Maura's Enema Request

This product was produced in 2010 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Maura is a beautiful woman of 39 who is too embarrassed to go to her regular doctor.  Why?  Well as she admits during her history and physical she and her boyfriend want to have anal sex.  She's never had it before and she's nervous about it.  Most people who come to the Public Health Department are surprised and shocked to learn that they have to receive an enema or two as part of their exam.  Maura has come to the PHD with the request that she be given an enema and rectal exam so that she knows she is prepared for her first anal sex experience.

Nurse Sabrina takes her vital signs including the dreaded rectal temperature.  Maura calls the practice barbaric, but Nurse Sabrina assures her that  its the most accurate method.

Maura gets her with when Sabrina tells her to undress completely while she fills the first enema bag.  Maura is surprised at the volume she's to be given!  She lies on her left side and Sabrina exposes her bottom and inserts the nozzle into her tight anus.  She handles the water ok but is very worried about making a mess on the way to the bathroom.

For the second enema, Sabrina fills the bag a bit further and puts in some castile soap.  But this time she attaches the inflatable nozzle to make certain that Maura holds the enema.

With her bottom well cleaned out, Maura is ready to have a pelvic exam.  After explaining that its normal procedure for the PHD to do a pelvic exam, Maura accepts it, happy that everything is going to be check out thoroughly.  Dr. Fish, Jr., comes in and gives her the pelvic exam.  He gets some very good images of her cervix as he takes the swabs. 

After explaining what he has to do including showing her the rectal speculum, Maura gets up on her knees and feels the cold instrument inserted into her rectum.  Dr. Fish opens it so that he gets a very good view of her rectum.

Before leaving, Dr. Fish tells Maura that she's going to have to have an injection.  She's surprised and scared at the thought and it only gets worse when Nurse Sabrina comes back in and tells her that its going to have to be given in her bottom.  Maura lies on the exam table on her stomach with her bottom fully exposed while the nurse prepares the injection. 

Finally her exam is over and Maura happily dresses and returns home to try something new with her boyfriend.

Maura's Enema Request is One Hour and 3 minutes long.

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