Premarital Exam

This product was produced in 2005 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Before young William and Shirley can marry, they must go to the Public Health Department for their premarital physical exam!

William shows up first and is thoroughly examined by Nurse Lola.  Being somewhat naive, he has no idea what is about to happen to him.  After interviewing him about his health history and sex life, the nurse has him go behind the partition, undress, and put on the hospital gown.  His vital signs are taken, including a rectal temperature.  In order to do a complete rectal exam, Nurse Lola informs him that he must have two cleansing enemas.  Having never had an enema before, he is very nervous!

After his enemas he is given a rectal exam with a rectal speculum.  Nurse Lola has her own very strange way of checking for hernias.  Imagine how he must feel having his feet in the stirrups, her finger in his bottom, and her hand around his penis!  He wonders aloud if Shirley might know how to do this.


Beautiful Shirley reports to the Public Health Department, but she has the pleasure of being examined by Dr. Fish.  His pleasure but not necessarily hers!  He takes her family history and then her vital signs.  Of course he requires that she raise her skirt and lower her panties so that he can take her rectal temperature.  She seems fine with it but confesses to being very embarrassed!

Next she has to step behind the partition and strip and put on the gown.  She has been informed that she will be getting two thorough enemas to clean her out for her rectal exam.  Laying on her left side, her bottom is exposed and the enema nozzle is inserted into her rectum.  We see her facial expressions as the water fills her colon.

After a trip to the bathroom, she is given a second enema.  This time she is told to get up on her knees and down on her elbows.  Poor Shirley is practically naked as Dr. Fish inserts the enema nozzle into her rectum for her second humiliating enema.

A premarital exam wouldn't be complete without a pelvic exam.  Dr. Fish inserts his fingers into her vagina and then her rectum before inserting the speculum.

Finally, up on her knees and down on her elbows, Dr. Fish inserts a long proctoscope into her rectum to make sure that she has no rectal lesions that may interfere with anal sex.  (She hardly knows what that is!)

All fit and healthy, Shirley dresses with a new understanding of what a physical exam is, and wondering if her fiance had to go through anything half as bad as this!


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