Swim Team Enemas

This product was produced in 2005 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Mary and Bridget have checked into the hotel in lovely Boulder, Colorado to participate in their college swim meet.  There's a small pool at the hotel so they decide to take a few laps to get out the kinks from the long bus ride.  This is Bridget's first meet and she is really excited about being on the team.  Mary has been on the team for a couple years and is used to the way things happen.   Mary is outgoing and not at all shy, but Bridget is pretty reserved and definitely shy, especially about her body.  It even took her a long time to get used to taking showers after practice.

After a half hour of laps, Bridget says that maybe its time to go back to the room because the team nurse was supposed to visit them.  She asks Mary what all that's about and the senior just replies that maybe she wants to listen to their hearts or something.  Bridget hates doctors and nurses!

After going back to their room, Mary says she needs to take a shower to get the chlorine out of her hair and offers to let Bridget use it first if she wants.   Bridget steps into the bathroom, takes off her swim suit and pees.  After dressing she let's Mary have the shower.  Mary takes off her suit and takes a nice long hot shower.

Not being shy at all she steps back into the room nude and tells Bridget that its her turn.  Bridget takes off her clothes in the bathroom and takes a great shower also!  But she certainly doesn't walk back into the bedroom naked!

Finally there is a knock on the door and the team nurse comes in with her bag.  She is all business and quickly informs the girls that she is going to make sure they are ready for the meet and not sluggish.  Not sluggish, asks Bridget?  "You will each receive two enemas to clean you out!"

Mary knew this was coming but Bridget has never had enemas before and the whole idea is terribly embarrassing to her.  Mary tries to reassure her that it will be OK.

Both girls have to give urine samples to test for drugs and that's done with the nurse standing right in front of them.

The nurse tells Mary to remove her shirt so she can listen to her heart.  Bridget is surprised that Mary quickly removes her shirt and sits bare breasted on the bed.  But that's not the worst of it!  Mary is told to pull down her shorts and panties and lay on her stomach so her temperature can be taken!  Bridget knows what is going to happen to her shortly and she is terrified.

Finally the nurse goes to the sink to fill the enema bag and returns to a prone Mary, naked and waiting for the bag.  The nurse lubricates Mary's rectum and the nozzle and inserts it while Mary lays in the sims position.  Soon the entire bag is empty and Mary is full.  After holding it for several long minutes, Mary is told she can expel it.

A second one is prepared, this time with castile soap.  In the traditional diaper position, the nurse inserts the nozzle once again and two quarts of soapy liquid flow into Mary's bottom.

While Mary is on the toilet, Bridget is told to remove her top.  She covers up, shy that her small breasts are exposed to the nurse.  But that's nothing compared to her embarrassment when she is told to lower her pants and panties and lay face down.  She pleads that she would prefer it in her mouth, but the nurse insists.  Under threat of being forced off the team, Bridget soon finds a thermometer inserted into her rectum.

An enema is prepared and a stark naked Bridget pulls her right let up to her chest and waits for the dreaded nozzle to be inserted.  Having never had an enema before, she is beside herself with the sensations and the exposure.  The water flows as Mary holds the bag for the nurse.

Soon, Bridget is sitting on the toilet, relieved to be relieving herself of all that water.  But more is to come and this time its two quarts of soapy water.  If it wasn't embarrassing enough to be on her side, the nurse has her get up on her knees and down on her elbows so that gravity can help.  Of course this really exposes everything!

Finally the two quarts are in Bridget and after a few minutes of holding it, she is allowed to use the bathroom again.

The nurse is finished and leaves two naked girls sitting on the bed, cleaned out and ready for the meet.  Mary admits to knowing that this was all going to happen but didn't want Bridget to be too scared beforehand.  Besides, as she tells her roommate, "I really liked seeing you naked!"

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Swim Team Enemas is an hour long.

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