Margaret Daniels Visits her General Practitioner

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Margaret Daniels woke up this morning with a sore throat and she's concerned about strep throat.  She had it as a kid a few times and it was pretty awful.  Like most people, she hates going to the doctor but she was raised to take care of herself and if that meant a visit to the doctor then that is what was done.  Whenever she was sick growing up, her mother took her to Dr. Fish. 

Margaret just turned 25 and has been married for over a year.  She's very happy in her new life and looking forward to raising a family.  Her husband works for his father's insurance business and plans to take it over several years from now when his dad retires.  He makes enough money that they have a nice house a new car.  Like most women of the era, she doesn't work.  She has joined the Women's Club and does charity work.

After showering and dressing in her dark purple dress, full white panties and bra, she drove herself to the doctor's office.  After signing in she has a seat in the waiting room and finds the current copy of Life magazine.  Like most people, she has a hard time concentrating on the magazine.  Margaret can't help but remember those times growing up when her mom would take her to the doctor if she didn't feel well.  How many times had she ended up getting a shot in her bottom?  No matter how old one gets, those childhood memories always surface.  Even though she was 25, she was still very shy and modest.

She thumbed through the magazine and waited.  The office was quiet today so she knew it wouldn't be long before she was called back.  She liked Dr. Fish.  Well as much as anyone can like their doctor.  He was older now but had been taking care of her since she was a baby.  She'd gone to him before she got married a year ago for her first pelvic exam.  She'd never had sex before marrying Jim so she didn't feel it necessary to go until she was engaged.  Dr. Fish was the only man who had seen her so exposed until she got married. 

Margaret felt like she might have a fever.  Her throat was sore and she felt hot.  There was another problem that she'd been having in the past few days.  She hadn't had a bowel movement.  She felt sluggish and uncomfortable.  She certainly didn't want all that brought up when she saw the doctor and she hoped no one would ask.

After a few more minutes, a nurse appeared at the doorway and called, "Margaret Daniels?"

Margaret put the magazine down and walked through the door and followed the nurse to the exam room.  The door was closed and the nurse told Margaret to put her purse on the table and have a seat on the exam table.

"I'm Nurse Roberts.  I see from the chart that you called in because you weren't feeling very well today."

"That's correct," answered Margaret.  "I seem to have quite a bad sore throat and I'm feeling a bit flushed."

"Do you know if you have a fever?"

"I don't really know.  I didn't take my temperature."

"Well, let's see.  When was your last physical?"

"Its been a bit over a year ago.  I had one before I got married."


"Thank you so much.  We just celebrated our first year anniversary last week."

"Do you have any medical problems besides your throat?"

Margaret was raised to always tell the truth.  She looked at the floor and tried to avoid the nurse's question. 

"Margaret?" encouraged the nurse.

"Well," stammered Margaret.  "It's a bit embarrassing."

"Well its quite alright.  Please.  What else is bothering you?"

Margaret cleared her throat.  "Um..., well I haven't been able to go to the bathroom for three days."

"I see.  So you're constipated?" asked the nurse.

"I guess so.  I don't think it has anything to do with my throat though."

"Perhaps not.  I'll make a note of it in your chart though."

"I'm sure its nothing," said Margaret.

The nurse put down the chart and took Margaret's wrist and felt her pulse.  She made a note in her chart that her pulse was a bit elevated.  Next she said, "I'm going to go ahead and take your blood pressure."
The nurse wrapped the cuff around Margaret's arm and pumped it up and listened with her stethoscope until she heard the beating of her heart.  She noted the diastolic and systolic measurements in her chart.  The nurse put the cuff back and said, "I'm going to have to take your temperature.  I need you to go ahead and pull down your panties and lay on your stomach."

One of the things she really hated about going to the doctor was having her temperature taken.  At home she always did it in her mouth.  "Can't you take it in my mouth?" she pleaded.

"I'm sorry but its most accurate if its done rectally and that's the way that Dr. Fish prefers it.  I know it's a bit embarrassing but I've seen lots of bottoms so you don't have to worry about that."

"Well its still very embarrassing," said Margaret with her southern accent.  Margaret laid down on the table on her back and slipped her hands under her dress and put her fingers in the elastic of her panties and lowered them off her hips.  She turned over knowing that her dress would still cover her bottom and upper legs.  She watched while the nurse took a rectal thermometer from the drawer and a jar of vaseline.  She shook the thermometer down and then dipped the bulb into the vaseline.  The nurse moved Margaret's dress up until it was around her waist.  Her panties were just below her bottom but the nurse took the elastic and lowered them to mid thigh.  Margaret was very embarrassed to have her complete bottom exposed.  She felt the nurse spread her bottom apart to expose her anus and then she felt the thermometer being inserted.  The nurse asked her a few more questions about her sore throat, like how long she had had it, if anyone else she knew had the same symptoms, or if her husband was ill.

After a few minutes, the nurse spread Margaret's bottom apart and removed the thermometer.  She read it and said, "You do have a bit of a fever.  100 degrees."  She noted it in the chart and then took a tissue and wiped the vaseline off anus and threw it in the trash.  She said, "You can pull up your panties. Just sit on the table until the doctor comes in."

Gratefully Margaret pulled up her panties and sat on the edge of the table.  The nurse left and closed the door behind her.

Minutes passed that seemed longer.  Margaret fiddled with her dress and looked around the room.  She hated all the things that she saw.  There was an IV pole in the corner that had a large yellow enema bag hanging from it.  At the end of the tube was a black enema nozzle.  Margaret remembered the time that her mother gave her an enema when she was growing up.  She hadn't been able to go to the bathroom.  She remembered laying over her mother's lap and having the nozzle inserted into her bottom.  She cried and hated the feeling of the water inside her.  It made her feel a little sick but mostly she was embarrassed about the procedure. 

A few moments later there was a knock at the door and Dr. Fish entered the room accompanied by his nurse.  He smiled when he saw Margaret.  She was one of the patients that he had seen since beginning his practice 25 years ago.  He shook her hand and said, "I see that you're not feeling very well today."

"Yes," she said.  "I woke up with a sore throat."

"I see that," he said as he looked through her chart.  "You have a bit of a fever, too."  He read the chart quickly while she sat there feeling self conscious.  He put it down after a couple minutes and took a tongue depressor from the container on the shelf.  He took his light and told her to open her mouth.  He put the tongue depressor in and told her to say "Ahhhh."

He looked at her throat and said, "Yes, its quite inflamed."  He took the tongue depressor out and she closed her mouth.  Then he took his stethoscope and put the ear pieces in his ear and listened to her lungs from the back through her dress.  He asked her to take in a deep breath and then let it out.  After several times he asked, "would you please unbutton your dress so I can listen to your heart?"

Margaret unbutton her dress in the front and the doctor put his stethoscope on her chest and listened to her heart in several places.  When he was finished he told her to button up her dress.          

He made a few more notes in her chart and said to Nurse Roberts, "please prepare an injection for me.  Three cc's of penicillin IM."

"Yes, doctor."  The nurse left the room.

Dr. Fish said, "I see that you've not had a BM for three days.  Is that normal for you?"

Margaret was embarrassed to talk about something like that.  But he was the doctor and one always had to answer a doctor with the truth.  "No, its not."

"Do you have a good diet?  Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables?"

"Yes, I think I do."  Margaret didn't want to talk about it.

"I see that its been over a year since your last pelvic exam.  Now that you're married, you should have that done every year."

"Yes, I was meaning to make an appointment to have that done," she replied.  Margaret was more concerned about his order to his nurse.  "Am I going to get a shot?"

"Yes.  I'm going to give you a shot of penicillin," he replied.  He picked up a prescription pad and wrote a prescription for penicillin tablets.  "I'm going to give you a prescription for penicillin also.  You need to take one a day for five days.  That should take care of the infection in your throat."

"Do I have to have a shot?"

"Yes, I think so.  Its important to make sure this doesn't get worse."

"Where am I going to get it?" asked Margaret with concern.

"I'm afraid its going to have to be in your bottom."

"Can't you do it in my arm?"

"I'm afraid not.  It has to be given in your muscle.  Its going to be painful but it will be over pretty quickly."

Dr. Fish handed Margaret the prescription and she reached over to her purse and put it in. 

"Since its been a year since your last physical, I'd like to go ahead and do that today.  I'm also concerned about your constipation problem since you say you've been eating properly.  We need to do a pelvic exam and a rectal exam."

"Oh please, doctor, I'm sure its just a passing thing."

"Well since you say you're eating properly then I need to make sure its not being caused by something more serious.  And you do need to have that Pap test done every year."

Margaret looked at her hands as she sat on the exam table.  There was a quick knock on the door and Nurse Roberts entered with a white porcelain container that contained the syringe.  Dr. Fish said, "OK, let's get this over with Margaret.  Go ahead and lay down on your stomach on the exam table please."

Margaret felt like she was 10 years old again.  Dr. Fish raised Margaret's dress up to her waist.  Margaret starred ahead and she felt his fingers in the elastic of her panties.  "Lift up a bit, Margaret," he said and she felt her panties being lowered to the top of her legs.  She felt the air on her bottom and it made her very aware that she was exposed.  Dr. Fish took a cotton swab from the container and opened a bottle of alcohol.  He soaked the swab with alcohol and opened the sterile container.  He took the glass syringe from the white container and brought it up, pointing the long needle at the ceiling.  Margaret turned her head and watched seeing how long the needle was that was going in her bottom. 

Dr. Fish made sure there was exactly three CC's of medicine in the syringe and then said, "OK, Margaret.  Go ahead and put your head down and relax your bottom."

Nurse Roberts stood at the other side of the exam table near Margaret's head.  She gave Margaret a tissue in case she cried.  It wasn't uncommon even for young adults.

Dr. Fish rubbed the alcohol on Margaret's bottom and the put his hand on her bottom and jabbed the long needle into her muscle.  Margaret gasped and clenched the tissue in her hand.  Dr. Fish pulled back on the plunger a bit and then slowly injected the medicine into Margaret's bottom.  The medicine really stung and Margaret felt her eyes sting with tears.  "God it hurts!" she exclaimed.

"I know.  This isn't a pleasant shot at all," said Nurse Roberts.

After the medicine was injected, Dr. Fish withdrew the needle and put the syringe back in the white container.  He rubbed the area with alcohol and then pulled up her panties for her. 

"I'm going give Margaret a complete exam, Nurse Roberts," he said to his nurse.  "I'm going to give her a pelvic exam and then a proctoscope exam so I'm going to have to have you give her two enemas."

"Yes, doctor," she replied.

"Margaret, I have some other patients to see.  Nurse Roberts is going to get you ready and I'll be back in a while to finish up, ok?"

"Why do I have to have an enema?" asked Margaret excitedly.

"I'm going to have to have a look in your rectum to make sure everything is alright there.  If you haven't had a BM in three days I'm sure you need to be cleaned out.  It will probably solve your constipation problem but we need to make sure you don't have a mass in there."

Margaret was sitting on the edge of the table after pulling up her panties and lowering her skirt.  "Please," she begged.  "I don't want to have an enema!"

Dr. Fish had headed toward the door and the nurse replied, "I know that getting an enema isn't going to be pleasant, Miss Daniels, but its necessary."  She opened the drawer to the exam table and removed a white hospital gown and a white sheet.  "I want you to step behind that partition over there and undress completely.  Please put the gown on with the opening in the back."  She put the sheet on the table.

Nurse Roberts took the yellow enema bag from the IV pole and left the room with it.  Margaret got off the table and wanted desperately to run from the room.  Instead she walked over to the chair behind the partition and unbuttoned her dress.  She slipped it off her shoulders and down her legs.  She stepped out of it and folded it neatly on the chair.  Next she unfastened her bra and put it on top of her dress.  Reluctantly she pulled her panties down and off and then tucked her panties and bra under her dress.  Margaret put on the exam gown with the opening in the back and tied the top.  She went back to the exam table and sat on it, dreading what was to come.

A few moments later the nurse returned with a bulging enema bag.  She hung it on the IV pole and moved it to the end of the exam table.  She took the white sheet from the table and unfolded it saying, "I need you to lie on your left side."

Margaret did as she was told and the nurse covered her legs with the sheet.  Then she moved the exam gown so that Margaret's bottom was fully exposed from her waist to mid thigh where the sheet rested.  She instructed Margaret to straighten out her left leg and move her right leg so that it was perpendicular to her body.  Nurse Roberts put on an exam glove and opened the container of vaseline again and put some on her index finger.  She spread some on the nozzle and then spread Margaret's bottom apart to expose her anus.  "I'm going to lubricate you now," she said.

Margaret felt the greasy finger enter her rectum and then withdrew.  "I'm going to insert the nozzle now.  I want you to take a deep breath and bear down."

Margaret did as she was told and she felt the wide nozzle being inserted into her bottom.  She gasped at the intrusion.  There was a click and then the water began to flow into her intestines.  It had been hears since she'd been over her mother lap for an enema but she remembered the feeling of the water coursing through her.

In a moment, the nurse told her to roll over onto her stomach.  She felt very embarrassed to have the tube sticking out of her bottom with the sheet doing nothing to protect her modesty.

The bag was almost empty and the nurse told Margaret to roll onto her right side.  From there she could clearly see the almost empty bag with the long hose going toward her.  She was feeling very full and uncomfortable and wanted the enema to end.  Just when she thought it would, the nurse asked her if she could hold it for awhile.  "No!  I really need to use the bathroom!"

"Very well.  I'm sure you're quite full if you haven't had a bowel movement in three days.  Roll onto your stomach."

Margaret rolled onto her stomach and she felt the nurse pull the nozzle from her bottom.  She quickly threw off the sheet and got off the exam table.  The nurse told her that the bathroom was right outside the door.  Margaret hurried through the door to the bathroom not being too concerned that the gown was open in the back.

After expelling the enema, Margaret went back to the exam room.  She said, "I really don't want another one of those.  That was terrible!"

"I understand but Dr. Fish has ordered two of them.  I'm going to go prepare your next enema.  Just relax on the table."

Margaret got up on the table and watched the nurse take the enema bag back to fill it.  She noticed that this time there was a different nozzle on it.  It seemed wider at the end and had a separate hose coming from the nozzle with a black thing.  She covered her legs with the sheet and waited.

Nurse Roberts returned with the full enema bag and explained that Margaret was going to have to hold the enema for ten minutes to make sure she was cleaned out.  Margaret said, "I don't think I'll ever be able to do that!"

"This time I'm using an inflatable nozzle.  After I insert it I will inflate it and that will help you hold the enema."

"That's not going to fit in me!"

"Of course it will.  Now lay on your left side again."

Margaret laid on her left side again and felt the sheet being lowered and the gown being opened.  She felt the finger in her rectum again and then she felt the first part of the nozzle being pushed into her rectum.  The nurse told her to bear down and she felt the wide inflatable nozzle being pushed through her anus.  She literally gasped at the sensation.  After it was in she could feel it but then she heard the hissing of air and felt the balloon inflate in her rectum.  It made her feel like she had to go to the bathroom.

The procedure was repeated but this time when all the water was out of the bag and in Margaret's intestines, she had to wait ten long minutes before being told that she could use the bathroom.  This time, the nurse followed her to the bathroom with the enema nozzle still in her bottom.  She bent over and felt the relief of it being deflated and then felt it being pulled from her rectum.

Once back in the exam room she found it empty but the stirrups were out and a tray with a speculum, swabs, and slides was out.  There was also another instrument that was on the table.  It was a long silver metal tube with several attachments.

In a few moments the nurse and doctor came back into the exam room.  Margaret was sitting on the table with her feet dangling.  She had covered herself up with the sheet again.  The doctor said, "Go ahead and lay back and put your feet in the stirrups."

Reluctantly Margaret did as she was told.  The nurse opened the sheet so that it covered her from her knees to her waist.  Dr. Fish sat on his stool and between her legs which were wide apart.  A light displayed her vagina.  He explained what he was going to do and she soon felt his fingers examining her.  He put his fingers into her vagina and felt everywhere.  He palpated her abdomen with his fingers still inside her. 

Finally he withdrew his fingers and then applied lubricant to his middle finger.  He said, "I'm going to insert my finger in your rectum and vagina now."

It was the part that Margaret hated.  She felt his fingers slide into her and he moved them around all over.

Next he told her that he was going to insert the speculum and that it would be cold.  She felt him spread her labia apart and then the cold metal was inserted.  He opened it all the way up and it was uncomfortable.  Margaret stared at the ceiling wishing that it was all over.  He took several swabs of her cervix before removing the speculum.

"You can take your feel out of the stirrups, Margaret," he said.

Gratefully she took her feet out and slipped back to ward the head of the table.  He took his stethoscope and put it in his ears.  He moved the sheet down a bit and said, "I'm going to check your abdomen, Margaret. I need the gown up to your chest."

He took the hem of the gown and brought it up to below her breasts.  She knew that her pubic hair was exposed because the sheet didn't cover her that far down.  He didn't seem to care as he moved his hands around her abdomen and listened to her bowels with the scope.

Next he said he was going to have to examine her breasts.  He lowered her gown to cover her and then unsnapped the sleeves so that it fell off her shoulders and exposed her breasts.  She was very self conscious.  He did a thorough breast exam and then covered her back up.  She was glad that he was almost finished. 

"As I mentioned, Margaret, I'm going to have to do a rectal exam."  He took the proctoscope from the table and showed it to her.

"This will be inserted into your rectum and I'll be able to look through here and see if there is anything wrong."

"Will it hurt?" she asked.

"No but it may feel uncomfortable.  I'm going to have to pump some air in and you'll feel a bit bloated but nothing should hurt."

"OK, but please..., I'm really embarrassed about all this."

"I understand but don't be.  I'm just interested in making sure you're ok."

"I need you to get up on your knees and down on your chest," he said.

Margaret moved around so that she was up on her knees and rested her chest on the pillow.  The doctor moved her gown to the side to fully expose her bottom.  She tried not to think about the position she was in but she felt completely exposed, which she was.

The first thing he did was to give her a very thorough rectal exam.  She felt his lubricated finger to deep into her rectum.  He told her to bear down and push against it.  He moved it all around the inside of her rectum.

After he remove it he inserted the long metal proctoscope.  He removed the obturator and attached the lens.  Margaret was told to relax and she heard the air being pumped by the little bellows and she felt air in her rectum like if she had to pass gas.  He moved the instrument in and move it around.  It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable.  It took several minutes and she held her breath hoping it wouldn't hurt. 

"Well it all looks fine," he said as he removed the lens and put the obturator back in.  "I think your problem is one of diet so I want you to make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  I don't want you to be eating at that new McDonalds place, ok?"

"Yes, sir," she replied.

"I'll be seeing you next year.  You make sure you make that appointment."



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