Nancy Harding's Worker's Comp Exam

This product was produced in 2009 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Nancy Harding has been sent to the Public Health Department by her employer because she has broken her foot.  They want her to have a drug test and a complete physical exam to make sure that she isn't using drugs or have some other condition that caused her to be so clumsy.  Dr. Albert Fish, Jr. is on duty today and he takes her medical history and gets her vital signs including having her temperature taken in her bottom.

After the preliminaries and undresses and puts on the backless gown.  Dr. Fish sends her off to the bathroom to provide a urine sample.  Since he is going to have to do a complete physical exam including a rectovaginal exam, he wants her to have a clean rectum.  He gives her two large enemas leaving no doubt that she is cleaned out.

After using the bathroom she returns to the exam room where he gives her a very thorough pelvic exam.  He spends plenty of time examining her labia, spreading them apart to reveal the opening to her vagina.  Next he inserts the lighted speculum and looks at her cervix.  He swabs her cervix for a Pap smear.  After Dr. Fish removes the speculum he does a very deep bimanual exam and then a rectovaginal exam with his fingers.

Its hard for Nancy to limp around in her foot cast but she does a good job.  Dr. Fish promises that he will send a good report to her employer and Nancy dresses and leaves.

Nancy Harding is 49 minutes long.

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