The Welfare Queen

This product was produced in 2013 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257


"Who the hell could that be?" said Samantha to herself.  She got up off the couch where she was sitting, eating from a bowl of popcorn and watching TV.  Dressed in pajamas, she walked across the living room to the front door and opened it.  To her surprise there was a nurse dressed in traditional white garb carrying a medical bag and a manila folder.  She was pretty but looked serious and businesslike.

"Yes?" said Samantha.

"My name is Deborah.  I'm a nurse with the Public Health Department.  You're Samantha Kennedy?"

"Yes," replied Samantha.

"May I come in?"

Samantha stepped aside and let the nurse come in.  It was obvious that she was there for official business and she was somewhat intimidated by the presence of the woman, especially since she was dressed in her uniform.

"Why are you here?" asked Samantha.

The nurse put her bag down, opened the folder and said, "I understand that you're on welfare."

"Yea.  So what?" said Samantha.

"The law requires you to submit to random drug tests.  I'm here to collect a urine sample so that you can be tested.  As you know, if you fail the drug test, you will be removed from the welfare rolls.  You'll also have to return any money that has been paid to you at this point."

"You're joking!" exclaimed Samantha.

"I'm not joking," replied the nurse, sternly.  "I need you to sign this form."

The nurse took a form out of the folder and handed it to Samantha, along with a pen.

"What's this say?" asked the frightened girl.

"It says that I was here and the urine same you are about to provide is yours.  It authorizes us to test it for drugs.  It says that you acknowledge what I just told you.  That if you test positive you will be removed from welfare and required to return any money provided to you so far."

"This is insane!" stammered Samantha.

"Perhaps, but it's the law.  You should have been informed of that when you applied for welfare.  Weren't you told that you'd have to submit to a drug test?"

"I guess," said Samantha.  "But I figured it would be done when I applied.  I thought they forgot about it."

"No.  They are administered randomly," replied the nurse.  She took the signed form and put it back in the folder.  She opened the medical bag and removed a male urinal.  "I need you to urinate in this."

Samantha took it and mumbled, "This is disgusting."  She started to walk to the bathroom when the nurse stopped her.

"I need you to do this in front of me.  I have to certify that it came from you and you didn't fake it.  Please do it right here.  Quickly.  I have other 'recipients' that I have to see this morning."

"I'm not going to pee in front of you!" she said angrily.

"Very well.  I shall inform the authorities that you have refused your drug test.  You will be dropped from welfare and asked to return any money you have received."

"No way!  I've spent it.  Why do you think I'm on welfare?  If I had a job I wouldn't need it.  I can't live without it!"

"Not my problem," replied the nurse, sarcastically.  "And why aren't you out looking for a job?"

"None of your business," said Samantha.  "You really want me to pee in front of you?"

"I don't want you to at all.  I'd be happy if you refused," said the nurse.

"Can we go in the bathroom?" asked Samantha.

"I think not.  Right here is fine."

Seeing that there was no choice, Samantha removed her pajama bottoms and put the urinal between her legs and peed into it.  After she was done, she capped it and handed it back to the nurse.  Nurse Deborah put a sticker on it, and told Samantha to sign it.  It labeled the sample as Samantha's so it wouldn't get mixed up with anyone else's.

"Thank you," said the nurse.  She gathered her things and went out the front door, leaving Samantha standing half naked in her living room.  

Several days later, Samantha went to her mailbox.  Among the bills and junk mail was an official notification from the Department of Welfare.  She opened it and read,

"Your recent toxicology screen was equivocal, showing small amounts of THC.  You are hereby required to report to the Public Health Department at 11AM on November 8, 2012, to provide another sample.  This sample will be analyzed in more technical detail to reveal if you have used illegal drugs within the past 30 days.  In addition, you will receive a complete physical exam and updated inoculations.  If you have a prescription to use medical marijuana, you are required to bring that.  Failure to keep this appointment will result in your immediate dismissal from the Welfare Program."

Samantha felt herself go flush.  She looked at the calendar and saw that it had been two weeks since she had enrolled in the Welfare Program and three weeks since she had last smoked marijuana.  She had no idea that it would still be in her system after several days.  She knew that she had no choice but to keep the appointment and hope that there would be nothing left in her system.  Her appointment was a week away and she knew that she would have to stay clean until then.  And possibly forever.

On the morning of her appointment, Samantha showered and put on clean clothes.  It had been several years since she had gotten a physical, mostly because she didn't have insurance and couldn't afford it.  She had no idea what to expect, aside from knowing that she was going to have to provide yet another urine sample.  Hopefully it wouldn't be as embarrassing as the last one.

When she got to the Public Health Department, she signed in and had a seat.  The place was crowded with a mixture of young and old, but mostly poor.  When it was her turn, she was almost grateful to be called back to the exam rooms by the nurse, whom she recognized from the visit to her house.  That was a bit of ominous news and she hoped that the woman, who was about her age, didn't recognize her.

The nurse, dressed in traditional white uniform, held the door open for her patient.  She said, "My name is Deborah.  I'll be your nurse today.  You've been ordered to come here for a follow up urine sample and physical exam.  Correct?"

"Yes," replied Samantha.

"I need you to remove your jeans and blouse," ordered the nurse.

Samantha didn't want to get things off to a bad start by protesting or requesting privacy.  She did as she was told and removed her blouse, putting it on a chair.  After taking off her shoes she unfastened her jeans and pushed them down her legs and stepped out of them.  She folded them and put them neatly on top of her blouse.  When she got dressed this morning, she had almost put on her usual thongs and colored bra, but instead she figured that it would be best to put on plain panties and a white bra.  Now she was glad that she did.

"Step to the bathroom.  I need you to provide me with a urine sample," said the nurse.  The two women went to the bathroom where a plastic urinal was resting on the counter.  The nurse continued, "Please urinate in here."

Samantha was grateful when the nurse left the bathroom, even though she left the door open.  She quickly lowered her panties, placed the plastic urinal between her legs and peed.  She wasn't sitting on the toilet, but stood near it.  When she was finished, she took some toilet paper and wiped herself and closed the lid to the urinal.  After placing it on the counter, she went back into the exam room.

The nurse said, "Have a seat on the exam table.  I need to ask you some questions."

Samantha got up on the table and sat on the end of it with her legs crossed.  She felt foolish having to sit in just her underwear.  

Nurse Deborah had Samantha's chart in hand and began asking the usual questions about her medical history.  Samantha responded honestly to each question, even the ones about her sexual activities.  

It seemed like an interrogation, but when the nurse finished, she put the clipboard on a table and said, "I have to take your vital signs before the doctor comes in to examine you."

The nurse took her blood pressure, pulse, and then weighed her.  She also measured her height.  

"Step back so that you're even with the exam table, cover your left eye, and tell me the smallest line that you can read," said Nurse Deborah, pointing to an eye chart on the wall.

Samantha stood near the end of the exam table, and covered her left eye and read the smallest print that she could.  

"Next eye, please," ordered the nurse.  Deborah repeated the procedure, reading the smallest line that was clear.

"You can have a seat on the exam table.  I'll let the doctor know that you're ready."

Samantha got up and sat on the end of the table again, feeling self-conscious about being almost naked.  The time went slowly even though it was only a few minutes before there was a knock on the door and the doctor came in.  She was wearing a white lab coat and introduced herself as Dr. Claw.

"I see that you are here primarily because your drug test came back positive," said Dr. Claw.

"I guess," answered Samantha.

"How long has it been since you used marijuana?"

"Over a month.  It was before I got on welfare," replied Samantha.

"I hope your test comes back negative today.  Otherwise you're liable to get kicked off welfare."  The doctor looked at Samantha's chart and continued, "Things look fine so far."

She took a tongue depressor and light and told Samantha to open her mouth.  She looked inside, asking her to say, "Ahhhh."

Samantha did as she was told.  The doctor looked into her ears and then her eyes.  After putting down the light and throwing away the tongue depressor, she felt the girl's thyroid and neck.  

Dr. Claw next put her stethoscope in her ears and listened to Samantha's lungs, asking her to take several deep breaths.  Next she listened to her heart, moving the bell of the stethoscope between her breasts and almost under her bra.  

"Go ahead and jump off the table for me and run in place for one minute.  I'll tell you when to stop."

Samantha got off the table and jogged in place until the doctor told her to stop.  Again the doctor listened to her heart and took her pulse, noting in her chart the new heart rate after exercising.  

"I need to check your spine," said Dr. Claw.  "Step to the side of the table, bend over and touch your toes."

Samantha moved to the side of the table with her back to Dr. Claw and bent over and touched her toes.  She was thin and in pretty good shape so it wasn't difficult.  Dr. Claw moved her fingers down her spine from her neck to her the edge of her panties.  Dr. Claw put her fingers in the elastic of Samantha's panties and lowered them to the start of her crack.  She ran her finger the rest of the way down her patient's spine to where the crack of her buttocks started.  Satisfied that her spine was straight, she put the girl's panties back in place.

Next she had Samantha rise up until her back was parallel with the floor.  Again, everything looked fine.

Dr. Claw sat on a stool and said, "Stand in front of me here and lower your panties to mid-thigh."

"Why?" inquired Samantha nervously.

"I need to check you for hernias.  Yes, I know that is something that is done for men, but women can get hernias in their labia.  Please do as I say."

Samantha stood in front of Dr. Claw and lowered her panties down to the middle of her thighs.  For a moment she held her hand over her pubic area until realizing that Dr. Claw would need to have her uncovered.  

The doctor said, "Stand with your feet apart slightly, turn your head to the side and cough, when I tell you to."  Dr. Claw cupped her hand over the girl's pubic area with her index finger over the right labia.

"Cough," she ordered.  Samantha coughed.

Dr. Claw moved her hand so that her finger was now over the other labia and said, "Cough again."

Samantha coughed as she was told to.  "Great.  Now turn and face the exam table."

Samantha started to raise her panties but the doctor said, "You need to keep those down for a moment."

"What are you going to do?" asked a nervous Samantha.

"A DRE," answered Dr. Claw.

"A what?"

"A DRE..., a digital rectal exam," explained the doctor

"Why?!" exclaimed Samantha.

"You've never had a rectal exam before?" asked Dr. Claw, incredulously.


"Well, you're going to get one now."

Samantha turned around and faced the exam table.  She looked over her left shoulder at the doctor who was still sitting on the stool.  "I need you to bend over the end of the table, reach back and spread your bottom cheeks fully apart."

"Oh my God!  Is this really necessary?" begged Samantha.

"I'm afraid it is.  Let's get on with it."

Samantha bent over so that she rested on her chest.  Awkwardly, she reached back with both hands and grabbed her bottom and spread it apart.  Dr. Claw moved closer and looked directly at her patient's exposed anus.  "Bear down like you're going to have a bowel movement," she ordered.

"This is disgusting," replied Samantha.  She strained and Dr. Claw watched her anus pooch out a bit.  

"Now squeeze.  Clench down."

Samantha did as she was told, wanting only to get this over with.

"Good," said Dr. Claw standing up.  Samantha let go of her bottom and stood up.  She started to pull up her panties when Dr. Claw continued, "not so fast.  I have to do the DRE."

"I thought that's what you just did," exclaimed Samantha.

"DRE.  Digital Rectal Exam.  By definition it means that I have to insert my digit, or finger into your rectum," explained Dr. Claw.

Samantha stood there with her panties a mid-thigh, facing the exam table.  She looked to her left and watched Dr. Claw get a tube of lubricant from the drawer.  She couldn't believe that this was about to happen.

Dr. Claw put some KY on her index finger and said, "Bend over, spread yourself apart."

Samantha did as she was told, because she knew that she had no choice.  Looking straight ahead she felt the doctor insert her finger all the way into her rectum.  

Dr. Claw moved her finger around and in every possible direction.  She even moved it in and out a bit.  Finally she said, "Bear down again."

Samantha, with her hands still holding her bottom cheeks apart, pushed against Dr. Claw's intrusive finger.

"You haven't had a bowel movement today," observed the doctor.

Samantha was very embarrassed that the doctor could tell that.  Again, Dr. Claw said, "Squeeze against my finger."

Samantha did as she was told and then she felt the doctor's finger come out of her bottom.  She released her bottom and stood up, hoping that this completed the humiliating rectal exam.  Instead of pulling up her panties, she waited for instructions from the doctor.

Dr. Claw removed her exam glove and asked, "Have you ever had any rectal bleeding?"

"Um...," thought Samantha.  "Maybe a few weeks ago.  Why?"

"I felt something along the side of your rectum that could be a polyp or a hemorrhoid.  Have you ever had anything inserted into your rectum before?"

"Um..., no.  Not before today," replied Samantha.

Dr. Claw put on another exam glove and took a packaged cotton swab from the drawer.  She opened it and said, "I'm going to get a stool sample, since you haven't had a BM today.  We can send it to the lab and see if there is blood in your stool."

Dr. Claw opened the package and took out the swab.  It was like a long Q-tip with just cotton on one end.  "Bend over again and spread your bottom apart, one last time."

Samantha did as she was told and Dr. Claw inserted the swab into her rectum.  She moved it all around and in and out before removing it.  The white cotton end was now brown and she took it to the counter, opened a tube and broke off the end of the swab and put it in the tube.

Dr. Claw took off her exam glove and said, "You may pull up your panties.  Unfortunately I'm going to have to do a proctoscope exam of your rectum.  It won't hurt, but I will be inserting a small scope into your rectum to visualize the walls.  Before that, I'm going to have my nurse give you a couple enemas.  You need to be cleaned out for that exam.  Have you ever had an enema before?"

"God no!  Why do you have to do that?"

"Because you mentioned that you had experienced some rectal bleeding, and I also feel something on the wall of your rectum that could be a hemorrhoid or a polyp.  I need to look at that," explained Dr. Claw.

"It that really necessary?"

"I'm afraid so," replied the doctor.  

Dr. Claw left the exam room and Samantha sat on the end of the table in just her bra and panties to await the return of the nurse.  A thousand thoughts went through her head and she vowed that she would never find herself here again.  

The nurse came back into the exam room a few minutes later and said, "Dr. Claw needs me to give you two enemas.  Have you ever had one before?"

"No," replied Samantha, answering the question for a second time.

"Well, I'm afraid they aren't very pleasant, but says that she needs you to be cleaned out," replied the nurse, walking over to the side of the exam table.  She opened a drawer and took out a blue and white chux and said, "Stand up for a moment so I can put this on the table.  Nurse Deborah put the chux pad over the sheet so that it would be under Samantha's bottom when it was time for her enema.  Next she took a sheet out of the exam table drawer and handed it to Samantha.

"I need you to remove your panties.  You can cover yourself with this sheet."

Samantha took the sheet from the nurse.  The nurse turned around to an IV pole that was in the corner of the exam room.  Samantha hadn't noticed before, but a large plastic enema bag hung from the pole.  The nurse removed it and continued, "I'm going to fill this.  Go ahead and get ready."

The nurse walked to the adjacent bathroom and Samantha could hear water running.  She quickly removed her panties and put them under her jeans.  She sat back on the exam table, unfolded the sheet and draped it across her legs.  She sat on the pad, unaware that her bare bottom was exposed.  When she heard the water in the bathroom turn off, she knew that it was time for her dreaded enema.

The nurse returned to the exam room, holding the bulging bag, and walked over to the IV pole.  She hung it up and Samantha exclaimed, "There's no way all that water can fit inside of me!"

"We'll see," replied Nurse Deborah.  "I'm going to add some castile soap to it.  That will make you even cleaner inside!"

Samantha watched in horror as the nurse opened a bottle of castile soap and poured a few cc's in.  She squeezed the enema bag to mix the soap and water together and the peppermint smelling solution turned an ugly color of gray.

"I need you to lie down on your left side, facing away from me," ordered the nurse.

Deborah lay back on the table and then turned onto her left side.  She felt the nurse move the sheet to her knees to expose her bottom, and she was naked from her bra to her knees.

"Bring your right knee half way to your chest, please," instructed Nurse Deborah.

Samantha did as she was told, experiencing even more humiliation knowing that the position made her vulnerable to the nozzle that the nurse was going to insert into her rectum.

With her patient in position, the nurse put on an exam glove, opened a tube of lubricating jelly and put some on the white plastic nozzle that was attached to the clear hose coming from the enema bag.  She had moved the IV pole so that it was near the end of the table.  Next she put more lubricant on her finger and said, "I'm going to lubricate your rectum, Samantha."

Nurse Deborah spread Samantha's bottom apart to reveal her anus and she touched the gooey finger to the opening and inserted it quickly all the way.  

She removed it and then slowly inserted the enema nozzle into Samantha's bottom.  "This is really uncomfortable," complained Samantha.

"I'm sure it is," agreed the nurse.  "But it's doctor's orders.  Now I'm going to release the water.  Let me know if you get cramps."

Samantha immediately felt the flow of the warm soapy water into her rectum and said, "Oh my God!"

The force of the 1500 cc's that was in the bag made a big first impression on Samantha as the water forced it's way past the stool in her rectum and up her colon.  She had cramps shortly after the flow started and begged for the nurse to stop.

Nurse Deborah closed the clamp on the hose and waited a few moments for the torment to subside.  "This enema is going to do you a lot of good," she observed.

Samantha had no idea what that meant, but she asked, "May I have a Kleenex, please?"

The nurse reached over Samantha and held out the box of tissues for her.  Samantha took a couple and clutched it in her hands as she lay in the near fetal position on the exam table.

"Aren't we done yet?" asked Samantha after another minute.

"Well no, but you can roll over onto your stomach," replied the nurse with a smile.

"I don't know if I can move," responded Samantha.

"It will help, and I need the liquid to move to other parts of your colon."

Samantha moved so that she was stretched out on her stomach.  She heard the click of the hose clamp and felt more water flowing into her distended colon.  After a moment she had to beg for the water to stop while the pressure equalized inside of her.

When two thirds of the bag was empty, the nurse told Samantha to roll onto her right side, which she managed to do.  Now she was able to look at the bag and she watched it slowly empty, knowing that every drop that was in the bag was going inside her, making for more discomfort.

When the bag was empty, Samantha asked, "Can I use the bathroom now?"

"I'd like you to hold the enema for a few minutes.  That will help the soap work," replied the nurse.

"Please!" exclaimed Samantha.  "I have to go!"

"I'm sure you can hold it just a bit longer," answered the nurse.  "Perhaps if you got up on your knees and down on your elbows that would help."

"Geez."  Samantha got up on her knees and hugged the pillow.  She knew the position was disgusting, especially with the enema nozzle protruding from her anus.  The position did help with the cramping for a moment.

"Oh God!  I really need to go!" begged Samantha after a minute.  "I can't hold it!"

"Very well," replied the nurse, "but you're going to have to hold the next one longer.  Lie back on your left side and I'll remove the nozzle."

Samantha got back on her left side and the nurse guided her right knee up, spread her bottom apart, and slowly removed the nozzle.  Water squirted out of the sides and end of the nozzle, dripping across Samantha's thigh.

"Gross!  What is that?"

"Just water," said Nurse Deborah, removing the sheet that only partially covered her patient.  "Go use the bathroom now."

Samantha got off the table and literally ran to the bathroom, almost slamming the door.  She sat on the toilet and felt the immediate relief of the water and stool being expelled.  

After five minutes, she felt empty.  She wiped herself, flushed the toilet, and washed her hands.  She realized that she was almost naked and didn't want to open the bathroom door, in case anyone was still in the exam room.  

She opened it a crack and realized that the nurse had left.  She scooted back to the exam table and sat on the edge of it, covering her legs with the sheet.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Nurse Deborah returned.  "All ready for the next one?" she asked, sarcastically.

"Why do I have to have another one?" argued Samantha.

"We always do two.  Sometimes three.  This one will rinse out the soap."

The nurse got the empty bag off the IV pole and took it to the bathroom and filled it.  This time there was 2000 cc's of water in the bag and it was heavy in her hand when she brought it back to the exam room.

Samantha noticed that the nozzle had been removed and the end of the hose had nothing on it.  She watched as the nurse opened the exam table drawer and removed a contraption that had two bulbous expanses at the end of the hose, and two tubes that came off the other end of it, both with black squeeze bulbs.  Samantha watched in terror as the nurse inserted the hose into the nozzle attachment.  "What the hell is that?" she asked.

"An inflatable nozzle.  You had too much trouble holding the enema last time, so this will help you."

"No!  There's no way that will fit inside of me."

"Of course it will.  I'm sure bigger things have come out of your bottom, or perhaps gone in," smiled the nurse.

"That's disgusting," said Samantha.

"Perhaps.  Anyway, lie down on your left side again."

"Can't you just use that other nozzle?" asked Samantha.  

"I'm afraid not," replied the nurse.

Resigned to her fate, Samantha stretched out on the table.  The nurse moved the foot rest out again and waited patiently for her patient to roll onto her left side.  She moved the sheet to her knees and said, "Right leg up, please."

Samantha brought her right leg half way up to her chest again and waited for the inevitable intrusion into her most private anatomy.  The nurse busied herself lubricating the nozzle and then put more lubricant on her index finger and said, "I'm going to lubricate you again."

Her bottom was separated to reveal her pink anus, and the nurse inserted her finger all the way up again.  Samantha groaned at the unwelcome probing, but it was dismissed by the nurse.

Nurse Deborah took the nozzle and touched the end of it to Samantha's anus and began pushing it into her rectum.  It was very flexible, looked much worse than it was, but Samantha still moaned and complained as the nozzle was being inserted.

Once the large initial balloon was inserted into her patient's rectum, the nurse said, "I'm going to inflate the inner part.  You'll feel some pressure."

After a squeeze or two of the black inflators, Samantha said, "Oh God!  I feel like I have to go to the bathroom!"

"You'll get used to it in a few minutes."

Next she inflated the outer balloon and a tight seal was formed around Samantha's anus.  Nurse Deborah said, "Here comes the water!"

A click of the clamp and the water flowed out of the bag, down the hose, through the nozzle, and into Samantha's waiting rectum.  

Even though the balloon was inflated, stretching her muscles and making her feel like she had to go to the bathroom, the first enema cleaned her out well enough that the water flowed almost unimpeded and she felt fewer cramps.  When the bag was down by a third, the nurse told her to turn onto her stomach, which Samantha reluctantly did.

She was clutching a Kleenex and staring straight ahead, wishing that the ordeal would end soon.  She knew it was getting closer to being over when Nurse Deborah told her to turn onto her right side.  Moving with the nozzle inflated inside of her made it awkward, but at least she wasn't concerned that it would come out during her repositioning.

She looked up and watched the bag deflate.  When it was empty, she said, "Can I go now?"

Deborah looked at her watch and said, "Five minutes."

"No way!  I'm going to lose it!"

"That isn't possible with this nozzle firmly inflated in your bottom, Samantha," scolded the nurse.  "You can get up on your knees again, if you wish."

Samantha ignored all desire for modesty and got up on her knees again.  She hugged the pillow and moved her bottom from side to side in a vain attempt at relieving some of the pressure inside of her.

"Can I go now?" she asked after a couple of long minutes.

"Not yet," replied the nurse, looking at her watch.  She took a pair of forceps and clamped the end of the nozzle.  The hose from the enema bag was already clamped and she removed it from the nozzle so that the large silicone device hung like a tail from her patient's bottom.

"Please, take it out," begged Samantha.

"All right.  Get off the table and walk slowly to the bathroom," ordered Nurse Deborah.

"What do you mean?  Please take it out!"

"I will in the bathroom.  I don't want you dribbling all over the floor."

"God!" exclaimed Samantha.  She slowly stepped down off the table and followed the nurse into the bathroom.  Nurse Deborah walked slowly, which was irritating to Samantha who really wanted the nozzle removed from her rectum!

"Now bend over the toilet, feet apart and reach back and spread your bottom apart."

Samantha was in no position to argue and she did as she was told.  She heard the faint hiss of air and felt the balloons deflate.  Nurse Deborah pulled on the nozzle and it plopped out of Samantha's bottom, leaving the girl to gasp.

Immediately she sat down on the toilet and tried to wait for the nurse to leave before expelling the enema.  Nurse Deborah took her time, putting the slick nozzle into the sink before closing the door to give Samantha some privacy.

When Samantha was done, she washed her hands and returned to the exam room.  Fortunately no one was there so she could go back to the table and place the sheet across her lap without the embarrassment of anyone seeing her almost naked.  Even after the experience of the enemas, she was still self-conscious about being seen.

The IV pole had been put back in the corner, but the empty bag was still hanging from it.  In its place was a mayo stand that contained several instruments, one of which was a vaginal speculum which she recognized from the few other pelvic exams that she'd endured.  There was also a white instrument that she didn't recognize.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door that startled her.  It opened immediately and Dr. Claw and Nurse Deborah came into the room.  

"All right, Deborah," began the doctor, "let's get on with this.  The first thing I'm going to do is take a good look inside your rectum."

"Is that going to hurt?" asked Samantha.

"No, but it might be uncomfortable.  I'm sure you are getting a bit sore from all the activity back there, aren't you?"

"Yes," replied Samantha, honestly.

"I'll give you something for that in a moment, but now I need you to get up on your knees and down on your elbows.  Knees apart, please."

"Do you really have to do this?" begged Samantha.

"Yes, of course.  Now do as you're told."

Samantha maneuvered herself into position, conscious of the fact that her bottom was fully exposed.  She tried to think of something else, but she could hear the doctor putting on the exam glove.  A moment later she felt the doctor's finger being inserted into her rectum.  It wasn't a quick lubricating plunge like the nurse had done, but it was a thorough exam with the finger moving in every direction.

After the doctor removed her finger, she inserted the white proctoscope.  It went in about six inches and then the doctor removed the center obturator and attached a light assembly to the end.  Attached to the light assembly was an inflator and the doctor squeezed it a few times to pump air into Samantha's rectum so that it was distended.

The doctor moved the scope around so that she could look at the walls of her patient's rectum.  She moved it out slightly and then moved it around more.  

Dr. Claw continued the proctoscope exam until the white scope was almost out of Samantha's rectum.  It was at that point that she unscrewed the light assembly from the end of the scope, allowing some of the air out that had been pumped in.  She replaced the obturator and removed the instrument from Samantha's bottom.

"Very good," observed the doctor.  "I don't see any problems in there.  You may turn around and sit on the end of the table again."

Samantha gratefully turned around and sat on the end of the table, placing the sheet across her legs to provide a bit of modesty.

"Please go ahead and remove your bra," ordered the doctor.

Samantha wanted to question her about that, but knew that a breast exam would have to be part of her ordeal.  She reached behind her and unfastened her bra and slipped it down her arms.  The nurse took it from her and put it with the rest of her clothes.

Dr. Claw examined the symmetry of her breasts and then told her to lean forward so that they hung from her chest.  Then she palpated each breast, including the axillary region.

"Go ahead and lie back on the table, please," commanded Dr. Claw.

Samantha did as she was told, her feet hanging over the edge of the exam table.  The doctor repeated the breast exam with Samantha on her back.

The sheet covering her to her hips and the doctor moved it down below her pubic area.  She palpated all four quadrants of her abdomen and then listened to her aorta with her stethoscope.  Satisfied, she said, "Nurse, go ahead and set her up for her pelvic exam."

"Yes, doctor," replied Nurse Deborah.  She took out the stirrups and told Samantha to put her feet in them and scoot all the way down to the end of the table so that her bottom was over the edge.  She moved the sheet so that it draped over her knees and covered her up to her breasts.

Dr. Claw finished writing in Samantha's chart and then sat down on the stool and began to examine Samantha's genitals.  She spent a lot of time doing it, more than Samantha had ever had done before.  In fact, she couldn't remember anyone, even boyfriends, spending so much time looking at her vagina and moving her labia so that her clitoris and urethra were fully exposed.  

The doctor even put fingers into her vagina and then spread them apart so that she could examine the walls; something that wasn't possible once the speculum was inserted.

After the preliminary examination of her external genitalia, the doctor inserted two fingers into Samantha's vagina, which was now wet from the attention being paid to the outside of it.

Dr. Claw inserted her fingers deeply and felt around and then palpated the girls uterus and ovaries with her other hand on the girl's lower abdomen.  It wasn't a gentle exam, but one that almost seemed forced in the way that Dr. Claw plunged her two fingers in so deep.

After feeling her abdomen, Dr. Claw said, "Bear down like you're going to have a bowel movement."

Samantha pushed and then the doctor told her to squeeze against her fingers and Samantha did as she was told.

She took her fingers out and put some lubricant on her middle finger and then said, "I'm going to do a rectovaginal exam now.  You will feel my fingers in your vagina and rectum."

The doctor guided her fingers into Samantha's vagina and rectum and pushed them in all the way.  She moved them around to make sure there were no masses between the wall of her rectum and vagina.  

Satisfied she removed her fingers and put on a new exam glove.  "We'll do the speculum exam now," she said.

The doctor inserted the speculum and then opened it all the way.  It was uncomfortable and Samantha gripped the sides of the exam table.

The speculum was plastic with a light that inserted into the bottom of it.  Samantha's vagina was lit up and the doctor could see her patient's cervix at the end.  Nurse Deborah opened a package of long swabs and Dr. Claw took one of them and inserted it into the girl's open vagina and swabbed the cervix to get some cells for the Pap smear.  She handed the swab back to the nurse who rubbed it on a microscope slide.  Another sample was taken and another slide was prepared.

Taking one last moment to look into her patient's vagina, the doctor observed the cervix and said, "That all looks fine," she said, removing the speculum.  "You mentioned that your anus was sore."

"Yes," said Samantha, softly.

"Nurse, please give me one of the Preparation H suppositories."

Nurse Deborah got the suppository out of the cabinet and handed the foil wrapped medicine to the doctor.  Dr. Claw opened it and looked down at Samantha's fully exposed anus.

"What are you going to do?" asked Samantha.

"I'm going to give you a suppository that will relieve the soreness.  After I insert it into your rectum, it will melt.  Don't expel it."

The doctor touched the white waxy medicine to Samantha's opening and very slowly pushed it into her rectum with her finger.  When her finger was all the way in, she removed it and said, "You can get dressed, but remain in the exam room.  I'm going to have the nurse give you an injection of Gardasil which was prevent cervical cancer.  The results of the Pap smear will be available in a few days.  I also advise you to stay away from the marijuana.  Hopefully today's urine test will show that you have."

Samantha took her feet out of the stirrups and sat up.  She replied, "OK," wanting only to get dressed and leave.  But a shot.  She hadn't been expecting that!  

"Do I need a shot?" she asked.

"Yes.  All girls should get this," replied the doctor as she removed her exam gloves and headed for the door.

Nurse Deborah said, "I'm going to take these to the lab.  I'll be back in a moment."

With the room empty, Samantha got off the table.  She was naked.  She put her clothes on and waited for the nurse to return and her ordeal to be over with.

It wasn't long before Nurse Deborah came back into the exam room.  Samantha was standing at the end of the exam table, facing outward until the nurse started to prepare the injection.  Then she turned and faced the end of the table, looking to the left.  She noted with trepidation that the nurse had attached a long needle to the end of the syringe.  It was huge!

"That isn't going in me is it?"

The nurse looked over her shoulder as she was filling the syringe and said, "No, this is just to fill the shot."

When the syringe was half full, the nurse pulled the needle from the vial and made sure that it was exactly 3 cc's in the syringe.  Then she capped and replaced the needle with one that wasn't as thick, but it was every bit as long.  One and a half inches!

"I thought you were going to use a smaller needle," said Samantha.

"I am.  This one is 25 gauge.  It's very thin.  Now please lower your jeans and panties to mid-thigh."


"This has to be given in your bottom," replied the nurse as she got an alcohol swab from the drawer.

Samantha unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to mid-thigh.  Then she lowered her panties.  She stood facing the exam table and then the nurse turned around and said, "Bend over the edge of the table, resting on your elbows."

Samantha did as she was told and the nurse sat down on the stool and opened the alcohol packet.  She rubbed it on Samantha's bottom cheek and then removed the cap on the needle.  She plunged the needle into her patient's bottom.

"Owww!" cried Samantha.

Ignoring her patient's pain, Nurse Deborah pulled back on the plunger to make sure there was no blood coming into the barrel of the syringe and then she slowly pushed the medicine into Samantha's hip.

The medicine stung and Samantha grimaced in pain.  When all the medicine had been injected, the nurse slowly pulled the needle out, swabbed the area again with alcohol and said, "All done.  Pull your clothes back up and you are welcome to leave.  Hopefully you won't be back here."

"That's for sure," said Samantha as she pulled up her panties and then her jeans.  The nurse capped the syringe and put it in the sharps container.  Samantha left without saying goodbye, hoping that this would be the last time she ever had to set foot in the Public Health Department.

The Welfare Queen is one hour and 6 minutes long.

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