Party Prep Enemas!

This product was produced in 2005 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

What happens when two really attractive girls are in town for a very special party and they are feeling a bit sluggish?  Piper and Wendy just got off the plane and checked into their hotel room with a couple hours before its time to go to the party.  Both are really tired and want a shower and a nap.  Piper suggests they save a little time and shower together!  They both slip out of their clothes and get into the warm water and start soaping themselves and shaving those intimate spots; specifically their butt cracks!

After showering they decide to try on their dresses for the party.  Its been a long day and they've eaten too much junk food on the plane and are feeling bloated.  Fortunately Piper knows a nurse friend in town and without telling Wendy the details, calls Nurse Sabrina to pay them a visit in their hotel room!

Imagine Wendy's surprise when Sabrina informs her that the way to get rid of the bloating is to take two enemas!  Piper convinces her that its the thing to do and volunteers to go first.  Sabrina, being the good nurse that she is, decides to take Piper's rectal temperature first.  She has her lower her panties and lay flat on the bed, spreads her bottom apart and inserts the rectal thermometer.

While Sabrina mixes a bag of warm soapy water while Piper removes all of her clothes.  With Wendy holding the bag, Sabrina inserts the nozzle and lets the full bag start to empty into Piper's rectum.  But OOOPS!  the hose comes off the nozzle and water comes out all over the bed from the hose and the nozzle!

After reconnecting the hose, the enema is completed and Piper uses the toilet.  No mistaking those sounds!

Now its Wendy's turn to bare her bottom for the thermometer.  She is a bit reluctant, but trusts the two girls to take care of her.

With the bag full and her clothes off, Wendy lays on her left side.  Sabrina lubricates her anus and inserts the nozzle before releases the clamp and letting the water do its job.

After expelling the enema, Wendy decides she wants to get the second one over with so she gets up on her knees and down on her elbows for the second dose of soapy water.

Its time for Piper's second enema and she lays on her back and draws her knees up to her chest, exposing her anus to the nozzle.  A well greased finger prepares her and then Sabrina inserts the nozzles.  Its all too much for Piper and she begins masturbating!  She finishes herself off while on the toilet.

The girls feel much better now and they put on their makeup and dress, leaving the excitement of the hotel room for the excitement of the party!

This terrific video is 57 minutes long!

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