure in her rectum. Acknowledging the near impaction, he takes her rectal temperature.

Like her flatmate, Susan is given two enemas to clean her out and solve her immediate problem, and she comes back feeling much better. Dr Fish conducts a brief DRE with her bending over like before to make sure she won't need a third enema. Next, she is in the stirrups for her pelvic exam and then up on her elbows and knees, offering her bottom to the proctoscope.

Laura feels somewhat sore from the enemas and cleanout, and Dr Fish offers her a suppository to help ease her pain. Accepting, she bends over the table once more and has the suppository inserted into her rectum.

Feeling much better, both women dress and leave, with Dr Fish thinking how very lucky he is to be able to help such beautiful women in times of need, as well as caring and committed staff.

Laura and Susan is in two parts.  Part 1 is one hour and 5 minutes long.  Part 2 is 45 minutes long.

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