Sabrina's Nightmare

This product was produced in 2013 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Sabrina thought she was going to retire, but she's found that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Now she has a new job and she's required to get a physical exam.  What could be worse than going back to the place where you used to work to get your exam?  Unfortunately for her, that's what her new employer requires.  After making an appointment at the Public Health Department, she shows up at the appointed time

She hopes beyond hope that Dr. Fish will be on duty today, but her hopes are dashed when Dr. Claw comes to get her.  As you may remember, Dr. Claw had a bit of a hard time when she was doing her residency at the Public Health Department and had to be punished for several inappropriate things that she did to her patients.  Sabrina is hoping that Dr. Claw has forgiven and forgotten the way she treated her, but it's obvious from her attitude that Dr. Claw is more than happy to have Sabrina at her mercy.

Everything is going normally until the feared order to lower her pants and underwear to have her rectal temperature taken.  Sabrina loved doing this to her patients, but it's a completely different thing when you have to do it.  Nevertheless, she does as she's told and soon feels the rectal thermometer being inserted into her bottom.

After donning a hospital gown, Sabrina is given three very uncomfortable enemas.  The first one is large with soapy water and the cramps are almost unbearable.  But it only gets worse when Dr. Claw uses the inflatable nozzles for the second enemas.  Even before the water starts to flow, Sabrina feels like she needs to have a large bowel movement!

A thorough pelvic exam follows and Sabrina spreads her legs while Dr. Claw examines her vagina and inserts a l large plastic speculum.  Swabs are taken and then it's time for the dreaded rectal speculum.  After making sure she is empty, Sabrina gets up on her knees and down on her elbows for the speculum to be inserted and opened as wide as it can.

Sabrina needs a vitamin injection, or so Dr. Claw leads her to believe and the long needle is soon plunged into Sabrina's bare bottom.  Dr. Claw isn't without compassion, however, and she offers Sabrina a suppository to make her sore anus feel better. 

Just when she thought she was going to get out of the unscathed, Dr. Claw tells Sabrina that her lab results and physical exam form may not find their way to her new employer for a long time unless she submits to five swats of the paddle.  Sabrina really wants to start her new job so she bends over the exam table and takes five painful swats of the paddle to her bare bottom.  She rubs her bottom as she gets dressed and hopes that she never has to return to the Public Health Department again.


Sabrina's Nightmare is one hour and 7 minutes long.

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