Lilly's Constipation Colonics

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Lilly is a lovely Scottish lass who has a bit of a problem due to eating too much junk food.  She's tried but she can't seem to have a BM.  Its an embarrassing problem for a shy girl, but she calls the Public Health Department and makes an appointment for later that day. 

After she's shown into the exam room by the nurse, she waits a few moments for Dr. Fish to come in and talk to her.  The first thing he decides to do after learning of her problem is to give her a digital rectal exam.  Reluctantly, Lilly pulls down her pants and panties and bends over the edge of the exam table.  Dr. Fish spreads her bottom apart to examine her anus and then inserts his lubricated gloved finger into her rectum.  Lilly is embarrassed because she has never had that done before!

After finding no abnormal masses, acknowledges that she is obviously constipated and orders the nurse to give her two enemas after taking her vital signs.

His nurse listens to her heart, checks her lungs, looks into her ears and mouth, and then tells Lilly that she has to take her temperature and that it has to be done in her bottom.  Lilly is glad that Dr. Fish isn't in the room for this!  She pulls her pants and panties down and lays flat on the exam table while the nurse inserts a rectal thermometer into her bottom.

After finding her temperature to be normal, the nurse instructs Lilly to remove all her clothes and put on the backless gown.

The nurse prepares Lilly's enema and tells her what's going to happen.  Lilly doesn't even know what the word means!  Once she understands, she says that her father calls them colonics and thinks they are good for you!

Lilly lays on her left side on the exam table with her bottom bare, ready for her first ever colonic and the nurse inserts the nozzle into her rectum.  Its a sensation she's not used to!

After using the toilet, the nurse tells her that the second one is going to be given with warm soapy water and an inflatable nozzle will have to be used to retain the enema.  A barium enema nozzle is inserted into Lilly's bottom and then the nurse inflates the balloon.  It makes Lilly feel like she has to have a BM.

After holding the water for as long as she can, the nurse walks Lilly to the bathroom, has her bend over, deflates the nozzle and then pulls it out of her rectum.  Gratefully, Lilly expels the soapy water.

Since its been awhile since she had a pelvic exam, Dr. Fish is going to have to do one.  Lilly lays back on the table to have her abdomen palpated and gets a breast exam.  The she is told to slide down to the end of the table and put her feet in the stirrups.  She is embarrassed to have the doctor see her vagina.  He carefully examines her genitals, spreading her labia apart.  Next he inserts two fingers into her vagina and palpates her abdomen. 

Dr. Fish then does a recto-vaginal exam with a finger in Lilly's rectum and one in her vagina.

The Public Health Department has acquired a lighted disposable speculum which Dr. Fish inserts into her vagina and opens wide to reveal her cervix.  He examines it and then does a pap smear.

Since she has had two enemas, Dr. Fish decides to take advantage of that and give her a rectal speculum exam.  Lilly is told to get up on her knees and down on her elbows.  Her anus is lubricated and then the cold steel speculum is inserted and opened.  Her rectum is revealed and nothing is amiss.

Dr. Fish let's Lilly know that all appears well but to watch her diet and if she has problems in the future, he will have to order more exams.  Perhaps a barium enema!

Lilly's Constipation Colonics is 53 minutes long.


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