Lila's Checkup

This product was produced in 2010 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Lila is a beautiful 22 year old who hasn't had a physical exam in 9 months.  That's not terribly long, but she is obviously very health conscious.  After arriving at the Public Health Department she is taken back to the exam room by the doctor.  A urine sample is needed and Lila is given a specimen cup but unfortunately she doesn't need to go yet.  That's not a problem as there will be plenty of time to do that.

The doctor takes her medical history and vital signs and then has Lila lower her jeans and panties and lie flat on the exam for a rectal temperature which is a bit elevated.  The doctor explains that she is going to have to give her two enemas to get her cleaned out for a rectal exam and after offering Lila a gown, she goes to the bathroom to fill the enema bag while her patient undresses.

Lila has had a few enemas in her life so its not a new thing, but its also not her favorite thing.  She gets in the sims position and the doctor inserts the enema nozzle all the way into her rectum.  After moving in several different positions, the bag is finally empty and a grateful Lila goes to the bathroom.

A second enema is given with Lila up on her knees and down on her elbows.  The pressure is uncomfortable as the bag empties and she finds it much easier to lie flat on her stomach.

After the enemas, Lila is given a breast exam and then instructed to put her feet in the stirrups for a pap smear.  Beautiful images of her cervix are obtained with the lighted plastic speculum and the pap smear is obtained. 

Lila has never had a rectal exam, so the doctor has her get up on her knees again and inserts the metal rectal speculum.  After opening it completely she examines the walls of her patient's rectum.   Since her temperature was a little elevated, the doctor gets another rectal temperature before having her patient dress.

Finally, the doctor decides she needs to give Lila an injection to prevent cervical cancer and once again has her drop her pants and panties and lie prone on the exam table for a painful injection in her buttocks.


Lila's Checkup is one hour and 2 minutes long.