Lilly's Period Cramps Part 1

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Lilly waited on the sidewalk outside the school for her mom to pick her up.  She was dressed in her white blouse, pleated skirt, white knee socks, black shoes and underneath, a plain white bra and pull white cotton panties.  She carried her backpack with her school work.  It had been a hard day because she was supposed to start her period and she was having cramps all day.  She hadn't started yet but under her panties she wore a kotex belt just in case.
Lilly's mom finally got there and drove up to the curb.  Lilly opened the door and got in.  Her mom said, "How was your day, sweetheart?"
"Terrible," replied Lilly.  "I've been having cramps all day."
"Is it time for your period?"
"Yes," said Lilly turning away.  It was a subject that she was uncomfortable with even with her mother.
"I'm concerned about this.  I have my doctor's appointment this afternoon so I'm going to take you with me.  Perhaps she will have time to see you also.  You've never had a pelvic exam and I think its time, especially since you're having problems."
"Mom!  I don't want to go to the doctor!"
"You're 18, Lilly.  You need to have a pelvic exam.  All girls have to go through this and you're no different.  I don't want to hear anymore arguing about it.  If she can see you great, if she can't then we are going to make an appointment.  You have never had bad cramps before so we need to find out what's wrong."
Lilly knew better than make too much of a fuss even though the last thing she wanted to do was go to the doctor, especially to have a pelvic exam.  Some of her friends had had that done and it sounded gross.  The only good thing about it was that her mom's doctor was a woman.  Some of her friends had to see male doctors!
After arriving at the Public Health Department, they found themselves alone in the waiting room after checking in.  They had been told that the doctor would be able to see Lilly because they weren't very busy that late in the afternoon.  
It wasn't long before the nurse appeared at the doorway with a chart in her hand and called, "Mrs. Daniels?"
"You stay here and do your homework, Lilly."
"Yes mother," replied her daughter.  She watched her mom go back to the exam room and dreaded the moment when it would be her turn.  

Margaret gets the typical exam with the nurse taking her history, having her lie face down on the table for her rectal temp, undressing, having the nurse give her two enemas, having the doctor examine her and give her a pelvic exam, breast exam, and rectal exam.  Include discussion about Lilly.  After she is finished she dresses and the doctor tells her to wait because she needs to have a tetanus shot.  The nurse comes back in and does that in her bottom.

Lilly has been trying to study but she is more worried about her upcoming exam and that's making it hard to concentrate on her homework.  Suddenly the nurse comes in and calls her name.  "Lilly Daniels?"
Lilly looks up and says, "Where's my mom?"
"She's in the exam room waiting for you.  She thought it would be best if she was with you during your exam."
"Geez.  I mean I'm 18 years old.  Its not like I'm a kid."
"I know, but mothers are mothers, you know."
Lilly is shown into the exam room and the nurse tells her to have a seat on the table.  "I'm going to ask you a few questions and then the doctor will be in, ok?"
Lilly hops up on the exam table and sits on the end of it.  Her mom is seated in a chair near the head of the table.  The nurse goes through the normal list of questions to be asked of all new gyn patients, many of which deal with her sexual history of which there is none, but its still very embarrassing for her to have to answer with her mother in the room.
After the history, the nurse takes her blood pressure and pulse and then says, "I'm going to have to take your temperature, Lilly.  We always do that in your bottom here."
"What do you mean?" asked Lilly.
"The nurse needs to take your rectal temperature, Lilly.  You need to lie down on the table."
"Mom!  No way.  Please!"
"I know you haven't had that done in a long time but its how they do it here.  Now you need to behave yourself and do as the nurse says."
"Mom," whispered Lilly, "I'm a kotex!"
"Its alright," said the nurse.  "Its certainly nothing I haven't seen before.  Go ahead and lie down."
"Can't you do it in my mouth," she begged the nurse.
"I'm afraid we have to do it the other way."
"I bet you didn't do it that way to my mom."

"Yes she did," said Mrs. Daniels.  
"Geez," said Lilly.
Lilly stretched out on the exam table and the nurse pulled out the foot slider.  
She put her head down and rested it on the pillow and her mom took her hand and held it.  "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Lilly."
"Why can't she do it like you do?"
"Its more accurate this way," said the nurse as she raised Lilly's skirt up to her waist.  She inserted her hands into the elastic of her white panties and lowered them to midthigh.  Lilly felt like a little girl instead of an 18 year old.  Except a little girl doesn't wear a kotex belt.  The belt and pad were exposed and the nurse unfastened the pad from the back part of the belt and moved the pad down to between her legs.  She took a thermometer and dipped into a jar of vaseline and spread Lilly's bottom well apart and inserted the thermometer into her rectum.  The nurse and Margaret talked about how the weather was so strange lately and Lilly tried to hide her head shly in the pillow hoping that it would all end soon.
After several minutes, the nurse removed the thermometer, looked at it, and was satisfied with the result, marking it in her chart.
"Alright.  The doctor will be in shortly to talk to you about your cramps so I want you to just wait for her.  I'm not sure what she will want to do."
The nurse left and Lilly whined and complained and Margaret became stern and insisted that she start acting like a lady instead of a child.

Several minutes later the doctor came in with Lilly's chart.  She introduced herself and said, "So how long have you had cramps?"
"Like maybe since yesterday," said Lilly.
"I see that you are supposed to start your period today."
"Yes, Ma'am."
"Do you normally get cramps when you have your period?"
"Have you been nauseated or vomited?"
"Have you had diarrhea?"
"How long has it been  since you had a BM?"
Lilly blushed and turned to her mom.  "Answer the doctor Lilly.  When did you go the bathroom last?"
"I don't know..."
"Was it today?" asked the doctor.
"Well when did you go last?"
"Maybe a couple days."
"I see.  Well, let's have a listen to your heart and lungs."
The doctor listened to Lilly's chest and then her lungs.  She looked in her eyes and ears with the scope and then tested her reflexes.  
The doctor told her to lie on her back on the table and pull her blouse up and scoot her skirt down to her hips.  The doctor listened to her bowels with the stethoscope and then palpated her abdomen.  Then she told her that she could bring her skirt back up to her waist and tuck her blouse back in.  
"OK, Lilly.  I need you to pull down your panties to mid thigh and lay on your left side facing toward your mother."
"Why?  What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to give you a rectal exam."
"Why do you have to do that?"
"Lilly, you need to cooperate and do as your told," ordered Margaret.
Lilly sighed and reached under her skirt and lowered her panties to the middle of her thighs and then turned over onto her left side.  She made sure that the skirt covered her bottom.  The doctor put on an exam glove and brought the jar of vaseline over to the exam table.  She lifted Lilly's skirt all the way up exposing her bottom and the kotex belt.  The doctor moved Lilly's right leg up a bit toward her chest and then unfastened the belt moved it down so that it was completely out of the way.  She spread her patient's bottom well apart exposing her anus.  Lilly grimaced and took her mom's hand again.  The doctor inserted her finger all the way in and moved it around in full circle.  "Bear down like you're going to have a bowel movement."
Lilly scrunched up her face and pushed.  
The doctor removed her finger and wiped the vaseline off Lilly's bottom with a Kleenex.  "I believe you're constipated.  That may be the cause of your cramps.  I'm going to have the nurse give you two enemas and then I'll be back in to do your pelvic exam."
The doctor took off her glove and Lilly did the best that she could to cover herself up.  The doctor left the room quickly and Lilly sat up.  "Mom, what's going to happen?"
"The nurse is going to come back and give you an enema."
"What's that?"
"You know what an enema is don't you?"
"She's going to put water in your bottom through a tube that she inserts. Its going to clean you out.  It doesn't sound like you've been going to the bathroom regularly have you?"
"Mom!  No.  I don't want that.  It sound gross and uncomfortable."
"It has to be done and it will make you feel much better."
Lilly adjusted her kotex belt and panties and make sure her skirt was down.  She sat on the edge of the exam table waiting like a condemned person.
A few minutes later the nurse came back in and closed the door.  She said, "So the doctor wants you to have a couple enemas, Lilly.  Have you ever had one before?"
She got the bag off the IV pole and explained to Lilly what she was going to do.  She got a gown out of the exam table drawer and handed it to Lilly and said, "I need you to undress completely, including your kotex belt and put this gown on with the opening in the back.  I'm going to go prepare your enema and I'll be back in just a few minutes.
The nurse walked out the door with the bag and Lilly was almost in tears, pleading with her mother.  "I expect you to fully cooperate with the nurse and doctor or I'm going to have your father give you a whipping when we get home.  Do you understand?"
Lilly got off the exam table and stood next to the table.  Her mom continued, "You need to undress."
Lilly resigned herself to undressing and she took her blouse off and then her skirt.  She stood in front of her mother after handing her the clothes.  She had her bra, panties, and white knee socks on, having removed her shoes earlier.
"Why do I have to take off my underwear?"
"Obviously so that the doctor can do a breast exam and a pelvic exam, Lilly.  And you have to have a bare bottom for the enema."
Lilly took off her bra and handed it to her mother and then she slowly lowered her panties.  She stepped out of them and handed them to her mother also.  She felt very embarrassed to be standing there in her kotex belt and her socks.
Meanwhile, the nurse filled the bag to about 1500 cc's and came back to the exam room.  When she entered Lilly turned toward her, facing away from her mother.  She covered her breasts with her hands and stood momentarily in shy shock.  The nurse hung up the enema bag and the fullness of it mesmerized Lilly.  "Go ahead and take your belt off.  You can put the napkin in the trash here," she said pointing to the receptacle.  "You can keep you socks on."
Lilly unfastened the pad from the front and then turned the belt around and unfastened it there also.  She took the pad and pulled it between  her legs and put it in the garbage.  She handed the belt to her mom.  The nurse told her to put the gown on with the opening in the back and lay on her left side on the exam table.
Lilly gratefully put the gown on even though she felt the air on her bottom and knew it was exposed.  Her mom tied the top tie and then Lilly got on the table.
The nurse covered her with a sheet from her waist and covering her legs.
The nurse rolled the IV pole to the end of the table, and put in enough castile soap to make the water a whitish gray.  She put on a glove and then lowered the sheet to Lilly's knees and brought the exam gown all the way up to her waist so that she was bare from her socks to her waist.  
The nurse positioned her so that her right knee was up perpendicular to her left leg.  She was lying on the pillow with her head down.  Her mother was holding her hand again.
The nurse lubricated her finger and spread Lilly's bottom apart.  Lilly felt the nurse put her finger all the way in and then take it out.  The nurse lubricated the nozzle and once again spread her bottom apart and Lilly felt the stiff plastic nozzle glide into her lubricated anus.  
"The water is going to feel strange and if you get cramps, you need to let me know and I'll stop it."
The clamp was undone and the warm water began flowing into Lilly's colon.  Being constipated she got cramps quickly and the nurse had to take her time filling the girl with the enema.  When a third of the bag was empty she had Lilly roll over onto her stomach.  The water had taken over and Lilly didn't think too much about how she was exposed.  Only the cramps.  
When the bag was two thirds empty the nurse had Lilly roll onto her right side.  Mrs. Daniels stood up and put her hand on Lilly's shoulder, kind of fascinated at the sight of the nozzle coming out of her daughter's bottom and the long clear hose leading up to the emptying bag.
Lilly started to complain that she couldn't hold it and she really needed to go to the bathroom.  "You need to take the whole bag, Lilly," said the nurse.  "The doctor wants you to be well cleaned out."
Lilly continued to complain but the nurse make her take every drop.  "I can't hold it!" complained Lilly again.
"I think she needs to go," said Mrs. Daniels.
"If she holds the enema for a few minutes it will make it work better," replied the nurse.
After a few minutes the nurse told Lilly to roll onto her stomach so she could take the nozzle out.  The extra pressure on her stomach didn't help but Lilly just wanted it out and wanted to use the bathroom.  The nurse spread the girl's bottom far apart and pulled the nozzle out.  It sprayed some water on the way out.
"Oh god!  I can't hold it, mom!"
"The bathroom is right across the hallway, Lilly.  You can wait til then."
"I can't!" she exclaimed.
Water started to squirt out of Lilly's bottom and the nurse handed her a towel and told her to keep it between her bottom cheeks and to run across the hall to the bathroom.
Lilly got off the table and held the towel over her bottom and ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

After Lilly expelled the enema she returned to the exam room.  Just her mother was there.  "I never want to have that done to me again, Mom.  It was awful and gross."
"The nurse is going to have to give you another one, Lilly.  Unfortunately one doesn't clean you out as well as two do.  Now remember what I said earlier...,"
"You don't understand!"
"Lilly the nurse had to give me two enemas also before my pelvic and rectal exam.  I know its not pleasant but its necessary."
"You just got an enema, Mom?"
"Two of them, Lilly, and I know how unpleasant it is for you.  I don't like them either."
Lily was leaning on the exam table, not totally aware that her bottom was showing from the back.  
When the nurse returned she saw that Lilly was back from the bathroom and said, "I'm going to get your next enema ready.  Make yourself comfortable for a few minutes."
Mother and daughter talked and meanwhile the nurse filled the bag and returned with it.  It had 2000 cc's in it this time.  From the drawer of the exam table she took out a different nozzle and put it on the mayo stand that was now next to the exam table right in front of the IV pole.  
On the table was a chux, the bardex nozzle, a jar of vaseline, and some exam gloves.  
"This time I'm going to use a different nozzle.  Its called a bardex nozzle.  It will help you hold the enema better."
"Are you going to put that in me?" asked Lilly pointing to the nozzle.
"There's no way that's going to fit in my butt!"
"Are you sure?" asked Mrs. Daniels.
"Yes, of course," replied the nurse.  "Now go ahead and get back on the table while I get ready."

Lilly got back on the table on her left side and the nurse covered her temporarily with the sheet again.  She attached the bardex nozzle to the hose and then put on her exam glove.  She moved the sheet down to Lilly's knees and move the gown up to her waist exposing everything from her socks to her waist.
She lubricated her finger once again and inserted it all the way into Lilly's rectum.  "Much better this time," she said.  
She lubricated the nozzle slowly and then spread Lilly's bottom well apart and slowly inserted the nozzle.  When it finally popped into place, Lilly let out an audible gasp.
The nurse squeezed the inflator and Lilly felt the nozzle inflate in her rectum.  "Mom!  It feels like I have to go to the bathroom already!"
The nurse said, "you need to relax and your muscles will get used to it."
She didn't give her any time to get used to it before she released the water.  She gave Lilly the enema just as before but when the bag was empty and Lilly was about to burst, she said that she was going to walk her to the bathroom and remove the nozzle there.
Lilly got off the table and walked across the hall, holding the bag for the nurse.  The nurse followed and when she got there she told Lilly to put the bag into the sink and bend over, reaching back and spreading her bottom apart.
The nurse deflated the bulb inside Lilly's rectum and then pulled the nozzle out and put it in the sink.  The girl gratefully sat on the toilet and waited until the nurse left before letting the contents of the enema explode into the bowl.
When she returned to the room the stirrups were pulled out and the mayo stand now had all the tools for the pelvic exam, pap smear, and rectal speculum.  "Are we almost done, mom?"
"Yes, this won't take too long.  Are you feeling better?"
"Yes.  I guess I really had to go but I couldn't this morning."
"You need to stop eating all that junk you eat with your friends.  Pizza isn't good for you."
Lilly didn't know what to say and really didn't want to make her mom angry so she just kept quiet.
The doctor came in and did a complete breast, pelvic, and rectal exam and then told Lilly to go ahead and get dressed but to wait until the nurse came back.
She took the gown off and her mom handed her the kotex belt.  She got another pad from her purse and handed it to her daughter.  She put the belt on and with her mom's help she attached the pad to front and back.
She put her bra and panties on and then blouse and skirt and finally shoes.  
"Why can't we go now?"
"I think the doctor said you needed to get a couple shots.  They are out of date.  Tetanus and Mumps I think."
"Mom, I hate shots.  You know that!"
"No one likes to get shots, Lilly but no one likes to get deathly sick either."
"Where is she going to do it, Mom?"
"I had to get one also and she did it in my bottom."
Just then the door opened and the nurse came in with a small tray that had two syringes, an a bottle of alcohol.  "You need to get a couple shots, Lilly," she said as she removed the pelvic instruments from the mayo stand and then put the tray on it.  She moved it to the opposite side of the exam table from where her mom was and continued, "I have to give these two you in your bottom so I need you to lie on your stomach again."
Lilly did as she was told, looking at her mom for support.  The nurse raised Lilly's skirt up to her waist and lowered the girl's panties to mid thigh.  Lilly once again felt embarrassed that her kotex belt was the only thing there.  The nurse opened the bottle of alcohol and put a cotton ball over the end of it and turn it upside down.  She rubbed Lilly's left buttock with it and then removed the cap from the needle.  It was 1.5 inches long and the syringe was half full.  "Lay completely flat and relax."
Lilly put her head down and her mom gave her a hand to hold onto.  The nurse jabbed the needle into Lilly's bottom and Lilly immediately cried out that it hurt.  She was almost in tears by the time the medicine was injected.
The nurse recapped the needle and then did the same thing to Lilly's other cheek.  With both shots done she told Lilly to pull her panties back up.
"All done here today.  I hope you feel better.  We'll get the lab results back on the pap smear in a couple days and I'll give you a call."
Lilly got off the table, gathered her coat and backpack.  Her mom thanked the nurse and followed her daughter out.

Lilly's Period Cramps Part 1 is 40 minutes long.

Lilly's Period Cramps Part 1 is 40 minutes long.

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