The Prison Clinic

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Sharon and Kathy arrive at the Public Health Department in handcuffs wearing their grey prison garb with their ID numbers stenciled on the front and "INMATE" stenciled on the back. "Why do we have to have physicals?" asked Kathy.

"All new inmates have to have physicals," answered the guard. "I expect both of you to cooperate and not give the doctor any crap. Any problems from you two will be reported to the Warden when we get back and you both know what that means!"

"Hey Honey," Sharon said to Kathy, "don't worry about it. Itís better than being in the cell isn't it?"

"I guess. I hate doctors!"

The three entered the waiting room of the Public Health Department and were quickly greeted by the nurse who took them back into the exam room. She was expecting them and didn't want them in the public waiting room any longer than necessary.

"Williams, you sit in the chair and keep quiet until itís your turn. Ross, you best do whatever the nurse says."

Kathy sat in the chair with her handcuffed hands folded on her lap and looked at her feet. Sharon gave the nurse a 'now what' look and the nurse got her clipboard and asked, "Give me your name and inmate number."

"Ross, Sharon. 736512."

"We're going to need a urine sample. Let's go."

The nurse and inmate walked across the hall and Sharon was given a sample cup to pee in. It was difficult to lower her pants and panties while in hand cuffs but she did. Wiping was even more difficult but she accomplished the task and handed the sample to the nurse. They went back to the exam room and Sharon was told to sit on the table.

"I'm going to ask you some questions and I expect honest answers. Do you understand?"

"Yea. I ain't dishonest like this thief was. She stole stuff."

"Sit on the exam table."

Sharon got up on the table and the nurse asked her the typical list of questions that goes with a history and physical with special emphasis on her sexual history since she was arrested for prostitution.

After she finished the questionnaire the nurse took her blood pressure, checked her ears and eyes, tested her reflexes and then told her to lift her top up so she could listen to her heart and lungs with the stethoscope. Next she had her lie flat on the exam table and told her to keep her top up to her bra and lower her pants to just above her pubic area so that she could listen to her abdomen with the stethoscope and palpate her organs. Sharon glanced over at the guard who was standing next to the table and winked at him. The guard just rolled his eyes.

"Now I'm going to have to take your temperature. I'm going to do that in your rectum so you need to turn over onto your stomach."

"No way. You can do it in my mouth or some other way."

"Ross, turn over now," demanded the guard. He took her side and pulled her toward him, turning her over quickly onto her stomach and held her down with one hand at the small of her back. She continued to protest about how stupid it was to do it that way. The nurse got the rectal thermometer and put lubricant on the tip and then pulled her pants down and then her panties until they were mid thigh.

"I bet you like this don't you," Sharon said to the guard.

"I warned you about being uncooperative."

The nurse spread her bottom apart and inserted the thermometer into her exposed anus while the guard kept his hands on her back to prevent her from moving. Sharon was still in her handcuffs so her arms were stretched out in front of her. Kathy sat on the chair and watched as the events of Sharon's exam unfolded and it only made her more terrified.

Sharon squirmed a bit as she was held down by the guard. He kept telling her that she had better settle down and be more cooperative. The nurse finally took the thermometer out and looked at it and satisfied herself that it was normal. "Alright Ross, you need to undress completely. I'll be right back."

Sharon got off the table and seemed to take great pleasure in the process of stripping after the guard removed her cuffs. She didn't exactly do a strip tease but it was close. She was very flirtatious, rubbing her breasts and turning her back to him so that he had a full view of her bottom. After she was naked the guard put her cuffs back on and told her to sit on the table and wait.

Meanwhile the nurse went to the bathroom and filled up an enema bag and returned to the exam room. When Sharon saw that she started to protest again and the nurse told her that since she was being so uncooperative she was going to have to use an inflatable nozzle to make sure the enema stayed in. "No way are you going to put that inside me!" exclaimed Sharon.

"Lay down on the table!" ordered the nurse. The guard forced her into a prone position and the nurse lubricated the nozzle.

"Would you mind holding her down and spreading her bottom apart for me so I can insert this?" asked the nurse of the guard.

"Gladly," he replied and he forced her down onto her stomach and while putting the weight of his arm onto her back he took both hands and spread her bottom completely apart to expose her anus. The nurse inserted her gloved finger all the way into her rectum and then inserted the nozzle and took great pleasure in inflating it.

"What the hell am I getting an enema?" asked Sharon.

"You're going to get a rectal exam and I want you cleaned out."

The nurse released the water and it flowed quickly into Sharon's colon. Lying on her stomach made it more uncomfortable and after the bag was about half empty, the nurse said she could turn into a different position if she stopped resisting. The guard relaxed his hold on her as Sharon succumbed to the pressure of the enema inside her.

After the soapy water was inside her the nurse told her that she had to hold it. "I can't! I have to use the bathroom now!" begged Sharon.

"Too bad. Lucky for everyone that nozzle will prevent that from happening until I'm ready for it to."

Sharon was almost in tears. She was cussing and protesting from the discomfort of the enema. Five or ten minutes later she was escorted to the bathroom by the nurse with the guard holding the bag and told to bend over. The nurse deflated the nozzle and pulled it from her rectum.

"Do you want to stay with her?" asked the nurse.

"I have to," he answered.

"I don't want you to watch me take shit!" protested Sharon who sat on the toilet with her hands cuffed.

"Trust me, I don't want to watch that either but I don't trust you."

Finally when she was done the guard uncuffed her so that she could clean herself up and flush the toilet. He cuffed her again and took her back to the exam room.

While she was in the bathroom, the nurse had prepared an injection of sedative. She was tired of having to forcibly deal with her patient and she wanted the rest of the exam, her pelvic and rectal exams, to go a lot smoother. The syringe was half full and the needle was long and she was going to give it to her in her bottom. When Sharon returned to the exam room, hands cuffed and being led by the arm by the guard, she told her to get back on the exam table and lay on her stomach.

"Why? What are you going to do now?"

"Just do as you're told."

The guard helped her up onto the table and held her face down. The nurse was pretty good about hiding the syringe from Sharon but somehow she caught a glimpse of it and had a fit. "What the hell are you doing? No way are you going to stick me with that!"

The nurse rubbed alcohol on Sharon's bottom and stuck the needle in. "This is going to calm you down so I can finish your exam."

In moments Sharon felt relaxed and almost drowsy. "We need to turn her over so I can do a breast exam."

The guard helped the nurse turn Sharon over onto her back and then she proceeded with the breast exam, moving Sharon's arms as needed. "Alright. We need to get her into the stirrups so I can do a pelvic exam."

The guard and the nurse slid Sharon down and put her feet in the stirrups with her knees falling wide apart. She no longer resisted and kept her eyes closed most of the time. She was practically limp and dead weight.

The nurse performed a complete and thorough pelvic exam. It was much easier than she ever thought it could be. The only thing she couldn't do was have the girl bear down or tighten her muscles. The guard made no attempt to hide his fascination with his prisoner's anatomy. Now that Sharon was completely out of it, he watched as the nurse completed her tasks.

"I need to do a rectal exam so let's get her on her side on the table with her knees up toward her chest."

They repositioned Sharon and the guard helped by spreading Sharon's bottom apart while the nurse inserted attached a tube about 12 inches long to a big 60 cc syringe. She inserted the tube into Sharon's rectum and applied suction to the syringe. She wanted to make sure there was no water left from the enema before she opened Sharon's rectum with the speculum.

After lubricating her anus, the nurse inserted the rectal speculum and opened it all the way up. She used a light from the vaginal speculum and looked at the tissues inside Sharon's rectum. It was much easier to do with the patient sedated. She moved the syringe around to get an even better view. It was different doing it with the patient on her side. Normally the nurse did this with the patient's bottom sticking up.

With her exam complete, the nurse said, "I need to give her another injection but I want her to be awake for it."

"Why?" asked the guard.

"Itís an injection of antibiotics and it really hurts and I want her to feel it. She's been so annoying that it will give me a certain amount of pleasure to see her suffer."

"Wow. Well I'll be happy to tell you that I'm reporting her to the Warden and I know she's going to have a sore bottom later today and not just from the shots."

"I didn't know they did that anymore but I'm very glad about it."

The nurse and guard got her off the table and took her to an adjacent room. She would be handcuffed and out of it for about 30 minutes; just enough time to complete Kathy's exam.

The guard told Kathy to stand up. "Are you going to be cooperative?"

"Yes sir," she replied. The guard decided that he would trust her. Kathy was a fairly new prisoner and notoriously scared to death. She had only had one instance where she had needed to be disciplined and that was earlier this week. She had dropped a full plate of food in the cafeteria line and had visited the Warden as a result of that.

"Alright, young lady, have a seat on the exam table," ordered the nurse.

Kathy's exam was the same as Sharon's but Kathy was a model prisoner, replying with yes ma'am and no ma'am as required. She was completely cooperative but instead of being seductive about undressing, she was very shy and covered herself every chance that she got.

When it was time for her enema she got it in the usual Sims position and the nurse just used a regular nozzle instead of an inflatable nozzle. Since she was more trustworthy, the guard didn't feel the need to be watching while she expelled the enema or gave the urine sample in the beginning of the exam.

She was particularly embarrassed about her pelvic exam with the guard being there and almost mortified when she had to get up on her knees and down on her chest for the rectal exam.

After the exam, Kathy was told to dress and then she was cuffed once again. The guard went to the other room and returned with a nude Sharon, still cuffed. He uncuffed her and told her to dress. She was still groggy and just in the process of waking up. Sharon dressed and the two prisoners stood side by side, cuffed.

"You both are going to have to get injections before you leave. Ross has to have an antibiotic and Williams has to have a cervical cancer shot."

The nurse prepared the two syringes filling each half full from different vials. Both had long needles and the girls watched with fear as their injections were prepared.

"Stand in front of exam table and lower your pants and underwear," the nurse ordered Sharon. Sharon stood facing the end of the exam table where the stirrups were now put back into the table. It was difficult lowering her pants and underwear with her hands cuffed but she did.

"Why do you have to do it in my ass?" she asked.

"Because this is an intramuscular shot and it has to be done in the deep muscle. Itís also going to hurt!"

When all was ready, the nurse told the guard to hold her shoulders down as she bent over the edge of the table. The nurse swabbed her bottom with alcohol and stuck the needle into her bottom. As soon as she started injecting the serum, Sharon started to yell and cry at the stinging pain. It took almost ten seconds for the medicine to be injected before the needle was withdrawn. Again, the nurse swabbed her bottom and then told her to stand up and put her clothes back together. She couldn't tie the tie on her pants and had to have help doing that.

Now it was Kathy's turn and the girl reluctantly did as she was told and lowered her pants and panties and stood in front of the end of the exam table. She was told to bend over the edge of it and the guard asked her if she wanted him to hold her in place. She said, "Yes, please sir."

The nurse repeated the procedure but this time it didn't hurt as much as Sharon's antibiotic shot. Kathy was scared and over reacted and even cried a bit.

The guard helped her pull up her panties and pants and tied them for her and the two were finished with their exams. "You can take them back to the prison," said the nurse. "Please let the warden know that Ross needs to be disciplined but that Williams was cooperative."

"I will," he replied.

The Prison Clinic is one hour and 25 minutes long.

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