Marathon Medical Exam

This product was produced in 2012 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Penny is about to enter the most demanding marathon of her life and she is very excited about it.  One of the things that she wants to make sure of is that she's in good health before the event. 

After a long run, Penny takes a nice long shower and then reports to the Public Health Department.  She is shown into the exam room and Dr. Claw is soon there to go over her patient's medical history.  Penny has been to the PHD before so she her medical history is already complete.  After taking her vital signs, Dr. Claw has Penny lower her pants and underwear and bend over the exam table for a digital rectal exam.  After moving her finger around inside of Penny's bottom, Dr. Claw determines that her patient is probably constipated, of not impacted.  Penny confesses that she hasn't had a bowel movement in several days and her diet has been high in protein and low in fiber to get herself ready for her marathon. 

Dr. Claw takes her rectal temperature and then suggests to Penny that she needs a couple of enemas to get her system back in line.  Penny is no stranger to a good cleansing and agrees that it would be good for her.  Dr. Claw gives the runner two large enemas that do a very good job of cleansing her colon.

It's been too long since Penny has had a pelvic exam and Dr. Claw administers a complete pap smear, breast exam, and pelvic exam to her patient.  Before leaving the building, Penny has Dr. Claw check out her feet because she has been having a lot of pain.  Dr. Claw doesn't think that it's broken, but she does suspect that it's been sprained.  After prescribing a brace for Penny's ankle, the two women say their goodbyes and Penny is wished the best of luck in her upcoming marathon.

This video stars Jennifer who is one of our most popular models.  She has been in Flight Attendant's Physicals, Head of Household, Bag Man, and several others.  Look for her in future great videos!

Marathon Medical Exam is 58 minutes long.

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