Spring Break

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It was early Saturday morning and the kids had been home from school on their spring break for almost a week.  Caroline loved having them at home.  She adored her children.  She knew that they would want to sleep late as they always did on Saturday.  Her husband had left about an hour ago for an early morning tee time at the country club.  She threw the covers off and got out of bed.  She always slept nude because that’s how her husband wanted it, but she was shy and immediately put a robe on. 

Caroline walked to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee.  There would be an hour or so before the kids got up and she’d start the morning routine with them.  Breakfast…, and the enemas.  It was the first Saturday of the month and that meant that it was enema time.  It was an old routine that had started with her own mother when she was growing up.  The first Saturday of the month would mean reporting to her mother’s bedroom before breakfast to have her bottom cleaned out.  It went on until she went away to college, and even then, if she was home the first Saturday of the month, she still had to get them.

Now that she had her own family and her own kids, she adopted the same routine.  The kids hated it as much as she did growing up, but they knew that it was the routine each month regardless of how old they were. 

Caroline waited until the coffee was done, busying herself by cleaning the kitchen counter and putting away dishes.  When the coffee was done, she poured herself a cup and then took a pitcher from one of the cabinets and went back to her bedroom and closed the door.  She took the coffee to the bathroom and set it down on the counter.  From the cabinet she removed her enema equipment.  It was a red bag with a long white hose and a black douche nozzle.  She also found the vaseline and got it out as well.  She placed a towel across the edge of the bathtub and then ran the water in the sink until it was the perfect temperature.  She filled the pitcher with the warm water and then put in a bar of ivory soap and began swishing it around in the water until it was a milky white.  She held the enema bag up and then poured the solution into the bag until it overflowed from the top.  She screwed on the tubing and turned it over, drained the air out of the hose and hung it from a hook on the towel rack. 

Caroline did this in a matter of fact business manner.  When all was ready, she removed her robe.  She put a generous amount of vaseline on the douche nozzle and then bent over the edge of the tub and spread her bottom apart with one hand and slowly inserted the greasy nozzle into her rectum.  When it was in as far as she could get it, she released the clamp on the house and the water began flowing out of the bag into her rectum.  The soapy water caused her to get cramps and she closed the clamp on the hose until they went away.

She repeatedly opened and closed the clamp until the contents of the enema bag were in her colon.  She tried to remain in position for a few minutes to allow the soapy solution to do its work but it was too difficult.  She removed the nozzle and stood up.  She looked in the mirror at her swollen abdomen from the side.  She looked like she was about 20 weeks pregnant. 

When she couldn’t hold it any longer she opened the lid to the toilet and sat down and began expelling the enema.  When she finished expelling the enema she wiped her bottom and stood up and looked into the toilet bowl before she flushed it.  The water was soapy with the contents of her colon floating in the water.  She flushed the toilet and began filling the enema bag again.  It was a routine done for years.  Always a soapy enema and then a clear rinse.  The second one was always easier to take.  The soap didn’t make her cramp as bad and she was mostly empty by now anyway. 

When the second bag was full she lubricated the nozzle again and got back in position on the edge of the tub.  She reached back and inserted the enema nozzle and released the water again.  It was easier to take but when the bag was empty she forced herself to hold it for as long as possible.  She stood up with the nozzle insider her and looked in the mirror again.  She looked as swollen as before but this time from the side she could see the enema hose coming from her bottom.  It looked strange and she turned to see it better.  It was too hard to stand up with two quarts of water in her bottom so she got back down on the bathroom floor and changed positions from being on her back with her knees up, to being up on her knees and down on her elbows. 

Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and she removed the nozzle from her rectum and sat on the toilet again.  This time she expelled mostly water that turned brownish as the enema reached up higher in her colon. 

When she felt empty she wiped herself again and stood up.  The water wasn’t soapy but it did seem more brown.  Years ago she had been required to do ‘enemas til clear’ before a medical procedure.  She had been surprised that it took four enemas for the water to come back out almost clear.  There was no way she wanted to do that again!

Caroline cleaned and disinfected the enema equipment, soaking it in the sink filled with water and Clorox.  She knew she was going to have to give her kids their enemas this morning and she was nothing if not a clean freak.

When she was done she took a quick shower and then went back to her bedroom and dressed for the day.  It was Saturday but she always dressed nicely.  She found a nice pair of modest panties and a white bra, put them on and then put on a floral dress that would match the essence of Spring that was in the air.

When she was dressed she went back to the kitchen and was delighted to find that both of her children were sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee and eating toast.  She liked fixing them breakfast but appreciated their independence to make their own breakfast even if it wasn’t as elaborate as she would make it.  Her son Ricky greeted her with a “Hey Mom.”

Caroline asked, “How did you both sleep?”

“Pretty good,” answered Barb.  “I like my old bed.  Its nice to come home to it.  It’s a lot quieter here than at the dorms.”

“That’s for sure.  My roommate snores.  Its so annoying!” said Ricky.

The kids finished their toast.  Barb was dressed in a long t-shirt that went to mid-thigh.  Caroline assumed she was wearing panties underneath.  Ricky was wearing an old t-shirt and sweat pants.  In the old days they wore such cute pajamas but their mother knew that it wouldn’t be cool to do that now and certainly not at college!

“You both know that it’s the first Saturday of the month, right?” asked Caroline.

They looked at each other and both said, “So?”

“I’m afraid you are both going to have to get your enemas before you do anything else today.”

“Mom!  You’re kidding!  I’m in college now.  I don’t need that!” exclaimed Ricky.

“I know but you know that as long as your father and I are taking care of you two, then you have to abide by the rules of the house.  You know that.”

“I hate them!  I’m way too old for you to be giving me enemas, mom.”

“They are good for you and I’m surprised you aren’t doing it while you’re at school.”

“Right.  No way.  How would I ever explain that to my friends?”

“Well, anyway,” continued his mother, “you are both getting them this morning.  Which one of you wants to be first?”

Barb said, “I’ll go first.  I’d rather just get it over with instead of having a big fight about it.  Besides, I haven’t had one since Christmas and I’m feeling like it might be time for one.”

“That’s disgusting,” said Ricky.  “Besides, its different for you.  I don’t think mom should be seeing me naked at my age!”

Barb answered, “Yea bro, that’s gotta suck!”

Caroline replied, “That’s enough, Barbara.  Ricky, I’ve seen you nude since you were born and nothing has changed since I saw you that way over Christmas when you were at home.  You can watch TV or something while I take care of your sister and then I expect you to cooperate when its your turn.  Do you understand?”

There were advantages to coming home for break and holidays in addition to having your parents pay for school, but this was a definite disadvantage as far as Ricky was concerned.

“Yes, ma’am.”

 “Let’s go,” Caroline said to her daughter. 

Ricky watched his mom and sister go to his mom’s bedroom and close the door.  He kind of wished he could see his sister get her enemas.  She was cute even if she was his sister.  He watched her go down the hall (or up the stairs) in just her t-shirt and bare legs. 

He turned on the TV and found cartoons.  It was Saturday morning.   Some things never change!

As soon as he heard the bathroom door close, he crept softly to the bathroom door and listened while his sister got her first enema.

Upstairs in the bathroom, Barb and her mother talked about what was going on in school and who she was dating.  Barb watched as her mom prepared the warm soapy water in the pitcher.  “Not too much soap mom.  It really cramps when you make it too soapy.”

“It has to be soapy to make you clean, Barbara.”

Caroline filled the enema bag from the pitcher and hung it from the towel rack just as she had before. 

“OK.  Go ahead and take your clothes off and bend over the edge of the tub over the towel.”

Barb pulled her t-shirt off over her head mildly self conscious of her bare breasts.  She turned her back to her mother and lowered her panties and removed them, hiding them under her t-shirt which rested on the vanity. 

Barb bent over the edge of the bathtub and her mother said, “Bring your legs apart and reach back and spread your bottom well apart for me.”

Barb rested her chest on the edge of the tub and brought her knees apart and reached back with both hands and spread each cheek apart.  She hated this part and didn’t like having to do it, but she’d been doing it since she was a little girl. 

Caroline put vaseline on the black douche nozzle and then touched the greasy plastic to her daughter’s anus and slowly pushed it in until most of it disappeared into her daughter’s bottom. 

“OK, go ahead and relax.”  Barb let go of her bottom and supported herself with her hands in the bathtub.  Caroline released the clamp and the warm soapy water started to flow into her daughter’s colon.  When the cramps started she asked her mom to stop until they subsided.  It took several minutes for the bag to empty and when it was deflated, Caroline told her daughter that she needed to hold the enema for as long as she could. 

Barbara was trying to please her mother but it was hard to hold that much water.  Finally she just said that she really had to go.  Caroline pulled the nozzle out and Barb quickly sat on the toilet.  “Mom, can you leave me alone, please?”

“Of course, Darling.  Come downstairs and get me when you’re ready for your rinse.”

“Do I have to have another one mom?  Please…, can’t I just get one this time?”

“No, Barbara.  You need to have that soap rinsed out of your bottom in order to be completely clean.”

Barb couldn’t hold back the water any longer and she started to expel the enema and said, “Fine.  Please.  Let me have some privacy!”

Caroline closed the door to the bathroom and went back downstairs to finish cleaning up the kitchen.  She saw that her son was watching TV and seemed like it was only yesterday that he was six years old watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

Upstairs, Barb finished her enema and put her t-shirt back on.  She hated having to go get her mother to give her a second enema, but the sooner she got it over with the better.  She left her panties off and went downstairs and sound her mom in the kitchen.  “I’m ready,” she whispered so that Ricky wouldn’t be able to hear.

“OK, let’s go,” said Caroline.  The two women went back upstairs and Caroline filled the enema bag with warm clear water and had her daughter go back through the same routine as before.  Barb had wanted to leave her t-shirt on and just raise it up, but Caroline always made her kids undress completely when it was enema time.

“When you’ve finished, put the bag and nozzle in the sink with some Clorox and clean it so that its ready for your brother.”

Caroline left the room again and Barbara expelled her enema in peace.  When she was finished, she put her panties back on and pulled her t-shirt down over her head.  She cleaned up the bag and hung it from the towel rack with the evil black nozzle hanging from the end of the hose.

Barbara went back to the kitchen and saw that her brother looked at her from the living room as he was watching TV.  She smiled at him because she knew how much he was embarrassed by the fact that mom was about to give him an enema.  Or two!

When Caroline saw her daughter come back into the kitchen she said, “Is everything ready for Richard?”

“Yes.  All clean and ready to go.”

Caroline went to the living room and told her son to come to the bedroom with her.  She closed the bathroom door and went through the process of mixing the soapy water while he stood there and watched.  He tried to talk her out of it, making every excuse in the book that he was too old for it, that she was his mom, that his friends didn’t have to do this, etc.  Of course nothing would dissuade her from her motherly task.

When all was ready she told Ricky, or Richard as she called him that he needed to take his clothes off and bend over the edge of the tub.  Caroline went through the same routine that she had used on her daughter, finally leaving him to expel his enema with instructions to clean up everything before he returned to the kitchen or living room. 

Finally when both kids were dressed and back in the kitchen finishing their morning coffee at the table, she asked them what their plans were.  Barbara was meeting a friend for lunch and Ricky just said that he was going to go to the mall and hang with some friends he didn’t see much of since starting college.

Spring Break is one hour and 8 minutes long.