Melissa Hayes Visits Dr. Shelbourne

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                Melissa was very nervous as she opened the door that had a simple sign that said, Dr. Ruth Shelbourne Annex.  She had been told by her husband that she had a 4:30 appointment to see this doctor.  She knew it had something to do with his recent discovery that she had cheated on him with a mutual friend at the country club.  Melissa was dressed in a business suit.  When she opened the door she saw that it lead downstairs to a basement room that was largely unfinished.  It looked like a back alley abortion clinic, at least in her imagination anyway. 

At the bottom of the stairs was an area with a couple seats and a sign that simply said, "Please be Seated."

                She did as she was told, clutching her purse that had the letter in it from her husband to be given to the doctor.

                After a few minutes, a nurse dressed in white comes into the room and introduces herself as Nurse Sabrina.

                Sabrina says, "Why don't you go ahead and have a seat here and Dr. Shelbourne will be with you shortly.  Can you tell me briefly what brings you to see us today?"  

                "My husband asked me to visit Dr. Shelbourne.  I'm afraid that it's something that even I don't really understand.  I mean... it's very personal."

                The woman was wearing a dark business suit and looked as if she had just gotten off work.  Sabrina asked, "I can understand that, but I really need to have some medical history.  I assume you are here for some ailment.  Is that correct?"

                "Yes, it a way," replied the woman.  "My problem is quite embarrassing to me, and I have to confess that I am here only at the request of my husband.  If it were my choice, I would be elsewhere.  I certainly don't want to discuss this with more people than absolutely necessary."

                "Who is your husband?" asked Sabrina.

                "His name is Benjamin Hayes.  I'm his wife Melissa.  He travels a lot since he's the president of his company.  You may not have heard of Hayes Software Consultants, but he's one of the biggest software engineers in the country."

                "In face I have heard of them," answered Sabrina.  "I have a lot of interest in computer technology."

                "Good for you," replied Melissa, letting Sabrina know that she really had no interest at all.

                "Forgive me for saying this, but why would you choose to visit Dr. Shelbourne.  I mean she's an excellent doctor, but this is a clinic for indigent people.  Our clientele is somewhat... shall I say, poor?"

                "I'm not sure about that," said Melissa.  "All I know is that Benjamin made the appointment with Dr. Shelbourne."

                "I see.  Well, I'll let Dr. Shelbourne know you are here."  Sabrina left the room feeling a bit sorry for the woman.  Young women didn't come to visit Dr. Shelbourne this time of day unless they here to be punished.

                Sitting in the exam room, Melissa, nervously looks at the instruments that lay openly displayed on the table.  It had been two days since she had confessed to her husband that she had cheated on him.  He had returned from a trip overseas and her sense of guilt overcame her and she had told him that she had briefly had an affair with someone at the country club.  It had been a difficult thing for her to tell him, but he had accepted it calmly.  She hadn't really expected anger.  He was a very calm man.  But he was also very controlling.  Melissa wouldn't have told her at all except that she knew he would eventually discover what had happened.

                They talked about it, and Melissa had cried openly telling her beloved husband that she knew she had done something terribly wrong.  Half expecting him to divorce her, she was surprised that he had never mentioned that ultimate sanction.  It would be the end of life, as she knew it.  Not that she was untalented, but her life revolved around the life of her husband.  In fact she loved her dearly.  She would do anything for her.  That was obvious because she was here, at this dirty clinic run by Dr. Shelbourne, visiting a physician that she would never have seen under normal circumstances.  Her own doctor was a respected woman gynecologist.  Melissa was intensely shy about her body and dreaded the thought that a strange woman would possibly see her. 

                Melissa knew that her husband had talked in person to Dr. Shelbourne, but Benjamin had instructed her to bring a sealed envelope with her to give to the doctor.  She had no idea what it said.  She had it in her purse.

                Ten minutes passed and Dr. Shelbourne entered the room with Sabrina in tow.  She reached for the chart Sabrina handed to her and discovered that no information had been written.  Only her name appeared on the chart.

                "You are Mrs. Hayes, aren't you," she said suddenly realizing who she was.

                "Yes ma'am, that's correct."

                Sabrina was a bit surprised that the elegant woman would address the doctor as ma'am, but she stood there silently.

                Dr. Shelbourne looked down at Melissa as she sat in the chair.  He said, "I believe you have something for me."

                Melissa opened her purse and took the envelope and handed it to her, unable to look in hers eyes.

                Dr. Shelbourne tore the envelope open, removed the one page letter, scanned it briefly and then handed it back to her.  "Read it to me."

                "Oh please," she begged.  "Please don't ask me to do that."

                "I want you to read to me what your husband has instructed."



Dear Ruth,

                Thank you very much for taking the time to see my wife, Melissa.  It is with the deepest remorse that I have asked you to see her because she has recently confessed to having a short affair with a fellow member of the Country Club.  That individual has since been removed from the club, but there are several issues that must be resolved before my marriage can continue.

                I'm asking you as a fellow member of the Fraternal Order of Domestic Disciplinarians to examine my wife for any possible sexually transmitted diseases.  In addition, I want my wife to be punished.  I don't feel that it would be possible for me to objectively handle that.  The pain in my heart is deep, but she wants very much to make our marriage work.  I love her deeply.  She knows that the only way things will continue with us is to submit herself to you.  She has experienced corporal punishment growing up.  It is a subject that she is deeply embarrassed about.  I would suggest that you have her explain those events of her past and use them as a pattern for the present.

                The only thing she does know is that I must have a positive report from you at which time all past transgressions will be forgiven. 



Benjamin Hayes.


                Melissa felt the tears in her eyes as she read the letter.  Her mind was awash in questions.  Dr. Shelbourne looked at her and said, "I know this must be very difficult for you.  You must know that you are here of your own accord.  You can leave if you wish.  But if you agree to stay and comply with what your husband has requested, I will let her know that you are worthy of his attention."

                "I know," answered Melissa.  "I know that I have to do this.  I made a terrible mistake and I have to atone for what I've done.  Tell me something though, what is the Fraternal Order of Domestic Disciplinarians?"

                "It is an organization that your husband belongs to.  I know you haven't been married long, but I've known Benjamin for many years.  We believe that a woman must be submissive to her husband.  I know that is old fashioned, but there are as many women who believe that as well.  I think you should know that your husband believes that.  I know that you believe it also or you wouldn't be here."

                "Yes.  I suppose that's true.  It's very hard to accept that, but I want to be with him.  What does it mean about corporal punishment?"

                Dr. Shelbourne answered, "You are going to be spanked.  I realize that's a very strange thought for a woman your age.  But nothing clears the air as quickly.  You've done something terribly wrong.  You've violated the trust of your marriage.  After this is over, you will be released of your guilt.  How were you spanked growing up?

"Please.  It was very embarrassing for me.  I don't like talking about it."

"Your husband obviously knows that and insists that you tell me."

Melissa looked at the floor and said, "When I was younger she took me over her knee.  When I was older I had to bend over something."

"And when you were younger what did she use on you?"

"Just her hand."

"And later?"

"She used my father's belt."

"That's very effective, isn't it?" asked Dr. Shelbourne

"Oh yes.  I hated it.  I didn't get it often."

"When did you get your last one from her?"

Melissa stammered and replied, "I was 18.  I took some money from her purse."

"I'm sure that was embarrassing.  But I think perhaps its been too long.  Describe how she spanked when you were younger."

"I would have to go to my room and wait and then she would come in and sit in a chair.  She would make me pull down my panties and hold me skirt up to my waist while she scolded me.  Then I would have to go over her lap.  After she was done I had to stand in the corner."

"How did she spank you when you were 18?"

"It was much worse.  I had to go to my room.  She told me to undress completely.  When she came in she scolded me and then took my father's belt and told me to bend over the edge of the bed.  She whipped me good!"

"You are going to be spanked twice today.  Once over my knee like your mom did and then bending over the exam table for the strap."

                "You are seriously going to spank me like a little girl?"

                "You will be spanked like a little girl over my knee, and you will be given a strapping like an adult.  I am also going to have to give you a very thorough physical examination.  Do you have any questions?"

                Melissa looked down and said, "No ma'am."

                Dr. Shelbourne pulled the chair from the wall where Melissa had previously waited and placed it in the middle of the exam room.  She sat down and directed Melissa to face her.  "I must ask you to raise your skirt, please."

                "Please... can't you do this over my clothes," asked Melissa.  "I'm really very shy about my body."

                "I doubt you were shy when you were having sex with the gentleman from the club.  No, Mrs. Hayes, spankings are always given on the bare bottom.  Please raise your skirt and lower your panties to your knees."

Melissa felt the tears sting her eyes as she reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up until it was above her waist.  Underneath her skirt, Melissa wore traditional garter and stockings with black matching panties.  Dr. Shelbourne was somewhat surprised that she didn't wear pantyhose and commented on that.  "Benjamin won't allow me to buy them.  He thinks pantyhose are disgusting."

"Well its good that you comply with at least that wish," replied Dr. Shelbourne.  "Stand closer to me, please."

Melissa stepped in front of Dr. Shelbourne and tried to concentrate on something other than her hands that had found the elastic of her panties and was pulling them down.  She wished that she had at least been over hers lap before he did that.  When they were at her knees she said, "this isn't very enjoyable is it, Melissa?"

"No ma'am," she said.  "I'm really quite embarrassed.

"Now, I'm going to have Nurse Sabrina ask you some questions about your medical health while you stand here like this.  You are to stand with your hands holding up your skirt.  Do you understand?"


"Go ahead, Nurse."

Nurse Sabrina took her clipboard and asked,  "Do you have a family history of cancer?"


"Heart disease?"

"Yes.  My father."
                "Have you had a sexually transmitted disease?"


"Did you engage in oral sex with the man you had an affair with?"

"Why is that important?"

"You are simply to answer the questions."


"Did you have vaginal intercourse with him?"

"Of course."

"Did you have anal sex with him?"

"I don't see that it is any of your business."

"Very well.  I will let your husband know that you haven't cooperated."

"Ok.  Yes I had anal sex with him."

"Very well.  Dr. Shelbourne, I'm finished."

Melissa felt totally humiliated standing there with her hands holding up her skirt, her skirt at her waist and her panties at her knees.  Knowing that in a few moments she was going to be spanked.

Dr. Shelbourne her took her wrist and gently pulled her over hers lap.  Melissa felt totally undignified as she now stared at the floor with her bottom up to be spanked!

She felt Dr. Shelbourne's hand on her bottom and it wasn't altogether unpleasant.  But with no warning she lifted it and began spanking her.  It wasn't terribly bad at first, but her bottom soon began to really hurt.  She alternated hers spanks from one side to the other in a consistent pattern.  In no time at all she was squirming all over hers lap and begging her to stop.  She had never imagined that the simple hand spanking she was getting could be so painful. 

She stopped and let her absorb the stinging pain that she had caused.  She was on the verge of crying as she found the spanking to be humiliating and painful.  Her embarrassment at having her bottom bare was now being displaced by the pain she felt. 

"Now you know what happens when the vows you've made to your husband are broken.  You should never have cheated on him."

"I know," stammered Melissa.  I'm terribly sorry for what I've done to him!"

"Unfortunately you've only begun to experience the severity of corporal punishment.  In ancient times a wife would have been stoned to death for what you've done.  Even in some countries a husband would be allowed to kill hers wife for cheating on her.  You are fortunate that your husband loves you enough to keep you."

"I know that also," answered Melissa.  "I just wish he were the one doing this.  This is so embarrassing!"

"Sometimes its best to have an objective person deal with such matters.  You are proving to him by your actions today that you are sincerely willing to make your marriage work."

Dr. Shelbourne began spanking Melissa again and it was almost immediate that she found herself almost unable to hold still.  She began crying as the intensity of the spanking increased.  She felt as if she were six years old and the stinging pain she felt from her hand as it went from one side of her bottom to the other made her sob and squirm.  She held her in place with a strong left arm wrapped around her waist. 

It probably only took two or three minutes, but it seemed like forever.  Finally her hand stopped and rested once again on her bare skin.  "I know that was difficult for you," she said.  Her own hand was stinging from the spanking she had given her.  "But what you've felt is only the first of two spankings you will be given today.  But in the mean time you will be examined to make sure that you've contracted no sexually transmitted diseases.  You can go ahead and stand up."

Melissa pushed herself off her lap and stood, immediately putting her hands behind her and rubbing her bottom.  She had never been so humiliated and now she once again stood before the two women with her panties at her ankles and openly displayed in the front. 

 "You are to undress completely and stand in the corner until I return."

Melissa went behind the dressing screen.  She unbuttoned her blouse and folded it neatly on the chair.  Next she unfastened her bra and placed it there also.  She wished that she could leave her stockings on, but he had told her to remove everything and she didn't want to disobey.  She unfastened the clasps of the garter and slid the stockings down her legs.  She unhooked the garter and took it off and stood completely naked.  Nurse Sabrina was still in the exam room so she stayed behind the partition, grateful for the privacy she thought it provided.

She walked to the corner and stood facing it, unable to believe that she was actually doing that!  She hadn't done this since she was 18.  Now she was 30 years old and forced to stand in the corner as if she were 3!  Even worse was the fact that she was completely naked!  Rarely was she comfortable enough to parade around that way.  Her husband likes to see her that way and she had gotten used to that.  But even her lover at the country club and never seen her so displayed.  Their sessions occurred in the dark mostly.  Part of her wanted to put her clothes back on and leave, for nothing but her resolve and determination to make her marriage work made her stay here.  The fact that she was here of her own free will made her realize that she needed this kind of punishment. 

Ten minutes passed and Dr. Shelbourne knocked on the door and entered again.  She was pleased to find Mrs. Hayes standing in the corner as she had instructed.  She noted that she was a very beautiful woman with her long hair flowing down to the middle of her back.  Her bottom was still very red and she knew it must be quite sore. 

            "Turn around," she ordered.

            Melissa did as she was asked, but quickly covered her front and her breasts with her arms.  Dr. Shelbourne said, "No, you are not to cover yourself.  You have given up your right to modesty.  I'm not going to give you a gown to put on.  You are going to be naked for your examination.

                "Go ahead and sit on the end of the exam table, Mrs. Hayes," requested Dr. Shelbourne.  Melissa walked to the end of the table and pushed herself up in a sitting position.  She felt the sheet covering the padded table against her bare skin, making her realize now naked she was.  Dr. Shelbourne took an otoscope from hers table and walked to Melissa's side.  Gently, she pushed back her hair uncovering her ear.  He put the scope inside her ear, turned on the light and examined her eardrum.  Next, she turned her head and did the same thing. 

                Taking a wooden tongue depressor, she told her to open her mouth.  She peered inside, checking her throat and tonsils.  Satisfied, she put the otoscope back on the table.  Melissa watched her as she worked silently.  He turned back to her and told her to look straight ahead while she put hers fingers on her neck.  With skilled fingers she felt her thyroid gland, looking for any palpable nodules.  Strangely, she felt as if she were caressing her as her fingers moved up and down the sides of her neck. 

                "I'm going to listen to your heart."   She was bare breasted and self-conscious.  She felt her body respond to the cool air against her nipples and hoped she wouldn't notice that.  The cold drum of his stethoscope against her chest only made it worse.  She moved it in different positions, listening carefully to the rapid beat of her heart. 

                "Do you smoke?" she asked.

                "No.  Well... sometimes, but not regularly," she answered.

                She listened to her lungs from the back, asking her to breath deeply.  Dr. Shelbourne seemed unaffected by her nakedness, but she knew that it would be only a matter of time before she concentrated hers attention on her breasts.

                As if prolonging the inevitable, she reached for the blood pressure cuff on the table.  She wrapped it around her arm, and put the stethoscope over her brachial artery.  She pumped the cuff up until the pressure was 200 and then slowly released it until she had a good reading of her blood pressure.  Again she noticed that her pulse was rapid. 

                "Do you do breast self exams?" she asked.  She knew the question would lead her to her breasts and she squirmed on the table. 

                "Yes, at least once a month.  I've never felt anything abnormal."

                "Have you ever had a mammogram?" he asked. 

                "Yes, a year ago I went for one."

                Dr. Shelbourne began the process of examining her breasts and did it in detail.  Her fingers pushed every part of her breasts and nipples working her way around the outside from her axilla.  She squeezed her nipple looking for any discharge.  In spite of herself, she felt a sense of arousal while she did this. 

                "Lay down on the table, please," she asked, pulling the footrest out from the end of the table.  Dr. Shelbourne repeated the breast exam while she puts her arms up over her head, lying on her back. 

                When the breast exam was complete, Dr. Shelbourne palpated her abdomen, working her way from her liver to the area right about her pubis.  She asked if there was any pain or discomfort and Melissa replied that there wasn't.

                The preliminary examination was complete and Dr. Shelbourne turned to Nurse Sabrina and said, "I want you to obtain a urine sample.  Please have her urinate in your presence into a bedpan and then put a sample into a container for the lab.  After that I want you to shave her pubic hair so that she is completely bald.  Any chance of lice will be removed in the event your lover had them.  Then I want you to take her rectal temperature and then give her two cleansing enemas.  The first one shall be one quart of soapy water using the regular nozzle and the second one shall be two quarts of plain water using the inflatable nozzle.  She is to retain the second one for ten minutes before you take her to the toilet and remove the nozzle."

                "Yes, Ma'am," replied the nurse.

                "Wait," exclaimed Melissa, "why do you I have to have enemas?"

                "Because you stated that you had anal sex with this man.  I need to do a complete rectal exam."

                "Please!  I've never had an enema before.  I don't want to get one."

                "I have to do a complete examination which includes looking in your rectum.  You have to be cleaned out before I do that.  You can either cooperate or you can leave!"

                Melissa  just looked down and Dr. Shelbourne said to the nurse, "You may proceed."  She departed the exam room.

                Nurse Sabrina said, "I need you to turn onto your stomach so I can take your temperature.  We always do it rectally."

                "This is so humiliating!"

                "It's the most accurate."

                Melissa turned over onto her stomach and watched while the nurse shook down the thermometer and put a small amount of KY on the tip.  She walked over to Melissa and spread her bottom apart until her anus was totally revealed.  She inserted the thermometer and then let her bottom cheeks to back to their natural position.  The nurse took an enema bag from the IV pole and said, "I'm going to fill this bag and I'll return in a few minutes."

                Melissa felt very strange being along in the exam room, naked, with a thermometer in her bottom, but there was no choice.  She wanted more than anything to get up, get dressed and leave, but she knew she had to do this for her marriage.

                In a few minutes, Nurse Sabrina returned with a clear plastic enema bag that was half full.  She hung it on the IV pole and opened a packet of castile soap, emptied the contents in the bag and mixed it up by squeezing the bag.  The tube that came out of the bag terminated in a white plastic nozzle.  The nurse removed the rectal thermometer and looked at the temperature and remarked that it was normal.  "I need you to pee in this bed pan."  She took a metal bed pan from the table and told Melissa to get up with her knees wide apart.  She put the bedpan between her legs and told her to pee.

                Melissa had no memory of ever peeing in front of anyone and it took awhile for the flow to start.  She peed into the bedpan and then wiped herself with toilet paper that the nurse handed her.   The nurse took the pan away and put a lid on it.

                "Now I need you to lay on your back  with your legs apart."  Melissa obeyed and the nurse squirted shaving cream onto her hand and then rubbed it over her pubic hair and between her legs and labia.  She took a razor and quickly and expertly shaved Melissa until her pubis was bald. 

                "I need you to turn onto your left side and bring your right leg up toward your chest."

                Melissa obeyed, feeling very vulnerable.  Over her shoulder she watched the nurse put on an exam glove and squirt KY onto her index finger.  The nurse turned and said, "I'm going to lubricate your anus."

                The nurse lifted her right cheek to reveal her anus and then inserted her finger well into her rectum and then removed it.  Next she lubricated the nozzle and then inserted it.  "You are going to feel the water start flowing."

                The nurse slipped the clamp so that the water started flowing into Melissa.  Melissa was surprised by the sensation of the warm water invading her bottom.  At first it was OK but then she started having cramps and said, "Please!  It hurts.  Make it stop!"

                The nurse closed the clamp and waited till the cramps subsided and then started again.  It didn't take long for the quart of water to empty.  When the bag was empty, Nurse Sabrina removed the nozzle and said, "You may use the bathroom and then return here."

                "Please, I can't go out in the hall like this."

                "No one else is in this part of the building."

                By then the urgency to use the bathroom outweighed the need for modesty and Melissa literally ran up the stairs to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and began expelling the dreadful enema.  Long minutes passed before she was finished expelling the water.  She wiped and cleaned up before finding her way back to the exam room.

                When she returned to the room she found the bag was full and a completely different nozzle attached to the end.  It looked wicked!  It was an amber color, wide and fluted with a separate tube that went to a squeeze bulb.  It was obvious that the nozzle was going inside her, but she had no idea how it would ever fit.

                The nurse and doctor were no where to be seen and it felt strange to be in the exam room, naked, waiting for the nurse to return to insert that horrible thing inside her and give her another enema.

                A few minutes later Nurse Sabrina returned and said,  "I see that you're back.  How do you feel?"

                "Better.  I've never had something like that before."

                "I'm going to have to give you another one but this time with the inflatable nozzle and more water."

                "Why?" asked Melissa.

                "The doctor wants you well cleaned out for your rectal exam."

                "This is so humiliating!"

                "I'm sure it is.  This time I'm going to use this inflatable nozzle so that you can hold the enema for ten minutes."  Nurse Sabrina showed her the nozzle and then inflated it by squeezing the bulb two or three times.  "Once I've inserted the nozzle into your rectum I'm going to inflate it.  It will be a bit uncomfortable and make you feel like you need to use the bathroom.  In a moment or two that will pass and you will be OK."

                "How is that ever going to fit inside me?"

                The nurse deflated it and said, "You will have to relax."

                Nurse Sabrina put on an exam glove and squeezed KY onto her finger again and then said, "I'm going to lubricate you again.  Please just relax."

                Nurse Sabrina touched her finger to Melissa's exposed anus and inserted her finger.  She removed it and then spread KY over the nozzle.  She inserted it but it took time and was difficult.  She had to tell Melissa to relax several times before the nozzle finally disappeared into Melissa's rectum.  Then she squeezed the bulb twice to inflate the nozzle.  Melissa groaned as she felt the pressure inside her.

                The nurse undid the clamp and the water started to flow once again.  This time it took longer and after the first quart was in, the nurse had her lay down and turn onto her right side, front, back and then left side.  After all the water was inside the nurse said, "You have to hold this now for ten minutes.  You are welcome to lay however you are comfortable."

                This discomfort of having the inflatable nozzle in her bottom combined with two quarts in her colon was almost unbearable, but she tried to relax and took deep breaths.  It was the longest ten minutes of her life but finally Nurse Sabrina said, "OK.  Its time for you to expel the enema.  I want you to get off the table and I'm going to walk you to the bathroom where I'll remove the nozzle."

                Getting off the table was very awkward but somehow Melissa did.  It felt very odd having the nozzle in her bottom and the tube coming out of her.  She walked to the bathroom and Nurse Sabrina told her to bend over.  She released the air from the inflatable nozzle and pulled on it until it popped out of Melissa's bottom.

                Quickly Melissa sat on the toilet and started to expel even before the nurse had left the bathroom.  It took a long time for her to expel two quarts of water, but she was in no hurry to get back to the exam room.  There was only unpleasant things waiting for her there.

                Finally she felt better and cleaned herself up.  It felt very strange walking back to the exam room completely naked.  When she returned to the room the nurse and doctor were both present.  Dr. Shelbourne said, "I'm sure you are cleaned out by now.  I want you to get up on the table and put your feet in the stirrups so I can do a pelvic exam."

                Melissa was all too familiar with this position and was at least grateful that her husband had sent her to a female doctor.  She put her feet in the stirrups and slid her bottom down to the end of the table.  She watched while the doctor put on exam gloves and sat on a stool between her legs.  She felt the doctor examine her labia and then insert her fingers into her vagina and palpate her abdomen.  After a moment she removed her fingers and applied some KY to her middle finger.  Then without a word she put one finger back into her vagina and her middle finger deep into her rectum.  Melissa groaned at the intrusion.  Her anus was sore from the two enemas.

                With the manual exam complete, Dr. Shelbourne took a stainless steel speculum from the table, applied lubricant to it and spread Melissa's labia apart and inserted it.  She turned it up and then opened it to its complete size.  With a light she looked at her cervix and then took a long swab and brushed it all around her cervix.  She took her time and it felt to Melissa that the doctor was leaving her exposed a very long time. 

                Finally she took the speculum out and said, "I'm going to examine your rectum now.  I understand that you've had anal sex with this man?"

                "Yes.  A few times."

                "Did it hurt you?"

                "At first.  He was gentle and after a few minutes it was OK."

                "Did you like it?"

                "I..., I wanted to please him."

                "You should only be interested in pleasing your husband.  Now I want you to get up on your knees and down on your elbows."

                Melissa did as the doctor ordered and found herself in the most embarrassing position possible once again.  "Bring your knees apart, please."

                Melissa moved her knees apart knowing that doing so would really open her up.  She looked back over her shoulder and watched the doctor put KY on her finger again.  Moving behind her she felt the doctors finger probe her anus and go into her rectum.  Instead of a simple in and out motion, she felt her finger move completely around the inside of her rectum.

                After she removed her finger, the doctor took a different metal speculum from the table.  She said, "After I insert this I'm going to open it up to look inside your rectum.  I'm afraid its going to hurt because it opens quite wide.  I would suggest you relax, take deep breaths and don't move."

                Melissa felt the cold metal go into her bottom and then slowly her anus was spread apart by the petals of the speculum.  It didn't hurt at first but she could feel her anus being stretched very side.  Dr. Shelbourne did it very slowly allowing her time to get used to being stretched.  She opened the speculum a little at a time.  When it was open about an inch and a half she brought the lower petal down and locked it in place.  Again, taking her time, she went to the table and got a small light with a flexible connection and curved it so that it hooked on the bottom edge of the speculum.  The light shown into Melissa's rectum. 

                Dr. Shelbourne kept her in that position for at least a minute before she moved the light around to examine each wall of Melissa's rectum.  Dr. Shelbourne didn't expect to find anything wrong but she wanted to make an impression on Melissa and took her time doing the rectal exam.

                With the humiliating rectal exam complete, Dr. Shelbourne let the speculum resume its normal position being careful not to pinch the walls of Melissa's anus.  She gently removed it and Melissa's puckering anus resumed its normal size.

                "I'm going to have Nurse Sabrina give you a shot of antibiotics in case you were exposed to any sexually transmitted disease.  I want you to lay on your stomach because she's going to have to give it to you in your bottom.  After that you are to get off the table and stand in the corner until I return.  You aren't to get dressed.  When I do return I'm going to have to strap your bottom.  Do you understand?"

                Melissa flattened herself on the table, face down and replied, "Please.  I don't need a shot.  He was healthy."

                "We have to make certain that you don't transmit anything to Mr. Hayes."

                "I hate shots!" declared Melissa.

                "Yes, and unfortunately this one tends to hurt."

                With that, the doctor walked out of the room leaving Nurse Sabrina and Melissa alone.  Melissa lay prone on the table, watching over her shoulder as the nurse prepared the syringe.  She noticed that the nurse used a long needle and she was reminded of the times she had gotten shots growing up.  She always seems to cry when that happened.

                After the nurse sucked the antibiotic into the syringe she changed the needle and put on a different one, that was just as long.  She took a cotton ball, soaked it in alcohol and walked over to Melissa's side.  "Its important that you relax."

                Melissa felt tears come to her eyes as she felt the cold alcohol on her bottom.  The nurse jabbed the needle into Melissa's bottom and slowly pushed the antibiotic into her muscle.  Melissa let out a sob and gripped the edge of the exam table.  In a few seconds it was over and the nurse said, "You did fine.  Now you need to get off the table and stand in the corner until Dr. Shelbourne returns."

                Melissa got off the table and walked to the corner, stood facing it, with her face to the corner.  The room became quiet.  Her mind took off with her and she remember the last time that she had been spanked by her mother.  She was 18 and her mother had discovered that she had taken some money from her purse.  Even though she was an adult she was told to go to her room and take off her clothes and get in the corner.  She knew that meant her mother was going to give her a good whipping.  Minutes passed and finally after half an hour her mother came in, closed the door and told Melissa to turn around. 

                As Melissa was standing in the corner, she kept reliving this.  Waiting for it was the worst.  She knew her mom spanked very hard and judging from the hand spanking Dr. Shelbourne had given her, she feared the strapping yet to come.

                She didn't know how long it was because she wasn't wearing a watch, but finally she heard the door open.  She didn't dare look but knew Dr. Shelbourne had returned.  She heard, "Alright, Melissa, turn around please."

                Melissa turned around and hugged her arms to her breasts.  Sabrina and Dr. Shelbourne were there.  She saw that the doctor was carrying a man's belt, folded in half.  It was very similar to her father's.  "You're going to get a bare bottom belt spanking just like when you were growing up.  I hope that it teaches you to be faithful to your husband.  I want you to bend over the edge of the exam table.  You are to hold tightly to the edges of the table and make no attempt to cover your bottom.  You must remain in position until I give you permission to get up."

                Melissa walked to the edge of the exam table and bent over the edge, stretched out her arms and grabbed the edges.  It wasn't long before she felt the sting of the first stroke.  It was very hard and very much like her mother used to give her.  The belt whipped around her bottom leaving an angry red stripe.  Again and again she was spanked and soon she was crying loudly. 

                Finally it was over, but not before about 18 hard slow strokes had been given.  She barely heard the doctor tell her she could get up.  "You are welcome to dress and leave as soon as you have recovered your composure.  I will be contacting your husband and letting him know that you did well.  I'm sure he will be examining your bottom when you get home and will be pleased to see that you have been well punished.  I hope that we don't have to see you here again."

                "Thank you.  I appreciate what you've done.  I have certainly learned my lesson."  Melissa said as she put on her clothes.  She knew it would be hard driving home because her bottom was so sore, but in a way she felt cleansed of having cheated on her husband.  She shook hands with Dr. Shelbourne and Nurse Sabrina, content to know that she wouldn't have to come here again.  Hopefully anyway.

Melissa Hayes Visits Dr. Shelbourne is 1 hour and 8 minutes long.

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