Sevin's Physical Exam

This product was produced in 2008 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Sevin has had some stomach problems and goes to the Public Health Department and is shown into the exam room.  She is a nice girl who doesn't seem nervous at all about her physical exam.  After Nurse Sabrina takes her history, she proceeds with her vital signs.  Her blood pressure is a bit low but otherwise things are fine.

Sevin is going to massage school and isn't terribly shy about her body, so when its time to continue with her exam, she undresses completely and declines to put on a hospital gown.  After laying face down on the exam table, the nurse spreads her large bottom apart and inserts a cold rectal thermometer. 

Sabrina suspects that her stomach problems may be related to constipation so she suggests that a couple enemas and a rectal exam would be appropriate.  Seven has never had an enema before but has heard of their benefits while attending massage therapy school.  Unlike many patients who come to the Public Health Department, Sevin is looking forward to experiencing her first ever enema.

Nurse Sabrina puts about 1500 cc of warm water into the bag and inserts a plastic nozzle into Sevin's rectum.  She has some discomfort with it but is able to take the entire bag before running off to the bathroom. 

Sabrina prepares a second enema, this time with 2000 cc's and some castile soap.  Sevin has cramps and discomfort again, which is typical of patient's who have never had an enema before.  Slowly, the bag empties into her colon, but she can't hold it long and rushes to the bathroom after Sabrina removes the nozzle.

Its been nine months since Sevin had a pelvic exam so she puts her feet in the stirrups and brings her knees apart for Sabrina to do a pelvic exam and speculum exam. 

Finally Sevin gets up on her knees and down on her elbows and offers her bottom for the rectal speculum.  She complains that the instrument is cold but once spread open, the nurse is able to view her rectum.


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