Wendy's Hotel Enema

This product was produced in 2005 and is in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257

Wendy is a busy woman who is in town for a business meeting.  After checking into the hotel, she has a quick bite to eat in the restaurant.  Back in her room she tries to relax but it isn't long before she starts feeling some strange things going on in her stomach.  Now she's worried that she won't be able to sleep that night and be in really bad shape for her meeting.

Well since she did eat at the restaurant, maybe the hotel can somehow deal with her upset stomach!  Wendy calls the front desk and is surprised to learn that there is an in house physician!  After a short wait, there is a knock at the door and a young woman appears at the door carrying her bag.  She introduces herself as Sabrina and the two sit on the sofa and discuss Wendy's problem.  The physician takes a brief medical history and then asks Wendy to remove her blouse and bra so she can listen to her heart.

The physician needs to know if Wendy has a fever and asks if she's ever had her temperature taken rectally.  "No, not that I remember," she replies.  Wendy is told to lower her pants and lay face down on the sofa, as that's the best way to do it, she is informed.  Wendy stands up and lowers her pants and panties just a bit below her bottom and lays waiting.  Sabrina gets her rectal thermometer from her bag, shakes it down and spreads Wendy's bottom apart and inserts it into her rectum.

Her temperature is normal, but Sabrina wants to do a more thorough physical exam, including a pelvic exam and rectal exam.  The two go to the bed and Wendy is told to undress completely and lay on her back.  Sabrina has her spread her legs apart and inserts her fingers into her vagina and palpates her abdomen.  Next, a cold speculum is inserted so that her cervix can be visualized.

Wendy is going to need a rectal exam so Sabrina tells her that she must first have two cleansing enemas.  Sabrina takes a bag to the bathroom and fills it all the way up and brings it back to the bed.  She hangs it high and Wendy is told to lay on her left side.  The nozzle is inserted and the flow starts and its not long before all that water is in Wendy's colon.

Sabrina walks Wendy to the bathroom and removes the nozzle.  It takes a long time for all that water to come back out! 

A second enema has to be administered and this time Wendy goes up on her knees and down on her elbows on the floor.

Again, Wendy goes to the bathroom and expels the enema.

All cleaned out, Wendy is ready for her proctoscope exam.  She is told to lay on her back on the bed with her knees well up in the diaper position.  Sabrina lubricates her anus and slips in the white proctoscope.

After being cleaned out, Wendy actually feels much better.  She is even relaxed and tired.  She knows she is going to sleep very well tonight and be ready for her big meeting tomorrow!

Wendy's Hotel Enema is 41 minutes long, plus contains a bloopers chapter!  Its part of our Signature Series and is available at a reduced price.

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