Tammy's Mother-in-Law

Part Two

This product was produced in 2007 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

We know what happened to Tammy when she moved in with Nancy, her mother in law.  Well, things have not changed for her.  Tammy hasn't learned her lesson and soon finds herself over Nancy's knee for a good old fashioned spanking.  She has to wear her punishment outfit, be subject to rectal thermometers, have her panties checked and her bottom washed while over Nancy's knee.  And of course her punishments aren't complete until she has had a suppository, an enema with the bulb syringe, and suffered the humiliation of standing in the corner, panties down, with an inflatable nozzle inserted into her rectum while awaiting a bag of water.  Part two is so long we had to put it on two DVD's.  Over and hour and 20 minutes of excellent acting and great scenes!


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