Nurse Carol Examines Deborah

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Nurse Carol went out to the waiting room to find her next patient.  Her chart said her name was Deborah Jackson, age 24, and was here for a physical exam and pap smear.  Carol was really hoping that the girl was at least nice and preferably pretty.  The last couple women she had examined were old and kind of gross.
“Deborah,” she called.  Much to her pleasure, a cute girl stood up and walked toward her.  “I’m Nurse Carol.  I’ll be doing your exam today.”
“Great.  I was hoping that I’d be seen by a woman.  Not that I don’t like guys, but you know...”
“Now there is nothing wrong with the doctors that work here.”
Carol took Deborah into the exam room and told her to go ahead and have a seat on the exam table.  Deborah was wearing a nice t-shirt and a pair of tight fitting jeans.  
With chart in hand, Carol went through the standard list of questions relating to her medical history.  Carol found herself being particularly outgoing and happy with this girl.  She was cute and had a great personality and she felt that she kind of clicked with her.
After the H and P was completed, Carol took her vital signs including pulse and blood pressure.  She listened to her heart and lungs, looked into her ears, eyes, and throat, and tested her reflexes.  
“The last thing I have to do before doing the rest of your exam is to take your temperature,” said Carol.
“OK,” replied Deborah.
“Have you ever had that done rectally?” asked Carol.
“Umm, no.  Not that I remember,” answered a startled Deborah.
“This is how we have to do it here, Debbie.”
“Why?” asked Deborah, shyly.
“Well it’s the most accurate way and the doctor who runs the place insists that we do it that way.”
“That sounds really embarrassing.  Can’t you do it in my mouth?”
“I’m afraid not,” laughed Carol.  “Don’t worry, it won’t take long and I’m going to be seeing everything anyway, right?”
Deborah didn’t want to hear that.  She hated going to the doctor anyway.  She was also shy about her body even though by anyone’s standards she was pretty.
The nurse got the lubricant and thermometer out of the drawer and said, “I need  you to stand up and turn around and lower your jeans and panties to about mid thigh, please.”
One doesn’t argue with a nurse.  Deborah got off the exam table, stepping on the foot step at the end and lowered just her jeans and lay face down on the table.  The nurse pulled out the foot rest and sighed at her patient’s shyness.  Deborah had left her panties up so Carol said, “I’m going to have to pull your panties down, Deborah.  Just lift up a bit.”
Carol put her fingers into the elastic of Deborah’s panties and slowly lowered them to mid thigh where her pants were.  Deborah had a lovely bottom and Carol felt the twinge between her legs that sometimes came with the job but was always ignored.
After putting lubricant on the thermometer, Carol told Deborah that she was going to spread her bottom apart.  After exposing her anus, Carol inserted the thermometer into Deborah’s bottom and left her hand on her bottom.
She talked to Deborah and found out she was a college student from a small town in Kansas.  The big city of Denver was all new to her and exciting.  She did mention that she missed her old doctor in Hayes, but knew that the move to Denver would require finding a new doctor and someone she knew recommended the Public Health Department.
She rubbed the girl’s bottom as if to comfort her until about three minutes were up and she removed it, checked it, and wrote the normal temperature in the patient’s chart.  
“Now I need to do your pelvic exam and the rest of it so I need you to undress completely,” she said taking a cloth gown out of the drawer.  “Put this on for me.”
Deborah took the gown and kind of waited for the nurse to leave the room and give her some privacy, but the nurse began gathering her instruments for the pelvic exam and putting them on a mayo stand.
Deborah went over to the other side of the exam table and took off her t-shirt and jeans and then her bra.  She kept her back to the nurse as much as she could.  Standing in just her panties, she put the hospital gown on with the opening in the back.  
The nurse, who was watching, said, “Take off your panties, Deborah.”
Deborah turned to face the nurse, reached behind the gown and slipped her panties off.  She put them under her dress which she had placed on a chair.
“Go ahead and lay on your back, Deborah,” said the nurse.
Deborah did as the nurse requested.  Nurse Carol covered Deborah’s legs with a sheet up to her hips.  “Now have you had a pelvic exam before?”
“Yes, a few times back in Kansas.”
“Good, so you know what to expect.  Now the first thing I’m going to do is a breast exam.  I need to slip your gown off your shoulders.”
Nurse Carol untied the gown in the back and slid it off Deborah’s shoulders exposing both of her breasts.  She spend more than the normal amount of time palpating Deborah’s breasts and axillary area.  After doing both sides she had Deborah sit up to examine their symmetry and size.
With that completed she helped Deborah put the gown back on and then she moved the sheet down to her hips and said, “I need to examine your abdomen so please bring your gown up to your chest.”
Deborah reached down and pulled the gown up to just below her breasts, making sure that the sheet covered her pubic area.  The nurse moved it down, though to just below her labia and Deborah felt embarrassed.  The nurse listened to her aorta and bowels with her stethoscope and then palpated all four quadrants feeling her liver and other internal organs.  She spend a lot of time in the lower quadrants, palpating her intestines deeply.  She also gave attention to her area above her public bone where her uterus and bladder live.
“Did you give me a urine sample?” asked the nurse.
Taking a specimen cup from the drawer, she gave it to Deborah and told her to go across the hall to the bathroom and give her a urine sample.  Deborah went across the hall, closed the door and lifted her gown up and peed into the cup.  
She left the specimen on the counter in the bathroom and returned to the exam room.  “Ok, Deborah, let’s go ahead and do your pelvic exam.  Slide down to the end of the table and put your feet in the stirrups.”
Deborah pushed her gown down and brought the sheet up to cover herself.  She slid down and put her feet in the stirrups after the nurse had brought them out.  She hated this part but she also felt kind of strange because the nurse had spent so much time touching her breasts and feeling around her lower abdomen.  The nurse had gentle hands and fingers, she thought to herself.
When Deborah was in position, the nurse pushed Deborah’s gown toward her chest and brought the sheet to her knees creating a tent giving the girl the illusion of some privacy.  
Seated on a stool between the girl’s legs, Nurse Carol said, “I’m going to touch you now.”
Nurse Carol began to examine Deborah’s genital area.  Some girls are different than others and Deborah appealed to Carol.  She was shaved as most girls are now but her labia were small and delicate and Carol examined them more closely than was necessary.  She moved them apart and spread them open.  She looked at her clitoris and urethra very slowly.  When she separated the labia she saw that Deborah was obviously wet and in an atypically unprofessional comment she said, “You’re very wet, Deborah, but that’s normal.”
Deborah blushed and closed her eyes.  The nurse inserted her finger all the way into Deborah’s vagina and moved it around while having the girl val salva and then tighten her muscles.  Instead of removing her finger she began moving it in and out causing her patient to forget where she was.
“It will make the speculum exam easier,” said Carol as she removed her fingers and took the speculum from the mayo stand.  She wet the speculum and told her patient that she was going to insert it.  Again she spread her labia apart and inserted the speculum.  It wasn’t nearly as nice as the nurse’s fingers but it seemed less intrusive than she had experienced before from her family doctor back in Kansas.
Carol opened the speculum all the way so that her patient’s cervix was fully visible in addition to a pool of white lubricant at the bottom of her vagina.  She swabbed the cervix twice and smeared the sample on the slides.  
Carol removed the speculum and stood up.  “I’m going to do a bimanual exam now, Deborah. You’re going to feel my fingers in your vagina again while I feel your abdomen.”
“OK,” replied Deborah.  She was glad the speculum was out but she wasn’t unhappy that the nurse was going to be inserting her fingers into her vagina again.
Carol slid two fingers into Deborah’s wet vagina and went as deep as she could.  Herr thumb deliberately touched the girl’s clitoris and massaged it.  Under the sheet she felt the girl’s uterus and ovaries.  It was way longer than it needed to be and in fact, Carol was masturbating her patient.  
Normally she tells her patients that she is going to do a rectovaginal exam but this time she removed one of her fingers and thrust it into Deborah’s rectum.  With one finger in her vagina and one in her rectum, the girl was clearly on the verge of orgasm.
Carol removed her fingers and told Deborah to sit up.  She smiled at her patient and gently asked, “have you ever had a rectal exam?”
“I’ve never had that done before,” answered Deborah.
“Well that was to feel the area around your uterus.  I really need to do a thorough rectal exam.”
Deborah was embarrassed at the prospect of another intrusion into her heretofore virginal area.  But it wasn’t like she could refuse.  
“Go ahead and lay on your left side on the table,” ordered the nurse.  Carol extended the foot platform and Deborah did as she was asked.  She made sure the sheet came up to her waist for as long as possible.  
Nurse Carol put on a new pair of gloves and got the tube of lubricant off the mayo stand.  She lowered the sheet to Deborah’s knees and raised her gown to her waist.  She put a generous amount of lubricant on her finger, spread Deborah’s bottom apart and inserted her finger all the way in.  She moved it around in a circular motion, feeling the walls of her rectum.  She told Deborah to bear down against her finger and then tighten it up.  The exam lasted about 30 seconds but it seemed like much longer for Deborah.  It wasn’t that it was unpleasant.  It wasn’t.  It just felt strange on the one hand and nice on the other.
After removing her finger, Carol continued to keep Deborah’s bottom apart, looking at her anus.  Again she asked Deborah to bear down and then tighten up, several times in fact, as she watched the girl’s anus move out and then tighten in.
Finally she released the girl and covered her back up with a sheet.  Taking off her glove, she said, “I’m going to have to do a more thorough exam with a rectal speculum.  Have you ever had an enema before?”
“No!” exclaimed Deborah.  She knew what they were and knew that it wasn’t something she wanted to experience.  What started out as a simple trip to the doctor for a pelvic exam was now getting unpleasant on many levels.  
The nurse explained what an enema was and how she was going to do it and then took an enema bag off the IV pole in the corner and told Deborah to relax for a few moments while she prepared the bag.
Nurse Carol took the bag, closed the exam room door and went to the bathroom.  She closed the door, turned on the faucet to let the water warm up.  She faced away from the sink, raised up her uniform skirt and put her hand into her panties and pantyhose and touched herself for a moment.  Herr head was back as she though of what she was about to do.
She filled the bag up to about 1500 cc’s and went back to the exam room.
“Why do I have to have an enema?” asked Deborah when the nurse returned to the exam room.
Herr patient had sat up with her feet dangling off the side of the table.  “The best way to do a rectal exam with by inserting a scope or speculum and taking a look.  It has to be clean in there, Deborah.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed although I certainly understand that no one likes to have an enema.”
She hung the bag on the IV pole and moved it to the end of the table.  “Go ahead and lay on your left side again.”
Deborah wanted to leave but she did as she was told, making certain again that the sheet covered her from her waist down.  The nurse finished getting the enema ready, putting on a glove and then she moved the sheet down to Deborah’s knees and the gown up to her waist again, exposing her from her waist to her knees.
She put lubricant on her finger and spread Deborah’s bottom apart and then inserted her finger all the way in.  She remove it and then lubricated the nozzle, all the while talking to her patient about what she was doing.  She inserted the nozzle and then released the water.  
Deborah had never experienced the flood of water invade her colon before and she gasped at the sensation.  With each third of the bag emptying, Carol had her patient roll from left side, to stomach, to right side, making certain that the girl remained uncovered from the waist to the knees.
Finally the bag was empty and Deborah was begging to go to the bathroom but Carol insisted that she hold the enema for several minutes.  Finally she said, “roll onto your stomach and I’ll take the nozzle out.”
She spread Deborah’s bottom apart to fully reveal her anus and then slowly removed the white plastic nozzle.  
“The bathroom is right across the hall.  Take as much time as you want and then come back in here.”
Deborah jumped off the table and ran across the hall to the bathroom, disregarding the fact that her gown flew open in the back to reveal her bottom.  She quickly closed the door and sat on the toilet.
Carol kept the exam room door closed while she straightened up the room, putting new paper and a new chux on the table.  She disconnected the white plastic enema nozzle and attached an inflatable barium enema nozzle.  She pushed the foot platform in and brought out the stirrups again.  Nurse Sabrina had told her not to give enemas like that but she really wanted to do it this way.  The girl’s legs would be far apart.  She reached under her skirt and between her legs and thought of Deborah.
When she heard the door open she quickly recovered.  “I need you to get back in the stirrups again for this enema.  I’m going to use a different nozzle which will help you hold the enema longer.”
Carol demonstrated how the inflatable nozzle worked and Deborah looked and acted terrified.  The first enema was embarrassing and uncomfortable and it didn’t look like it was going to get any better.  She wanted to dress and leave and she protested as much as a shy young woman can who came from a small town and finds herself in the big city.
She got back on the table and put her feet in the stirrups while the nurse covered her with a sheet, tenting it over her knees leaving her essentially completely exposed.
Nurse Carol put on a glove and lubricated the girl’s anus and rectum which was exposed in the lithotomy position.
She lubricated the nozzle and slowly slid it into the girl’s rectum.  She flinched and gripped the edge of the table as the ridges of the nozzle went past her anus.
Carol took off her glove and did something she never did before.  She sat on the stool between the girl’s legs and said, “I’m going to insert my fingers in you to make certain that the nozzle is inflated.”
Carol inserted her fingers into the girl’s vagina pointed toward her rectum.  With the other hand she inflated then nozzle and Carol could feel the balloon inflate inside the girl’s rectum.  With a nozzle inflating and fingers inside her, Deborah felt the strange sensation make her wet which Carol obviously felt.  As she released the water, Carol masturbated her patient until all the feelings from now and previously caused the girl to writhe in an orgasm.  It wasn’t long before the good feelings were overcome by the urge to use the toilet.
 In her office, Nurse Sabrina stared at her computer.  She watched the action on the screen in both fascination and disgust.  Her trusted nurse, whom she had just hired.  She was clearly abusing an attractive female patient and she needed to intervene.  
She got up and walked to the exam room and opened the door.  The patient was clearly startled at the intrusion.  No one was more startled than Nurse Carol who said, “I’m with a patient, Sabrina!”
“Obviously.  Help her off the table and to the bathroom and then come back here!”
The enema bag was empty and the girl really needed to go to the bathroom.  Nurse Carol helped her off the table and walked her to the bathroom, had her bend over and deflated the nozzle.  She pulled it out as Deborah spread her bottom apart and then gratefully sat on the toilet.  The nurse seemed agitated and upset.

Carol went back in the exam room to face Nurse Sabrina.  After she closed the door Nurse Sabrina came down her for what she had done, not even bothering to ask how she knew about it.  The little camera she had placed in the exam room to spy on her patients had prevented one of her nurses from being accused of sexual assault.  Hopefully.  
She lectured her for several minutes and then said, “I’m going to give you a choice.  I’m going to examine you completely and give you a punishment enema in front of Deborah, or you can resign right now!”
Carol was upset but she knew she had done wrong.  She felt guilty about what she had done and was afraid to ask how she knew.  Perhaps she heard from behind the door as the girl was having her orgasm and then she saw her in an enema position that wasn’t acceptable.  
“Please, can’t you do it later.  Please don’t do it in front of the patient!”
“We are going to be lucky if she doesn’t accuse you of assault and take me down with you.  No, she has to know that what happened to her isn’t normal practice here and will be dealt with.”
A short time later the door opened and Deborah returned.  “Miss Jackson, it’s against our rules to give enemas in the stirrups and my nurse knows better than to do that,” said Nurse Sabrina, minimizing the fact that her nurse had masturbated the girl to orgasm while in that position.
“She has to be punished and she has agree to a being examined and a punishment enema instead of being fired.  Because she did this to you I’m going to ask that you remain as a witness.  It would be a further embarrassment to her and it would let you know that we won’t tolerate improper actions against our patients.”
“Ummm, ok I guess.”
“Why don’t you go ahead and get dressed.  You can use the bathroom so that you have some privacy.”
Deborah took her clothes across the hall and got dressed and returned to the exam room to find Nurse Carol standing in the corner with her hands on her head.  When Deborah came back into the room she closed the door.  Nurse Sabrina told Carol to undress completely.  With great trepidation, Carol removed her scrubs and stood in her underwear briefly.  Deborah commented, “I always wondered what you nurses wore under your scrubs.”
Carol removed her underwear and stood naked until Sabrina told her to get on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups.  She gave her a very thorough breast exam and then a pelvic exam that was very humiliating because she made a point of explaining to Carol everything that she was doing and letting her watch closely during the most intimate parts of it.  Deborah got to see the nurse’s cervix as the speculum spread her wide apart and she watched closely as the bimanual and rectovaginal exams were done.  
When the pelvic exam was over, she had Carol lay on her left side on the table, retracted the stirrups and pulled the foot rest out.  She told Deborah that she was going to do a rectal exam and the young patient watched as Sabrina inserted her finger all the way into Carol’s exposed anus.  
“Now I’m going to give her a punishment enema but I’m going to use a special nozzle that we use for retention enemas.  Nurse Sabrina got a special enema nozzle out of the drawer.  It was a large silicon double inflatable nozzle.  She lubricated the nozzle and inserted the large balloon part.  She squeezed one of the cuffolators to inflate it and then did the same with the other one inflating the outside balloon.  No doubt it was uncomfortable.
“You are to wait like this while I get your bag ready, nurse.”
“I’m sorry for what I did,” Carol offered while Sabrina was out of the room.
“I am too!  You really took advantage of me and you’re lucky that I’m not going to the police.  You deserved everything you got and I hope you never do anything like that again.”
“I’ve never done that to a patient before.  You are just so pretty.”
“Thank you.  I’m glad you aren’t going to get fired.  But I’m glad I got to see you get what you deserve!”
“I understand.”
Deborah took hold of the enema tube coming from the nurse’s bottom and pulled on it a bit causing Carol to say, “Please stop!  It’s so uncomfortable as it is!”
Nurse Sabrina came back into the exam room.  Her nurse looked ludicrous laying on her left side on the exam table with the double inflatable nozzle protruding from her bottom cheeks.  She put soap in the bag and squeezed the bag until it was a grey milky color.  She got 1500 cc’s of soapy warm water in her bottom that she had to hold in various positions for ten minutes.  
“Alright, I hope you have learned your lesson.  Get off the table and let’s go to the bathroom.”
Nurse Carol was nude and thanked god that no other patients or staff were in the building.  She felt awkward and silly with the nozzle inside of her but she really wanted to use the toilet more than anything.  She had had hundreds of enemas but this was the worst.
She bent over and Sabrina removed the nozzle and she sat on the toilet.  “You are welcome to stay and observe her expelling the enema.  When you have had your fill of it you are welcome to leave and Nurse Carol will call you in a couple days with the results of your pap smear.”
“Thank you Nurse Sabrina,” replied Deborah.
She hung around for a few minutes, fascinated to see the nurse on the toilet.  She wanted to leave but she also wanted the nurse to know that she felt that she was getting what she deserved for putting her through such an embarrassing exam.  “I hope you’re as embarrassed as I was.  I can’t imagine anything worse than someone watching you on the toilet.”
“I hate this.  I’m never going to do this again,” replied Carol.  Deborah left eventually and Carol finished.
When Carol finished she went back to the exam room Nurse Sabrina told her to dress.  “I’m going to be watching you, Carol.  Like a hawk!  You got lucky this time.”
“Yes maam,” she replied, thinking that if she were truly lucky, she would never have gotten caught.


Nurse Carol Examines Deborah is one hour and 9 minutes long.