Robert's Tijuana Torture

This product was produced in 2011 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Twenty year old Robert is sitting on exam table when Nurse Sabrina entersÖlooking definitely unhappy, though he is extremely attractive, muscular and tall. Nurse Sabrina introduces herself and asks Robert what brings him to PHC. He explains that he spent Saturday in Tijuana with a college friend, and though he canít remember exactly what happened there except for a lot of drinking, he hasnít been able to pee at all for over a day. Nurse Sabrina is concerned, especially when she notices how hot he feels when she takes his pulse, which is 110, and blood pressure, 165/90. She hands him a gown and tells him to undress completely and put the gown on. She explains she will need to take a rectal temp, so when he has the gown on he needs to lay face down on exam table, and she will be right back. Robert protests but the nurse is adament about it and he gets off the exam table and undresses.

When she steps out into the hallway, she runs into Dr. Draper, who is the medical resident on duty and talks to her about her concern for her patient's possible fever. Dr. Draper tells her to also do a rectal temp and let her know what it is.

When Nurse Sabrina returns, Robert is so motionless on the exam table sheís afraid he has passed out, but when she pulls back the gown to expose his bottom, he stirs, and moans a lttle. She lubricates the thermometer and inserts it deeply into his rectum, holding it in place while she watches the time pass. She asks Robert more questions about the weekend, and his current symptoms, and finds out he has not been able to go to the bathroom at all since sometime on Saturday either to pee or to empty his bowels, and it is Monday now. When the three minutes has passed, Nurse Sabrina is shocked to see 104.8 on the thermometer.

She tells him to roll over onto his back and she pulls the gown away up to expose his genitals and distended abdomen, and probes his tummy gently, making Robert moan again. He answers her questions as briefly as possible, as if he is too sick even to talk, so she has to ask pointed questions to get any response. She tells Robert his fever is very high, and that she thinks they should send him to the ER, but Robert looks panic stricken, and explains he does not have insurance, and cannot afford a hospital bill on his meager studentís income. After she puts his gown back down, she says, "I'm going to step out for a moment and talk to Dr. Draper about your temperature."

Dr. Draper is standing outside the exam room working on a chart. She is also concerned about Robert, and though she thinks they should insist he go to the ER because of liability issues, she relents to Nurse Sabrinaís compassion for the young man, and agrees to treat him.

"I'm going to go in and examine him," she says. "Why don't you take care of the guy in room 1 and I'll be out of here shortly,"

Dr. Draper goes into the exam room with Robert and finds him almost asleep on the table. She introduces herself and asks him about his experiences in Tijuana paying particular attention to his recent inability to have a bowel movement and his fever. She has him sit up and listens to his chest and lungs, looks into his eyes and throat and then has him lay on his back on the exam table, once again.

She asks him to lift up his gown which he does a little bit, but she completes the task for him and brings it up to his chest, exposing his penis and abdomen.

Dr. Draper palpates his abdomen which is tender. Then she carefully examines his penis and testicles because she knows that boys that visit Mexico often become clientele to certain unsavory women. Yes, his fever might be related to something other than contaminated food. She asks him about his sexual experiences during his recent visit to our southern neighbor and when he denies anything occured, she asks him about his current affairs.

Again, he denies even having a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend. "I understand. So basically your digestive problem started after you returned from your trip to Tijuana."

"That's right. Its embarrassing but I haven't been able to go to the bathroom for three days."

"You have urinated ok though?"


"No burning sensation or anything like that. No blood in your urine."


"OK. I'm going to have to do a rectal exam so I need you to turn over onto your left side."

"Why do you have to do that?"

"It's routine. If possible I need a stool sample to see if you have contracted any parasites during your trip."

"This is really embarrassing."

"No need to be embarrassed. Unless you regret drinking too much while you were there."

Dr. Draper put on exam gloves and gestured again for him to turn onto his left side. Once positioned, she moved his gown out of the way to expose his bottom and then she put some lubricant on her finger, spread his bottom apart and inserted her finger all the way into his rectum. She did a very thorough rectal exam, palpating his prostate and pushing her finger up as far as she could go to obtain a smear of stool on her finger. After a full minute she removed her finger and then smeared a slide to be sent off to the lab.

"I understand that you've basically said that you have no intention of going to the emergency room in spite of your fever being so high."

"Yea," he replied. "I'm a student. I have no insurance."

"I'm going to treat you here then. I'm going to have the nurse come back in and she's going to have to do a few unpleasant things but I'm sure we can deal with this and in a few days you will feel fine."

"What are you going to have her do?" he asked.

"She's going to have to give you some antibiotics and then I'm going to have her treat you as if you have a parasitic infection. The treatment isn't pleasant but it won't hurt you either even if that's not the problem."

The doctor left him sitting on the exam table and Nurse Sabrina was outside after completing her tasks in the other exam room.

Dr. Draper issues a series of orders; so many that Nurse Sabrina must write them down. First, she needs to give Robert a high dosage antibiotic injection, which of course needs to be in his bottom. Dr. Draper hesitates for a moment, then adds that she should also give Robert an injection of fentanyl first, a pain killer and sedative, relenting on her first thought to let the poor boy suffer a bit more for his transgressions in Mexico. Then, she is to administer a minimum of a three 2 qt enemas: a preliminary cleansing enema with mild soap, an anti-parasitic medication enema that has to be retained for ten minutes, and a final enema to rinse him out. Dr. Draper tells her to use cool water in the first enema to reduce his fever, even though the cooler water will cause more cramping. She will need to use a retention nozzle for the second enema, and Robert will have to hold at least 2 full quarts for 10 minutes in order for the medication to have an effect. After the rinsing enema, she will need to take rectal swabs for the lab using a speculum. Because of the sedation which will have taken effect by then, Nurse Sabrina will need Robert to place his feet in the stirrups normally used for vaginal examinations in order to complete the swabbing.

After he has returned from expelling the last enema, Nurse Sabrina has Robert place his feet in the stirrups and move all the way down to the end of the exam table. With his anus exposed, the nurse lubricates it by inserting her finger all the way and then removing it. She inserts the metal rectal speculum and opens it completely. With the inside of his rectum exposed, she using three long swabs and inserts each one and moves it in and out and around the walls of his rectum.

Once that is finished Nurse Sabrina calls Dr. Draper in to assist her with the rest of the treatment. With Robert still in the stirrups, Dr. Draper orders a complete and thorough sponge bath, with special attention given to Robertís genitals. Sabrina will wash Robertís body, and Dr. Draper will attend to the more detailed cleaning of his penis, testicles, and anus. She is instructed to use an antibacterial soap and then a beta dine scrub, paying special attention to the head of the penis. She is also instructed to shave Robertís genital area and bottom completely and thoroughly to guard against external parasites, and then reapply the beta dine scrub. So much attention to his genitals has caused Robert to experience an erection which embarrasses Nurse Sabrina a little bit but Dr. Draper assures him that it is normal.

After Robert is thoroughly bathed, Dr. Draper orders Nurse Sabrina to go ahead and give him the large injection of antibiotics in his bottom. Grudglingly, Robert turns over onto his stomach, the stirrups are put back into the table and the foot rest is brought out.

Before he is allowed to dress and leave, Nurse Sabrina checks his temperature one more time rectally.

Robert feels better as he dresses and things to himself that he's never going to go to Tijuana again!


Robert's Tijuana Torture is One hour and 11 minutes long.

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